Things to check on the car hire Uganda

Many people find hiring a car Uganda as the best transport option while traveling both home and away. This is because they find them so easy to use and safe to ride in.

Most car hire agencies Uganda make their level best to keep their cars in top condition so that they are safe on the road and also not bring any embarrassment to the company’s reputation. But you never know mistakes are common to every human being so you as the customer you have to check the condition of the car before you take it for travel with a reason of avoiding any disappointments on the roads.

Here are some of the things to check on the car your hiring:

Air conditioners of the car– it is important to check the air conditioning system of the car make sure there is free flow of the fresh air and also if it can regulate the temperatures very properly because you might need this during the sunny days and also on the roads that are dusty or marram.

Heating system– it is as essential as the air conditioning because somehow serve the same purpose as the AC during cold day. Make sure that the system can be bring out warm air that may help you heat up the interior of the car during very cold days that cannot be stood by human bodies. This can make you travel at any day whether cold or warm without any fear.

Fluid levels– you should always check the fluid levels of the car before you set off your journey. The fluids you have to check for are brake fluids, windshield washer and oil. If those are not enough and they happen to get finished on the way while driving you are more likely to get an accident or a car breakdown which can inconvenience your voyage thus being frustrated on the road.  So you have to make sure that the all fluids are full in the car and also have some reserved in the car rental Uganda.

Physical damage-You should also check the physical condition of the car both in the interiors and exteriors. You should check for damages like dents, scratches on the exterior and in the interior stains, reaps of the seats and smell. Most of the times you are accounted for the damages caused on the car so to avoid that check for any damage so that you do not pay for damages you have not caused.

Car stereo system – the music player and the radio of the car should be working properly because long distance trips tend to bore and you never you may some music to kill off the boredom.


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