Ways of getting a cheap car rental in Uganda

Car rental business is a fast growing business in Uganda as many people have come up to establish agencies due to the high demand of renting a car from other people. Many people rent cars for safaris to the national park, cruising around the city, for a business conference, for wedding ceremonies, airport pickups.  But this can sometimes tend to be expensive due to the terms and conditions that the car rental agencies might put. In this world of scarce financial resources, one always needs a cheaper car for renting and the following are the ways as to how you can minimize the costs of car renting

Hit the internet

This is the most effective step of getting a cheap car. There are so many car rental agencies in Uganda that often offer relatively lower prices compared to the other in order to out compete them. These can only be found through surfing as they hold websites with the rates and services they offer. As you go through the internet you will find agencies with the quality services at affordable rate and you can choose from them.

Try to look for agencies that are a bit distant from the airport

Agencies that are near the airport are relatively expensive in that they get many customers walking in from the airport due to their convenient location. It is better to look for car rental agencies far way as these offer relatively low rates.

Be vigilant on signing additional insurance

You might get excited on signing the car lease agreement but first look at the additional insurance that may be placed are favoring you.  Since this might lead you to incurring daily expenses that can make your overall trip expensive. It is better to first assess it then see if you get provision funds for the insurance.

Avoid shifty fees

Most car rental agencies have some fine that you might encounter if you breach one of the terms and conditions stipulated in the agreement. For example there might be a clause in agreement that one has to return car and park it at a certain point if case you do the vice you encounter a certain fine. One has to be careful to avoid such unnecessary fines that can make car renting expensive.

Make an assessment if you really need to rent a car

At times you may think when you are in a foreign land you may need a car but in actual sense you don’t need it. For instance you might not be going to make a lot of movement in your early of visit and don’t have many luggage. It is better to use public transport since it might be wastage of funds. But if you have a lot of luggage and you going to make a lot of travelling then it is better to rent a car because frequent paying of transport fare for public transport might cost you heavily.

Try to book a car earlier

They say  time is money and this is so true with car renting. If the need of the car is so urgent it may be very expensive to get a car as the car rental agency might take advantage of your desperation of wanting a car and charge highly. It might also be a business period where the cars might be on high demand and this can lead to higher rate. When you need a car book a earlier in that there is room for negotiation.

Keep good records of anything related to the car you’re renting

This can be done by taking pictures of the car before you take it in that you have a clear preview of the car’s condition before you use it. This may be useful after using the car and know which damages you are supposed to pay for.

Give a try to small car rental agencies

Booking with the smaller agencies can be cheap as these can make personalized offer and also flexible in their terms and conditions since they want to built a good reputation so that they can get closer to the large ones. Most of the times these offer cheaper and better rates than the known ones

Remember to know and also fight for rights

Some agencies are so cunning in such a way they might want to charge you unfamiliar fees so one has to be careful and fight for what is best for you.

With the best ways one can get a cheaper car to rent and you will enjoy a good self drive tour Uganda

Online customer reviews- smart way to select the best uganda self drive car rental

When planning to take a road trip or self drive tour, you must ensure that you rent the best car to fulfill the needs because all you need on this trip is to have fun and a comfortable experience on the road. There are many car rental companies in Uganda offering such services but you have to take it slow to select a company for car hire in Uganda. First look at the reputation of the company and this can only be done by finding out what other customers say about the company you are trying to hire a car from. These customer reviews are found online on travel portals of the company and also from universal travel forums and one can also ask from colleagues who have traveled to the place he/she intends to go to.

Customer reviews give you an insight of what the car rental companies can offer to its customers are they normally talk about the experience they get while using the company’s services.

How to search best car Rental Company in Uganda based on the online customer reviews

Read the careful what the customers say about the services that are offered to them by the company

Scrutinize the companies that have are talked about providing good customer services

Compare and contrast the tariff/price plans at which the companies offer their car rental services

In most cases, competent companies offer quality services at competitive rates.

Besides the customer reviews there is also some important information you have to put into account when select the best car rental company.

