Things to Consider While Hiring a Car for a Self Drive Uganda

Many people normally hire cars in uganda have various reasons as to why they hire car and that are; for family vacations, business meetings, airport transfer, foreign destination tours, personal car breakdown and also some might need a car for some personal interests. These people do not want to use public transport due to its inconvenience and insecurity.

Car hire services uganda especially for self drive come with a lot of benefits however if you are not careful enough you may be disappointed with them so you have to be critical while selecting car hire services.

These are things to consider while hiring a car service Uganda


There should not be too much bureaucracy when choosing a car for hire. The world nowadays is of technology so you should hire a car in uganda from a company with easy booking that is going to the internet and contact the company through the email then book a car for hire within a few minutes.  It should not take you too much time, remember time is money!


The car hire agency should allow you to make some adjustments to your reservation in accordance with your convenience. Sometimes an emergency can come up and you have to change the dates you are going to use the car hire services. So the company should be very much willing to comply with any alternations you make in your reservation without any much extra costs.

Security/ confidentiality

The internet forum for hiring a car should be safe and protected with internet security certificates. They should not allow any of your personal information leaks to the internet pranks like credit card number or visa card number. If these are got by the pranks they might still the customer’s money which will be so horrible.


The price quotation of the car hire services should be so clear, there should be any item left in the pricing. They include all expenses in the quotation. Some car hire agencies leave out some extra costs like local taxes; toll both ticket fee and early return fines.


The car hire agency should guarantee you consistence and dependable services, from the time of booking till returning the car. In case of any delay to deliver the car hire services to you they should communicate earlier and give a justifiable explanation for the cause of the delay.

If you put the above concepts into consideration, you can have a wonderful self drive car hire experience in Uganda.

Simple Ways to Save on Car hires in Uganda

Every person is a rational consumer whether rich or not. People are always looking for services at affordable prices because money is a scarce resource everyone would like to save money at any one time. Also people hiring cars in Uganda for vacation, business, long distance tours, and city tours would love to spare some money for Uganda car hire in order to use it on other expenses on the trip.

Let’s look at the simple ways that can make you save some money on car hires

Look for discounts

This is the greatest way of saving money as you are given car hire services at reduced price. There are always car rental companies in Uganda giving out discounts to their loyal customers and also clients that hire cars for long period of time. There are also those who give out promotion discounts. So always rent cars from those companies with discounts.

Stay away from big car hire companies

These normally set high standard and at times do not haggle the rates for the car hire services. They are always fixed and do not appeal to everyone. Look for small car hire companies in Uganda, these understand the customer’s needs and situation and they are always willing to offer customers car hire services at affordable rates.

 Stick with relatively small cars

Smaller cars are obviously cheaper than big cars. Sometimes there is no need of traveling by a big car when you are two people or one. A small car can serve you the same purpose and at a cheaper price. At times you may book for a small and you find they are unavailable; a good company may make you an upgrade to a big car but at a small fee.

Go for travel packages

When hire a car in Uganda for vacation or city always do it with a tour and travel company as these travel companies work hand in hand with car hire companies in order to simplify some work for the traveler. By using a tour and travel agent you will have around your tour items all booked at once that is accommodation, car hire, attraction fee and food and these always come with a discount. Furthermore you are saved from the work of booking each item separately and in most cases you are more likely to spend more money when you book them separately.

Consider long term rates

Always consider to rent a car for a long period of time like a week or more. Long term car hire tend to be cheaper than short term as some car hire agencies give discounts to customers who hire cars for a long period of time.