Things to keep in mind when hiring cars for Uganda self drive safari

Are you planning to hire a car for a long distance safari in Uganda? There are a few things you have to put into account in order to have a convenient and safe travel.

Here are the things to keep in mind when hiring cars for Uganda self drive safari

The car hire company should have a good reputation. Look at the customer reviews that are posted about the company are they good or not? If a company have good customer services then it is more likely to offer you the best services on your long distance travel with any problem.

Never hire a car in Uganda  that is not supposed to work at that particular period (off duty car). You are more likely to pay less since you get the car on black market but this can turn out to be expensive in case of any damage or accident. This is because the car hire company may not be liable to any damages you may cause to the car at that time so you will be most likely to pay the price for the damages.

Do not use any third party to book for your car hire services, please do it by yourself. Make contact directly to the car hire company via email, website booking portal or visit the company’s offices to make your reservation. You are more likely build a good rapport with car hire agency and you may end up getting a discount on the car hire services. For the case of middle men, you maybe cheated any end up taking your money or they tend to charge you highly for the car hire services.

When you hiring a car from the agency always ask about the payment plan that is; is it on a daily basis or hourly it is limited mileage driving or unlimited. For the case of long distance you have to hire a car with per day payment plan and should be unlimited mileage driving since you are going to need to use the car for long hours and for long distance driving.

You should hire car that has comprehensive insurance and road assistance. The insurance should be covering all the damages that might happen to the car whether accidents, theft, third party damage and also in case of breakdown there should be an immediately response to the problem of either bring you a new car or repairing the car in the earliest time possible.

You should also take your time and look at various companies that offer particular car hire services. When you choose a wide range of companies for car hire services, you are likely to get the best services. Take your time do not choose the first company you come across on the web, you never know their might be other companies that offer better services at competitive prices.

uganda self drive trips are so exploring and exciting as you have the independence of what you encounter in the tourism destinations in uganda.