Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

4x4 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado
4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado are normally known as the 4×4 jeeps by travelers. Self Drive in Uganda offers the Land Cruiser Prado with pop up roof or no pop up roof and also with roof top tent. For the travelers who need a resilient and comfortable vehicle on their Uganda expedition, the Toyota Prado is always recommended. It is the second most hired car by self drive travelers. The Toyota Prado with pop up roof or no pop up roof is commonly hired out at 65$-90$ and the one with a roof top tent is at 150$. The 1995 model is the most common Prado in the car rental business in Uganda.

It is a series of four wheel drive cars manufactured by Toyota group of companies based in Japan. The land cruiser is the longest running manufactured series of vehicles of Toyota. The first generation of land cruiser dates back in 1951 and 90 units were produced by that time and the latest series came out in 2014 which is the land cruiser J200. The land cruisers have both manual and automatic transmission gears. At the first they used to only use petrol fuel but some latest models use diesel.

However, in Uganda the most common land cruisers are of models 1994-2000 and this is because these models were built in a combative nature to handle raged roads. Those kinds of roads are very common in Uganda and this makes the land cruiser cars the best cars for safari due to their longevity and reliability on any kind of roads. The land cruisers are sport utility vehicles (SUVS) which are relatively large vehicles with spacious seats with a large box like cargo wagon at the back and they are normally meant to be used by people going on a vacations and sport event that carry many equipment.

Specifications: Toyota Land Cruiser Prado
Drive: 4wheel drive
Steering:    Right/Left
Transmission:Automatic /Manual
Fuel: Gasoline/Petrol or Diesel
Manufacture Year:  Usually 1995-2012
Seats: 5
Doors: 5

Why 4×4 land cruiser for  self drive safari Uganda?

A Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is a very historical and popular vehicle in Uganda. This is a vehicle that every Ugandan dream to drive, a car people financially endowed ride. It is that commands great impression and utility. We can call it a prime vehicle. A vehicle of all conditions and season. It is a lifesaver on the road.

The Toyota land Cruiser Prado was exported from the daily usage to recreation by car rental companies because of its utility style, robustness and combative nature on the road. It is a great car for long distance travel like road trip experiences. The Toyota land cruiser is some kind of a hot cake for travellers who hire cars to travel around the pearl of Africa. It gives them that assurance of safety, convenience and elegance.  The Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and road trip experience are a perfect match made from heaven as we explain below;

Incredible performance on ragged roads.

Toyota land cruisers are four-wheel driver vehicle elevated from the grounds, with great shocker absorbers and studs on the tyres. This makes it resilient and a fighter on rough roads which are majorly found in most of the tourism destinations where road trip experiences take place.  The land cruiser travels on any road and in any weather condition For example, it can move on muddy, sloppy, hilly and rocky terrains without getting any mechanical problem or getting stuck.

Comfortable and large compartment

A Toyota Land Cruiser Prado is a vehicle that can carry a maximum of five people. this is really a great deal for travellers. Finding a very elegant and comfortable vehicle like a landcruiser carry find people, it is really remarkable and impressive.

The seats of the Land Cruiser especially the VX and GX are so comfortable and spacious for passengers to travel freely and in a conducive manner. The seats are placed in good position enhancing a good sitting posture that won’t one’s legs or any other body part pain. There is also ample space for one to stretch within the car.

In addition, the trunk is very spacious to carry on the luggage and necessities needed on a road trip experience.

Strong and steady

A land cruiser can carry about a weight of about 500 kilogrammes. With its power and strength, it able to carry passengers and huge camping equipment that are used to road trip experience. this is a sport utility vehicle made to carry loads of things while traveling. Its strength and steadiness also helps it to maneuverer through the muddy, sloppy and bumpy roads which lead to the various tourism destinations while on a road trip Uganda. more to that its powerful engine and all weather hard body makes it a durable car. It is can be used for road trip experiences for over 10 years without getting out of shape.

Secure and safe on the road

The way the land cruiser is built gives that feeling of safety and security. It is very comfortable while traveling in it, the bumps on the roads are less felt due to its strong shock absorbers. The land cruiser also has a man guard which protects the car and the passengers in case of the head to head collision or any accidents that affects the front of the car. The seat belts are also strong to keep firm in one place in case of an accident. The land cruiser also has airbags at the dashboards to protect the driver and co driver with hitting the windshield, steering and the dashboard its self when there is collision.



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