Tips for Safe and Proper Parking of Rental Cars in Uganda

Once one rents a car, it becomes one’s responsibility to take good care of it albeit having insurance. When it is damaged or stolen due to negligence the renter is responsible for the liability/misfortune. Parking a rental car in safe way is one of the signs of taking up responsibility of a rental car. Rental cars are sometimes targets for theft due to the fact that rental cars are normally used by foreign travelers in Uganda so the robbers take advantage of the naivety of the renters for not knowing the country very well and the social impurities in it. This has not been as much of a problem in Uganda but we have to foresee the possible   calamities i.e. stealing or damaging a rental car due to lousy parking by bring car renters tips of safe parking of rental cars in Uganda.

Do not park a rental car in a dark places: parking a vehicle is dark places where by the vehicle cannot be easily seen by passersby is very risk. This is because it becomes prone to theft as one who may intend to steal it has an advantage of not being seen by anyone while taking it. Always park the park in a bright lit place, a place where the public can see the car.

Do not park the rental car on busy or narrow lanes. There is a high chance of the rental car uganda getting dents and scratches from people and other locomotives passing by. It is better to park the car in a less busy and wide lot so it does not compete for space with any other party.

Ensure that all the doors and windows are locked when the car is parked. This is for the safety of the valuables and also the car. There are always crooks in Uganda always willing to take advantage of unlocked cars so that they can steal the valuable left in them. This normally happens in the busy cities of Uganda. In additional, make sure all the systems are turned off that is the lights, radio, air conditioners and other systems in the cars. This is done to avoid battery discharge.

Uganda is somehow a hot country as it receives temperatures that are above 30⁰c on some occasions and remember too much heat can cause heating up of a car engine thus leading to a car breakdown. So one has to make sure that the rental car is parked under some shade but not a place like a building under construction or a loose tree where one expects falling debris that can damage it.

While at shopping malls, markets and tourist sites park the rental car in the space that is reserved for parking. Never park a car in a place where you are not authorized. This can lead you from paying a premium fine or getting arrested. Furthermore, in some places in Uganda, one has to pay for the parking lots so make sure you pay your parking ticket of given to you.

Safe parking is always good for every traveler as it saves one from damaging the car and also from stealing it. It is also a good gesture of a law abiding citizen.