9 Common Mistakes That Damage Cars

Cars require for critical care to operate for a long time. Drivers make mistakes that damage the cars. These  automobiles have become part of us since they ease the movement of people and goods from one place to another.

But cars are not immortal, they have a lifespan and they need to be taken care of to do a good job for the travelers. There have been arguments and debates of how to prolong the life of your car or maintain it in a proper state.

Different views have been aired by travelers though the results have been far from convincing to all car users. Every traveler has his/her opinion about keeping the car alive and in proper state.

As we have previously state there are no clears solutions of keeping the car in its proper state for a long time but here are some of the mistakes car users do to damage the car.

Using Cheap Quality Gas/Fuel

There are different kinds of fuel sold at the gas stations. For instance for the cars that have engines that operate on petrol gas, they can use the common petrol and V Power gas. But these two kinds of gas vary in quality and price.

The V power gas is of good quality and high price so the drivers choose the common petrol which at times damages the engine faster. There are also incidents where petrol stations sell cheap gas, these cheap stations normally add foreign components in the fuel that damage to the car engines. It is best to buy fuel at reputable stations like Shell and Total

Using Inappropriate Parts

Like any operating machine, some of the car parts get damaged or worn out while driving or in case of an accident and they need replacement. Some drivers make a mistake and replace them with cheap inappropriate ones.

In the due course the main car parts like the engine, gear box and lighting system get damaged. It is best to replace worn out part or damage ones with genuine or exact replicas.

Heavy Foot On The Brakes

Brakes are one of the parts of the car that get easily worn out if not handled well. Any driver should steadily press on the brakes. Exacting too much weight on the brakes, makes them worn out easily and damaging them.

Improper Alignment Of The wheels

Wheel alignment is one of most important task to do on a car. When the wheels are not balanced well, they damages lots of parts of the car like the tires, ball joints and the zs. It is commendable to take your car regularly to the wheel alignment machine to fix the wheel imbalances.

Taking Long to Service The Car

Servicing of the car is all about checking and making some amendments in the operating/engine system of the car and this should be done regularly since the fluids (oil, water, coolant and hydraulic) eventually get finished when the car is into use for some time.

On the contrary some people just drive without taking the car for service at the right time. The car must be serviced when it covers about 5000km of mileage.

Resting Hand On The Gear Shifter

This applies to the manual car where the gear shifter is often used. Due to the over use of the gears they get worn out easily if you mistakenly prolong holding the stick.

You should avoid resting hands on the shifter to avoid the transmission components troubles.

Accelerating In Cold Engine

Some people a mistake of starting the car at full acceleration which is normally called accelerating in cold engine. You should first allow the engine to get some combustion or heat up for a little while before you setoff in full acceleration.

Driving Car Without Fuel

One of the prime causes of damaging the car life is driving the car on very little fuel. Some people drive the car till the fuel light starts blinking. Remember the car operates at its full strength when there is enough fuel.

Carelessly Driving Through The Potholes

One of the causes of damaging the suspension of the car is driving the car in raged and pothole roads. Some drivers make this mistake and drive the car reckless through the potholes thus causing the damaging of the car suspension. This eventually reduces the life of the car.

Dull Driving

When the car is not driven regularly, there will be a downward in its life. For instance, some parts may get rusty and also the battery dies out if it is not put into use.

Not washing it regularly

The cleanness of the car also matters to its life. Many onlookers look at the appearance of the car. However some car users tend not to clean their cars and then dust takes its toll all over the car. The dust blocks the aeration system and also leaves stains on the car which makes the car look not appealing.

The above advice is so helpful for travelers who hire out cars for long term rentals in Uganda. It is great to adhere to these tips to keep the car in shape. When you return the car in good condition, you will have a great relationship with the Uganda car rental service provider.




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