Main Tips For The Right Choice of Self Drive Rental in Uganda

There is nothing that beats the pleasure of hiring a self drive rental in Uganda. This travel option has incentives like unlimited mileage, the well serviced cars, and everything about it seems to be fantastic, most especially when it’s a 4×4 safari vehicle, you get to go through all the terrain unrivaled. On the other hand, planning a Uganda self drive safari is always demanding and just like the other arrangements, the rental cars in Uganda will also need quite an effort to decide on. No matter what your location to discover, these tips are surely going to help you with getting the most out of your Uganda self drive safari.

Your particular safari route; always know your route before selecting a vehicle, it’s necessary to determine what route you are going to take in yourself drive safari. Depending on the terrain, the vehicle will be able to pass through all kinds of terrains. For example, for the safari land cruiser or the Toyota RAV4 rental car will act the best in up country safaris. With Uganda car rental providers, the options are endless and you just need to get the best.

The size of the vehicle; it’s also vital to hire a car that will give you comfort that you deserve. We also advise you on the number of passengers that suits a particular vehicle. The safari rent car should have enough space for the luggage of the travelers and other facilities like the camping gears for those interested in camping safaris.

Timing and convenience; it’s good to keep time and avoid driving at night, you should be aware of the travel distances to different areas in Uganda so that you travel safely. The rental cars are provided on unlimited mileage, so drive at your own pace and do not over speed because you might cause an accident and also miss out on the wonderful scenery.

The type of vehicle to pick; self drive companies have been offering wide range of vehicles such as hatch backs, sedans, suvs etc. From different brands, you can also take luxury machines and sports cars categories, for driving enthusiasts willing to adventure the trill and experience driving in big fast cars. But for the middle class clients, the smarter way to decide is based on the number of traveler’s luggage and the comfort level.

Always don’t ignore the other costs; when you are getting yourself a self drive vehicle, you are not paying for the rent, the car companies also ask for other charges as the refundable security deposit, cost of damage, and other penalties. The security deposit usually ranges between shs 50000 to 300,000, with the damage costs deducted from the deposit

Always check the network at your chosen destination; before you opt for a self drive car to head to any destination, make sure to check the network coverage of that area, while you are roaming around in that particular city, you would need to stay constantly online to keep a tab on the nearby places and stay connected during emergency situations.



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