Important tips for self drive car rental Uganda

Car rental is the best transportation means one you use when traveling to a new city or country. With car rental services in Uganda, you are mostly like to travel on your own in case of a self drive tour Uganda or use can opt to have a chauffeur on your wheels. This gives you the freedom to travel at any given time in anyplace at your own pace with your people. You are not timetabled as it may be the case with the public means when the bus or taxi has to leave at a certain time and to make it worst you travel with strangers which may make your trip so boring as your privacy is intruded.

However, although car rental is a good mean of ground transportation and many people often use it, one has to be so care and has to consider some factor in order to enjoy these services at an affordable rate

Remember you are going to be driving in a different country that has different road and traffic system so it is best you choose a car that best suits you while driving. For example car rental companies offer cars that are manual or automatic, or compact or SUVs so choose a car that you are familiar with because you never know what might happen in the foreign country, just do not risk.

Also find the rates at which the cars are available and their fuel consumption. You should hire a car in Uganda that is provided at a less expensive rate and consumes less fuel since you will be traveling for long distance and in most cases the client is always in charge of paying the fuel he/she uses while traveling. By choosing a small car of low rates and fuel consumption you are more likely to save some money.

Always book your car in advance. Car rental companies normally give discounts to customers that book car earlier than the date they are going to travel. Also when you book earlier the car rental company is more likely to get you the car that you exactly want with no extra charges.

Always worry of companies that charge too low prices for the uganda car rental packages. These are normally attracting customers and at times they are not competent and also sometimes they have hidden charges that can make the whole car rental package very expensive.

Ensure that you are aware all items are included in the price quotation. Make sure that unlimited mileage and the insurance against theft and damages are included in the car rental packages price quoted before you make confirmation and making the first deposit. Never do business with the company that does not cover you from damages, theft and other unforeseen problems that make encounter you on the journey.

Always get the total summations of your car hire package costing before confirmation. This makes you know how much you are going to spend in total for the car hire services and when you take up the car rental service you do not fall short of the bills you have to pay.