Car Rental in Uganda Itinerary for 17 days or more

Are you planning for a Car Rental in Uganda for 17 days? We give you an insight on the possible itinerary to explore as much of the country as possible and on a limited budget. We take you through the best possible itinerary to explore much of the country as well as the best and cheap type of car to use while on your trip throughout the country.

Type of Car to Use while considering Car Rental in Uganda for 17 days

There are a number of vehicles available, and for starters, we consider the fact that are you looking at a Self Drive in Uganda Car Rental or a Car Rental in Uganda with a driver. For a vehicle with a driver, we recommend a 4×4 Land Cruiser Hard Top or a 4×4 Land Cruiser Prado. This also depends on the number of people. The 4×4 land Cruiser Hard Top would ideally take any number from 1 to 7 with guaranteed window seats. However, the Land Cruiser Prado would take a maximum of 3 people with guaranteed window seats. The same number of people that would fit in a Toyota Rav4. In case you wish to go on a Self Drive Car Rental in Uganda, then we would highly recommend the land Cruiser GX, Prado or the Toyota Rav4. These vehicle are recommended because they have been tested over time on the Ugandan roads. So depending on your budget, choose any of the above.

The Best Possible Itinerary

Depending on your interests, we highlight important attractions and possible number of nights to stay as follows;

Day 1: Drive to Lake Mburo NP and spend a night

Day 2: Drive to Lake Bunyonyi

Day 3: Explore Lake Bunyonyi area

Day 4: Drive to Bwindi

Day 5: Explore Bwindi

Day 6: Drive to Queen Elizabeth NP

Day 7: Explore Queen Elizabeth NP

Day 8: Explore Queen Elizabeth NP

Day 9: Drive to Kibale Forest NP

Day 10: Explore Kibale Forest NP

Day 11: Explore Semliki NP

Day 12: Drive to Murchison Falls NP

Day 13: Explore Murchison Falls NP

Day 13: Visit Ziwa and proceed to Jinja

Day 14: Explore Jinja

Day 15: Visit Sipi Falls

Day 16: Drive back to Entebbe

Day 17: Explore Entebbe and fly out

The above itinerary is a sample itinerary that would work best in exploring Uganda’s most visited attractions. It is possible to tweak a little to best suit what you want to explore. There is also the option of spending more time in a particular area and leave out some other attractions.

Let us help you to put together the best itinerary for your Car Rental in Uganda based on the number of days you are interested in visiting as well as the nature of activities you are interested in.



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