Bad Driving Habits That Are Damaging Your Car

We tend to look at the visible acts like drink driving and over speeding as the bad practices that would lead to the damaging of the car. However, there are other driving malpractices that are done by drivers unknowingly that damage the car.

These bad practices mildly damage the car both physically and mechanically.  To save your day, we bring to you the bad driving practices that are damaging your car which you should stop doing.

Delaying Regular service

Drivers have a bad habit of waiting for the car to warn for its lack of fluids in its engine and other running machines. This leads to serious damage of those parts yet they are the pillar parts in the car without their full functionality, the car is no more.

Therefore, you should always take the car for service regularly. It should be taken for maintenance whenever the mileage clocks about 2000kms.

Neglecting Warning Lights

Sometime vehicles incline to get mechanical problems and can only be detected by the car computer. When the car computer detects a problem, it will indicate on the dash board screen with a warning light in several colours like red, green or orange.

Please don’t under look the warnings, try to get immediate mechanical attention for them.  The light warnings normally come on the dashboard because of insufficient fluids like oil, brake fluids, hydraulic and a malfunctioning abs.

Keeping The Tank Almost Empty

The fuel is the main fluid that causes the running of the engine. When it is insufficient in the tanks, there will be vigorous combustion of the engine since it is not get enough fuel to run to its full potential and also the oil will be over used. So when the vehicle the fuel light comes up, get to the next gas station to save your car from getting damaged.

Keeping The Pressure On The Brake Pedal While Driving Downhill

It is a bad habit to keep in the drive gear and put much pressure on the brake pedal. This easily leads to the tiring of the brakes or even failure of brakes that would even cause more problems while driving.

It is commendable to get the gear into low drive to reduce on the resistance of the brake pedal.

Staying On The Clutch While Driving Uphill

This is a bad habit for those driving a manual car. Some drivers tend to keep pressing the clutch pedal on a hilly road with the reason of keeping on the car/engine operating and keeping the car in one place.

This act reduces the clutch power and hence the shifting of gears becomes almost impossible. The right technique to apply in such situations is the use of the hand brake.

Laying down your hand on the gear rod.

It is really damaging to always rest your hands on the gear stick while driving. The gear stick is made to be touched a small time and rotate it around.

When you rest your hand on it, there is frequent wear and tire of the gear lever and inner parts. That’s why it is always advised to put both your hands on the steering at all times.

Accelerating The Engine Before It’s Warm

Some people immediate drives off or starts the engine before warming it up. This is a very bad habit which can lead to the blowing of the engine.

The engine should always be warmed up especially when the car has taken some good time without being driven or has stayed in cold weather for some good hours.

Overloading Your Car

This is some malpractice many people tend to do, they put more weight on the car as opposed to what it is supposed to carry. If the car is supposed to carry five people or a lift a certain amount of kilograms, please don’t go beyond it.

This leads to the damaging of many components of the car like the brakes, suspension, shock absorbers and also the wheel tend to get crocked.

Stopping the car with a parking gear.

It’s always suicide to stop the car with a parking gear as it puts more resistance on it and thus breaking down. You should always first brake the car till it completely stop and then shift the gear to parking and pull the hand brake or foot brake.




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