7 Things To Avoid with An Automatic Car While On a Self Drive in Uganda.

Automatic cars are one of the greatest invention in the automobile world. Way back driving a car was meant for a few people because of the complexion of driving a manual but there came automatic transmission car which was a leeway for everyone.

Every person with basic driving skills can operate these kinds of car. With the automatic transmission car, all one needs to know is how to move around the steering and also regulate the accelerator and brake pedal.

The automatic transmission is a wildfire around the world. Most of the people around the world prefer driving the automatic car to a manual one. This is evident with the number of travelers we receive as a car rental company in Uganda.

Most of our clients find it convenient to drive an automatic car but on a sad note some of them misuse it. There are some malpractices they do with the automatic cars and end up damaging its life. We cannot blame for the vice because most of them are ignorant or literally do not know the practices they do harm the car.

Therefore to save the day, we have made a compilation of 7 things to avoid with an automatic car while on a self drive Uganda.

Driving the car on a reserve fuel tank

This applies to all vehicles regardless of their transmission. Any car drive on low fuel tanks is always damaged.

The fuel is the main fluid that runs the engine/car without it the engine cannot operate and less of it always damages the engine since it don’t work to its full capacity. It is commendable to at least drive the car at quarter tank and above for the full operation of the engine.

Instant shift to parking when the car is still moving.

Some drivers don’t have the patience of completely waiting the car to stop and just get it to the parking mode through the gears. This is forcing the car into a stop mode by the gears and this kills off the gearbox greatly.

Racing the car engine in parking mode

Many of us watching motor racers on TV revving the engine before setting off and we are enticed to try it with our normal car. This is a suicide act to your engine.

The revving can lead to more friction within the inner parts of the engine thus the engine blowing up. We all know how it is like when the engine fails. It will only need a new engine to get the car back of which the engine is damn expensive.

Shifting Gears When The Car Is speeding

Some travelers have a tendency of moving gears of the automatic car while the car is at terrible pace. This leads to the transmission components to change direction drastically and this really damages the gearbox.  If you are to shift gears with the automatic car, first brake mildly and get to another gear.

Shifting to neutral at the traffic lights

This is one of the most common practices among drivers, they always shift the gear to neutral at the red light to keep in the drive-line and also reduce on the pressure put on the brakes. However the major damage happens when you shift in and out of the neutral gear.

Driving straight up Without Warming up the Engine

After a long cold night of being in a dull mode, the car engine needs to first warm up to setting since all the fluids in the engine are back to their origin places and not in operation.

You need to warm it up so that the fluids can spread out into the engine components for a full operation. Nonetheless, some drivers just hard drive the car without warming the engine and hence leading to serious friction within the engine components.

Getting the car in neutral mode while sloping.

Many drivers in the guise of saving some fuel tend to slide the vehicle in the neutral mode on a sloppy road. This is a very bad practices that only cuts off the oil supply thus the transmission system not get enough lubrication to smoothly operate. This cause a great wear and tire of the transmission system.




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