The rooftop tent vehicles are the new trend in the Uganda Self Drive Safari Experience. The rooftop tent rental car provides the same experience as the caravans in the western world only that the former has a camp tent at the top of the car as opposed to the caravans where everything is inside the car. Recent travellers to Uganda have resorted to the rooftop tent car hire experience especially those engaging in the Self Drive tours. It is really making great strides in the travel business.

Travellers have found the rooftop tent rental more convenient as opposed to renting a car with a tent that they would have to pitch when they get to their destination which involves some bit of working setting up and yet you do not have to set up this tent as it is already on top of the vehicle.

Though, many travellers are green about the experience since it is the first of its kind in Uganda. In this article we would like to make travellers get familiar with the rooftop tent car hire experience as below;

4×4 SUV Vehicle

The rooftop tent car hire experience in Uganda comes with a four-wheel drive sport utility vehicle. These are normally the different models of Toyota Land cruisers.  The discretion is left to the traveller to pick his preferred model. However, you have to know that, the latest the model of the vehicle, the higher the price charged. These models also vary in size for instance the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is smaller than the Land Cruiser VX and GX.  The SUVs are commendable for a roof top tent experience because there are very spacious to carry the camping equipment and also strong to hold the sleeping tent at the roof of the car, also their body is built to withstand the weight on top of the car. Some operators though offer Nissan vehicles with the rooftop tents.

Tent at the top of the car

With the rooftop tent car hire experience, the camp tent or sleeping tent is fixed up at the top of the car. You may wonder as a traveller how can I be able to fix the tent atop of the car yet I literally know nothing about this new experience. The vehicle is delivered to you by the car provider with the tent already fixed up. You drive while the tent is at the top but not elevated. You elevate it while you reach your camping area and the car provider will have taught you (the client) on how to put it right.  The tent is always tied very firm and it can never fall off while driving or even sleeping. It is tied with very strong ropes at the decker of the roof of the car. While at the camping ground, the traveller fixes the ladder to ascend and descend to and from the tent at the top. A maximum of two tents can be fixed at the top of the roof of the car and this depends on the size of the car and also a maximum of two people are supposed to sleep in each tent.

Camping gears

The roof top tent comes with extra gears to enhance your camping experience. A small size mattress and sleeping bag is given to the camper for a comfortable night. Cooking utilities like a gas cooker, cutlery and utensils are also in place in case the traveller wishes to prepare his/her own meals. The table and the chairs are also provided if you wish to relax at the camping site.  Lamps also provide for your lighting at night.

The rooftop tent car hire experience is a very new unique expedition, cheap, safe, exciting and adventurous. It is an experience that has enticed a mammoth of tourists into Self Drive Safaris. The experience is still raw in the country but the car rental operators are working so hard and wise to ensure it becomes a better experience, something close to the caravan experience conducted in the advanced worlds.

Note that for the car with a roof top tent it would mean that you do not have the luxury of a pop up roof in case you are in a game drive because the roof covers the top of the car. Note that it is not feasible to untie the tent as you do the game drive and then tie it back after the game drive. Since the vehicles where these tents are fixed are raised, then the pop up roof is only an added advantage but game can be viewed in the comfort of your car seat.