Look at how safety is observed by the car rental companies

When one is taking a self drive in Uganda, there are always challenges that he/she might face that can lead to accidents and the damages of the car and on top of that while driving for long distances sometimes cars breakdown.

So you have to look through companies that give the best cover for their clients in case of any unforeseeable problem. This can always keep you safe on the road.

How to select a self drive car in Uganda online

First of all look at how many people are you going to travel with then select a car. Car rental companies in Uganda have a wide range of cars that is compact car for few people, SUVs for moderate number of people and normally for safari tours, vans for the family and coasters for the large number of people. So choose a car according to the number of people.

Look at the area you are traveling to and also the purpose of the travel. Different cars serve different purposes like a safari and some SUV s are meant for wildlife safari, compact cars are meant for city tours and the vans are meant for family vacations.

Look at the rates at which the various vehicles are being offered and also the fuel consumption. Smaller vehicles normally come with smaller charges and have a low fuel consumption rate. So it is better to select a car that fits in your budget.

Online customer review normally portrays what kind of services the car rental companies offer to their customer so you put them so much into consideration when look for car hire services.



Enjoy a fantastic nightlife with rental car Kampala in style!

Kampala is one of the most active cities at night in Africa due its party loving people and also a variety of hot-spots . There are always people moving around on the streets of Kampala in the night trying to get to their favorite hangout places. One should not be worried about safety and security in Kampala because it is something that is observed anytime as they are always law and order enforcers on every street.

Kampala nightlife can only get better when one hires a private car of his/her own due to the fact that public transport becomes a bit scarce at night and there are only motorbikes around which are not safe and at times charge highly. With car renting in Kampala, one is never worried of how is going to get home or at the hotel because you have a chauffeur to take back home or at the hotel. This will always make you nightlife comfortable, safe and more enjoyable.

Here are some of the common places one would not miss out when experiencing a nightlife in Kampala

A visit at the centenary park sector along Jinja Rd

This is one of the most common places in Kampala when it comes to nightlife as this have a variety of pubs, bars and restaurants. Some of the notable ones are barbecue lounge, Waikiki pub and restaurant which is Ethiopian and Eritrean and one can experience the Rastafarian rhythm while there. There is also ache Havana. Blue bar and restaurant which is Chinese so if you are a fan of Chinese cuisines, it is the place to be and there is also Kyoto bar and restaurant. At Centenary Park one can never fail to get a spot that can blow off his mind.

Furthermore just around Centenary Park, there is oasis mall and garden city which are the most popular shopping malls in Uganda. Oasis mall has Nakumatt supermarket where you find lots of items like drinks, home ware, food stuffs, kid stuffs and many more things. At the same mall there are a variety of boutiques where one can get nice shoes and clothes and there is also a cinema hall where one can catch a movie from. At garden city there is a supermarket, boutiques, bars like alligators and bodaboda bar and restaurant.

Being within the centenary park area scope one is exposed to lots of nightlife spots.

A tour along the Acacia area

This is one of the most posh areas in Kampala. It is famously known as the area for the rich but anyone can afford it since Uganda is one of the cheapest countries in the world. This place has lots of bars restaurants, hotels and has the newest shopping mall in Kampala. Along the acacia road, there is a Casablanca bar which is a hangout for most Ugandan celebrities, Orleans babbles, and Kampala entertainment centre. There is also Acacia mall which has lots of exciting places like Nakumatt supermarket, cinema magic hall, Caffesserie restaurant, KFC restaurant and wink bar. Within the acacia area there is Kisementi area where you find more bars like Sky Lounge, Just Kicking Sports Bar, Fat Boys Bar.  The Acacia area is the place to be for every person who would love to experience the nightlife of Kampala city.

A trip to the industrial area is also one of a kind.

The industrial area is well known for having Uganda’s popular discotheques that is club silk and Gurvunor. Every night these clubs entertain lots of Kampala city revelers as they enjoy the night: dancing to their favorite music played by the wickedest DJs around Kampala.

These places can only be enjoyed when you hire a private car in Kampala to take you around. You can go to all these places in one night if you are renting a car. On top of visiting the places in one night when you rent a car for nightlife you are always safe and also you will have a very convenient and comfortable experience.