Toyota Supercustom

In need of a relatively large vehicle that would carry your family or a group of six people traversing Uganda for a short or mid distances, a Toyota super custom is the rental car to do the job. A supercustom is an executive mini bus and it is normally hired by a group of travelers going for corporate events or picnics. Though the supercustom looks executive, it is a cheap car to hire in Uganda. Its renting rate ranges from 60$-85$ per day.

This is a minivan vehicle made by Toyota Motor Corporation. This more like a Toyota Hiace van but this carries lesser people of around six people.

The super custom is designed in a more attractive form than the Toyota van. It has very comfortable and good spacing of the seats and also the seats are flexible as the passengers can seat facing each other or up front. These vehicles have tinted windows as people from the outside cannot see the interior of the car but the passengers can see the outside environment. They have an open roof where one can look at the outside environment from top of the roof. They are most of the time automatic transmission and use petrol fuel. They are four wheel drive vehicles.

. These were normally made for family travel. A family also willing to take a self drive in Uganda may use these cars since they are cheap cars to hire.

Toyota Super Custom Specifications:
Engine Size:       2,980cc
Drive:    2 or 4wheel drive
Steering:             Right
Transmission:    Automatic /Manual
Fuel:      Diesel
Manufacture Year:          Usually 1990-1998
Seats:    8-10
Doors:   4



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