Toyota Coaster

It is on a rare occasion that the Toyota coasters are hired for travel in Uganda because a few people who tour around Uganda travel in a group of more than 10 people. However at Self Drive in Uganda, the toyota coasters are up for hire. These large vehicles are normally hired by institutions going for a study tour or people going for a specific mission like charity work or humanitarian activities. Most of the Toyota coasters found in the fleet of the rental companies in Uganda are of manual transmission and have 28 seats or 35 seats and some are 4 wheel drive while others are 2 wheel drive. These cars are only hired with the drivers, they are not available for self-drive expedition and this is because their driving restrictions from the government and also need lots of technicality to drive them. The rental company always provides the travelers with a local profession driver.

The Toyota coasters are large minibuses produced by Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan. These were first made in 1969, the second generation came out in 1982 and the third in 1993. The third generation had an upgrade in 2001 and 2007. These vehicles at first carried 17 passengers and to date there are those that carry up to 28 people and a few carry 35 people. These vehicles are commonly used as public transport vehicles in Africa. They normally carry people traveling for long distances.

However, they are also used for tourism for large groups of people like students who would love to go for a safari tour to see the wildlife in their natural habitats. They vehicles are economical in terms of fuel consumption and it is why there are the most popular safari vehicles for a very large group of people. They are best suited for people hiring a car in Uganda for a large group tour.



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