Do You Make These Car Rental Mistakes?

There is a saying that mistakes are common to every human being but sometimes when one makes the same mistake over and over it becomes a habit and we could not like the traveler makes the following mistakes in car rental world a habit as the traveler reads this article he/she should take note of everything so that for the next car rental they are perfectly amended.

Forget to inspect the car’s condition

When the rental car is delivered to the renter, he/she should check it thoroughly for the dents, scratches and other mechanical faults that may be on it. However some people forget to check the condition of the vehicle and car hire companies blame them for the damages that already existed before the client took up the car of which the client ends up paying unnecessary bills. It is recommendable to check the vehicle with the delivery guy and also take photos of the car before traversing to the destinations.

Don’t read the terms and conditions of the car rental agreement carefully

This is a very common mistake among very many car renters in Uganda as they do not read the terms and conditions carefully at which they are renting a car. They tend to be very anxious and excited on booking a rental car and forget to read the clauses in the agreement. Car rental agreement clauses are very tricky when violated they can lead to the renter paying lots of money. Some of the tricky clauses are fuel refill, early return, and unlimited mileage. So the renter has to be careful as he/she is given this whitepaper, please read and understand each and every term and condition in the car rental agreement.

Don’t clean up the rental car after using it

Car renters tend to leave vehicles dirty after using them but this is not a good gesture. So it is recommendable to get back the rental car as clean as you can. Remember when driving a rental car in Uganda, one has to drive on marram roads that are dusty and sometimes when eating the renter may leave the leftover snacks, fries and bottles in the car so may sure after the expedition take it to the washing bay to clean it up.

Don’t use the Internet to look for best deals

Some people do not use the internet to search for car rental services, all they do is go to a colleague only or just land a random car rental company on the streets then hire a vehicle. This is a very dangerous act as sometimes it may not be your lucky day and you land on a very incompetent company that will ruin your car rental experience as they may charge you highly and or at times offer to you very substandard services. There are very many car rental companies that are found the internet that have very good services at affordable prices and on the internet you have a wide range of choices to get from.

In addition to the above, one should also not over rely on the internet as you have to take an extra mile and get offline to look for the car rental services. This can be done by asking a colleague that has ever traveled to the destination one is traveling to and also get to the streets and look for one or get to popular travel magazines and look for one. One has also to contact them through telephone as this may build a good rapport between the renter and the car rental company thus getting the car hire services at a relatively lower price.