Tips of Staying Awake While Driving On a Long Distance

Reports in the united states of America from AAA foundation, a popular organization of traffic safety and  driving disciplines revealed that a thousands of people get involved in car accidents and one of the main causes of them was sleep driving. In many developing countries like Uganda, the sleep driving issue is always given a cold ear and it is never mentioned among the causes of rampant accidents on the roads.  Therefore drivers live in a limbo since they don’t know that sleep driving is one of the root causes of road accidents.  It never comes to their attention on how to avoid or address it.

Self drive in Uganda as a car rental company, we care so much about our clients and we always work so tirelessly to bring important information to them to have a safe self drive expedition in the pearl of Africa. More to that most of our clients are long distance travelers to the various tourism destinations that are located faraway from Kampala city. They are likely to face the problem of falling asleep while driving. We came up with a compilation of the tips of staying awaken while driving on a long distance.

Take a short rest before driving

When going in for a long distance drive, a driver is commended to take a rest for about 2 hours to recharge the batteries fully in order to go in for a marathon of riding. A short nap saves the driver lots, the body and the brains tend to get a reboot and thus get steady and alert on the road.

Avoid getting on the wheel at night

Human beings, we are more active during day and in the night we tend to wear off. All we need to do at night is take a nap. That’s why most cases of sleep driving accidents happen at night. Most car rental companies in Uganda do not allow travelers to drive at night and sleep driving is one of the main reasons. There forth, we advise to avoid getting on the wheel at night to save yourself from the predicament of sleep driving.

Have a colleague in the car

It a very hard task to keep awake when you are traveling alone on a long distance destination. The best way to dodge dropping off to sleep is by travelling with a companion who will keep you chatting and engaging while chatting. The journey will also seem to be short through the chats with a colleague.

Put on music

Serenades are not only fun and exciting on a road trip in Uganda but also keeps you awake while driving a long distance route. When you keep the music on, it keeps your mind engaging as you like to your favorite tunes. You can go an extra mile and sing along the music. It will keep you super awake for your entire driving period.

Have some caffeine

Any drink that contains caffeine will keep you awake while driving on a long distance. The caffeine keeps hyperactive and you can never fall off to sleep. Coffee, energy drink or a cola drink will be good for you to keep awake. Note: don’t misuse the caffeine and take an intoxicant or drug that affect your judgment.

Have some little bites

Carrying some smacks like biscuits, crisps, g.nuts, duddies, popcorns and so many helps you keep awake on long distance driving. When you feel tired grab some of the snacks to get some energy back and these also reawakens your mind.

When to know you are sleep driving?

It is actually very difficult to know that you are dosing off while driving but these are some of signs that crop out

The eye lids get heavy and it always feels like hard a thing to open your eyes.

The yawning becomes frequently and uncontrollably. This will also lead into some nodding of the head if not hit on the steering.

Driving errors become rampant while on the roads, you start missing out on road signs and radar and also the corners and turns become so hard.

What to do?

When the above signs come or show, please stop the car to a nearby popular structure/establishment

Get out of the car and do some stretching to let the blood flow in its right form

Get some refreshments and food at the nearby eatery

Or get a short nap of about 2 hours to save yourself from getting an accident due to a small issue that would have been solved right away.



4 Useful Driving Tips for Short Persons

Driving in Uganda is a very challenging experience due to a number of factors like ragged and pothole narrow roads and reckless road users.  Driving becomes harder for short people since it goes beyond the fore mentioned factors to even the driving technical factors as vehicles are made for people with moderate height.

Therefore short people are at a very high risk of getting problems while driving in Uganda and for that reason, here are some of the useful driving tips for short persons.

Adjust the driver seat

When short in stature, you have to find the right position for the driver seat. The seats are adjustable so you can move them from one position to another to get the best position for you to drive the car.

Sit high with cushion

When one puts a cushion in the driver seat in particular a short person, he/she will have a better position to drive the car as he/she is in the best position to hold the steering and also look around what is coming at the front and also behind through the mirrors. Always choose the perfect cushion size for your height as these may differ from size to size. Buying the wedged cushion is always the perfect thing to do as it is firm and does not move while seated on it.

Find your blind area

This is a very important tip. When short is commendable for you to discover where your vision of object stops while in the driver seat. This is done by making a friend move around the car as you look through the mirror to try to find where your vision stops. If you find any of your blind spots, try to mark them as they will help to ascertain where you will place the cushion in the driver seat.

Pedal extenders

Reaching the pedal areas is hard for persons of short stature. So if you cannot properly reach the brakes and the accelerator of the car. It is best for to inform the car rental company about your problem so that they can buy a pedal extender so that your foot can steadily have a firm stamp on the pedals. The extenders are very cheap and helpful but these vary in size so as person renting a car you have to contact the car rental company to get your size in advance. With that tip you can full control of the pedals which are one of the controllers used in driving.

As a car rental company Self Drive in Uganda tries to help its esteemed customers and would be customers to bring the best driving tips in Uganda so that a traveler can have a best experience in Uganda.



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