Guide to Drive a Manual Car for Tourists in Uganda

Though the number of manual transmission cars are gradually decreasing per year, some old school people or even people who love challenge still yearn to drive them.

It really takes some craft to drive a manual transmission. In Uganda, people who normally drive manual transmission cars are considered experts and many people would love to be attached to the attribute. Henceforth some people still rent them for  Uganda self-drive safaris.

By knowing the nature of the road transport system of Uganda, it really takes some work to drive a manual transmission car especially when you are visitor.

Here is a guide to drive a manual car for visitors or tourists in Uganda

Know Your Way Around

A manual transmission requires a diver to act by shifting the gears as per the driving situation is in. it is best for a driver to know and anticipate the situation he/she might get in while on the road other than being caught off guard. Manual car is driven by instincts and technical know-how.

Know where the pedals are

Most of the manual transmission cars the pedal are down, the gas pedal or accelerator on the right in the middle the brake and clutch on the left. The clutch helps in shifting gears and keeping the engine on especially when the gas pedal is not pressed.

The brakes are for stopping the car and the gas pedal or accelerator for the car movement. But the technicality on the clutch pedal is- some of the are hard to press while other are soft so one needs to find that balance while driving a manual car.

Starting the engine

Starting the manual transmission car engine is very tricky. Some experts say that the driver should first put the gear shift in neutral then the engine hits while pressing the clutch and put off your foot gradually on it as you get the other on the gas pedal as shift the gear to the number one.

The popular one is press the clutch and the brake as you get to gear number one then put your foot off the clutch pedal gradually as you press the gas pedal. When the car starts moving then put your foot completely off on the clutch pedal and then good to go.


Parking is one of the easiest thing to do while driving a manual transmission. All you have to do is; as you nearing to park the car get your foot on the clutch and the brake and then shift the gear to one. The car should always park in gear one.




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