Tips to Get Discount on Car Rental Uganda

Finding a discount on car rental Uganda is a very hard to find, it takes some trickery and thorough research to get a discount deal. However when a traveler digs deep into, he/she is likely to get a discount.

This is because car rental companies try their level best to attract customers or out compete each other through providing discount promotions and other incentives. This also works in the hands of the travelers since they wish to save some money on car rental services to cater for other travel items.

Make a weekly rental or more. Rental companies have a tendency of hiring out vehicles at a reduced price if your rental duration is more than 7 days. For instance a Toyota rav4 is normally at 50$ per day but it can be given to you at 45$ per day if the rental period is more than 7 days.

Stick to one rental company. In any business loyal customers are always given incentives in order to tie them down like forever and this also applies in the car rental business. Rental companies always hire out cars at a discounted prices to return customers.

Try a trick of first opting for a smaller car and then request for an upgrade. When inquiring from a rental company first request for a smaller car with a cheaper price and then as time goes by asking to upgrade for a bigger vehicle. The rental company will have no choice but to hire it out to you at a discounted prices compared to its normal rate.

Make your trip within the discount promo. One of the ways for rental companies to attract customers to hire their vehicles is putting up discount promotion.

These are normally set in specific period of time for example during the festival season of December the promotions are very common. There forth, one has to wait for that period to take up your chances.

Make a booking in advance; rental companies always reward early customers with an incentive which could be a discount at the rental car.

A Traveler interested in rental discount, ensure that you make a reserving of the rental car at an earlier date let’s say 3 month or 6 months before your travel date and solicit for a discount from the rental company.

Getting a discount on a rental car in Uganda is a no hustle so long as you know the tips to play around with. The above tips are the commonest to adhere to get a discount on car rental Uganda.



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