Why Rent 4×4 Jeep For Uganda Self Drive Safari?

Self drive safaris in Uganda have become a travel norm. Nowadays, these travel expeditions are put on every adventure oriented person’s bucket list.  There are very many vehicles that can do self drive safaris but the 4×4 jeeps do the job best. To many travelers, the 4×4 jeep is the ultimate safari vehicle and it is the most popular rental car used by self drive safari customers.

Here are the reasons as to why a traveler should rent a 4×4 jeep for a self drive safari in Uganda;


Normally what is referred to as the 4×4 jeep is the Toyota land cruiser prado, the land cruiser prado is one of the cheapest rental car available amongst the car rental companies in Uganda. The Toyota prado normally goes around $ 75- $ 60 depending on the company and the period of time. Many traveler would love to save some money on their travel budget and hiring a 4×4 jeep can really be a life saver.

Robust and Combative

One of the most defining trait of the 4×4 jeep is being very strong and a terminator on the road. In a developing country like Uganda where roads are substandard and raged, the 4×4 jeep is the best suit due to its resilience and ability to maneuver in very harsh road conditions. The 4×4 jeep is well elevated and a four wheel drive car thus being able to swiftly pass through hilly and sloppy roads. The 4×4 jeep is also a relatively fast car. It is some vehicle that can make a traveler traverse so fast through Uganda.

Comfortable and Spacious

Every traveler would wish to travel with ease and comfort and a 4×4 jeep is the answer for traveler who wish to engage in a self drive safari. The Toyota land cruiser is a very comfortable car since it is well elevated and has strong shock absorbers that withstand the jiggering that happens on the raged and pothole roads.  In the interior, the seats are spongy, big enough and also have drink handlers. The trunk is also big enough to fit in luggage for four people.

Fuel Frugal

4×4 jeep/ Toyota land cruiser prado tx has a fuel consumption of 2693cc henceforth being a lower consumer of fuel compared to other vehicles that follow suit. For example, a full tank of 90 litres can drive a traveler for over 700kms which is surefire deal for self drive person.

Great Appearance

Each and every person be it a budget traveler would love to be attached to something looking very nice. A 4×4 jeep is a very nice looking vehicle that would wow the onlookers while driving it. It also commands respect and a good impression when you meet people on your safari.

4×4 jeep is a very good rental car for travelers who take up self drive safaris in Uganda since it has each and every attribute a traveler would wish to have while driving. So those interested in renting a car for a self drive in Uganda look no further, a 4×4 jeep is the ideal vehicle for you.








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