Hire a Driver or Hire a Tour Guide

Hire a Driver or Hire a Tour Guide

Hire a driver or hire a tour guide and enjoy your experience in Uganda as these people know their way through the country. These may be mere drivers who know places, professional tour guides, or specialty guides who would be birding guides, or specializing in different languages like German, French, Spanish, to mention but a few

A driver is referred to as a person who operates/drives a vehicle. While a tour guide is a person who shows the way to others, especially one employed to show tourists around places of interest.

Most people are not aware of what to book or whom they would like to book. A driver might actually know the places of interest and roads to the different places but might actually not be very well versed with the destination attracts in a way that a tour guide would know.

Sometimes the two can actually work together in the event that the tour guide does not have experience in driving or if you are hiring a coaster bus which comes with a driver and the tour guide would be there to offer information regarding the different destinations visited.

Uganda is generally English speaking so your guide would be having knowledge of the English language. The price for hiring a driver ranges between $30 and $40. And the cost for hiring a tour guide or a specialty guide ranges between $40 and $120.

Note that depending on the time of your travel, the company might have to offer you a driver plus a translator if you are interested in specific languages; Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese and many more  This is because some people would be having the knowledge of a specific language but not very well versed with the dynamics of touring the country.

Booking a Driver or Tour Guide in Uganda

It is only a matter of letting us know whether you would require a driver or tour guide on your tour and we arrange our very own. Note that all our drivers and guides are professional in the way they conduct themselves and will make sure your trip is memorable.

In case we are aware of your destination as well as specialty, we can as well recommend the best suitable option. Different destinations have their own site guides that can be hired to provide information on that particular area, and these are up to date with the different specifics of that destination.

The Qualities of Our Drivers

Qualified and experienced

Our drivers all the required tools making eligible to drive a car in Uganda. He/she should have a driver’s license and above the age of 21 years.

On top of that they have some good years on the spin while driving in Uganda. He should at least have a three years’ experience. Experience come with confidence on the wheel and hence making less mistakes on the road. Safety is paramount for every traveler and an experienced driver guarantees you some safety on the road.

Punctual and reliable

Time is a variable of traveling because each and every event or activity done while traveling or tour is done at a specific time. Our driver guides are always on time in case the client needs his/her services. They also are available at any time the client wants to travel.

Informed and knowledgeable

Most of the people who hire cars with a driver are foreign travelers who do not know much about Uganda. Therefore our drivers vast travel information about Uganda i.e. the routes leading to various places, climate, money and other currencies and current affairs.

He/she should also be fluent in English. English is one of the most used language in the whole world. Most of the travelers who come to Uganda at least can speak English so the driver should be in position to communicate in a language the clients have a clue at.

Good hygiene

No one would like to associate with a dirty person. It is very irritating to hang out with a person who has a noxious smell and with shabby and dirty clothes.

Our driver guides be clean and smartly when with the client. He/she should keep the car clean and organized while driving it. It commendable to wash regularly.


Our driver are able to interact easily with the clients. Most of the times the travelers would wish to travel with someone they are well conversant with. This forges trust and friendship between the traveler and the driver.



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