Essentials of Hiring a Car for Self drive Uganda

 A car is a mechanic machine used to speed up transportation of people and luggage. In Uganda, different cars are used and basically 4×4 wheel cars are highly demanded for successful safaris.

Cars that are high demand include safari land cruiser, 4×4 safari van, Toyota coasters and  more. Hiring a car depends on a number of tourist. There are 4 seat, 7 seat and Toyota Hiarce which is for 10 pax.

Terms and conditions are considered while hiring a car in Uganda so that the business partners equally benefits. Below are the car rental terms and conditions to be followed when hiring a car in Uganda.

The client has to present a valid identification card. This can easily enable the hire identify him or her and get to know he is dealing with a right person.

The Identity card should be in form of a national ID or a valid passport which in any theft or accident issues, it’s easier for the car provider to trace the client.

In addition the client should present a valid driving license which shows that he is eligible to driving. For the foreign clients, their driving permits should be in either English, French which are easily understood by the authorities.

Sometimes car hirers get cars from different car rental companies in case their cars are all out in the field and yet clients are on high demand of cars especially in high seasons.

For him or her to  acquire any vehicle in a rental company, he or she has to agree and sign on the agreement issued that in case of any damage , he or she has to compensate for the losses.

There should be a full payment of the fee to the car hire company for the service. The client should pay the full amount of money agreed upon before setting off for his or her safari.

He or she can make the payments before the day of pick up or the actual day to pick up the car. The payment should be done through electronic transfers or cash and this should be of the accepted currency such as dollars, shillings, Euros and pound sterling.

All the cars that are rented to the clients have comprehensive insurance that covers for all the damages that occur accidentally.  If the client damages the car intentionally due to careless driving, according to the signed agreement.

There is a certain payment he has to do to repair the damage and here the insurance company is not responsible. The damages that occur to the driver and clients in the car are not catered for the in the insurance

The hirer must inform you about the duration he or she is to be using the car. In the process he or she must present his itinerary disclosing the destination and purpose of the tour.

This will enable a hire to know where exactly his car is going and will be easier to track the car basing on the itinerary.

The client should not exceed the agreed duration and if he decides to extend his or her safari should inform the car hirer.

There should not be a third party involved in the business. In short terms, the client should come pick up the car on his own. He or she should not send someone else to pick it on his before.

He or she should be present at the rental point where the delivery boy handles over the car.

The car should be used for the rightful purpose indicated on the agreement made between a car provider and the client hiring the car. The client is not supposed to use the car for other purposes that are not indicated in the agreement such as using it as a taxi for transportation of passengers and make delivery service with the intention of making money.



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