Uganda car rental safety tips

Uganda car rental safety tips

Uganda is one of those countries in the world trying to promote selfdrive tours as travelers from different countries rent cars to tour around the top tourism destinations in Uganda. Renting a car and drive on your own gives traveler independence and privacy at the same time makes the trip more adventurous and also cover a broader area scope of Uganda’s tourism destinations. Many who have tried these self drive tours in Uganda have had a very phenomenon experience and this is evident when you visit the world’s top travel forums like trip advisor and lonely planet.

Albeit renting a car and travel on your own is fun and exciting in Uganda, you must put in mind that driving in a foreign destination is always a challenge and hectic. So before reserving a car rental make sure it is the right transporting option to lead safe on the roads of Uganda.

We bring some of the Uganda car rental safety tips

  1. You should make sure that you have car rental insurance while driving in Uganda.  This is more of a monetary back up in case of unforeseen problem that may happen while traveling. Ensure that the insurance covers all sorts of problems, you may face while on the road. There is what we call comprehensive insurance and third party insurance that are normally used by most Uganda car rental companies. The latter insurance policies make the driver less liable of any problems that may happen to the car and third party property while driving in Uganda.
  2. It is recommendable to make a thorough inspection of the car hire before you set off for your journey. Make sure you check the rental car Uganda for the physical damages like body dents, broken mirrors, reaped seats, scratches and also take an extra mile and test the mechanical condition of the car by test driving and asking the car rental provider about the mechanical condition.
  3. In addition to the above, you should make sure you carry some car tools like a juke, piers, water, lubricants, and a spare tyre and these can help you in case of a minor mechanic breakdown, a flat tyre.
  4. Make sure that you have all the required and useful documentation when driving including the driving license. Ensure that you have a gps navigator or well up to date Uganda maps of all the locations and routes to your destination.
  5. Furthermore it is advisable to take note of a local emergency number and also carry useful and basic emergency kit that can help you in case of an accident. You should also not forget to carry some carried food and drinks in car while traveling.
  6. It is also very important to take precaution of protecting you and the passengers in the car. Be very vigilant while driving in unfamiliar areas in Uganda as you have to keep your window closed when the car is parked, keep your belonging in the trunk, and do not show that you are visitors, do not pull over in strange places and also never give a lift to any stranger.
  7.  Lastly, you should also drive defensively. Remember you are in a foreign country of which you have less knowledge about the style of driving in the country so make sure that you do not over take vehicles in the corners, give way to over speeding cars, drive at a moderate speed of 60kms/hr on highways and  do not driver on the shoulders of the road. This can save you from getting unnecessary accidents.


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