5 Tips for Driving on Rough Roads of Uganda

Many travelers in Uganda love driving by themselves while visiting the different tourism destinations but the roads in Uganda are not that smooth like those in the developed countries. Most roads in Uganda are rough, raged and most of potholes and it is very challenging for new drivers especially those that come from the western world who have better roads.

The cause of these raged roads and potholes is the nature of land texture and the water logging that gets on these roads thus leading to the deformation and breaking of the road.

Nonetheless we human beings have a never say die attitude where we improvise and find a way to get the job done. So although most of the roads in Uganda are rough and hard to drive on,  there are ways on how to drive on them successfully.

And we bring to you the tips of driving on rough roads on a Uganda self-drive safari

Understand the Wheel Drive of the Vehicle

Most of the cars hire out to clients are 4 wheel drive cars due to the fact that our roads are rough and raged to drive on and 4×4 cars are very combative and resilient.

Though at a rare occasion the two drive cars are hired out to travelers. Therefore, it is very important the traveler gets to know the wheel drive of the rental car is driving so that he/she can know what its features are and thereby know how to drive when you reach the rough roads.

Get to know about driving on rough roads in Uganda

As soon as getting to the car rental counter or the delivery boy gets to you, you have to tell the person in charge where you will be going and driving so that he/she can advise on how to drive on certain roads. So as a driver it is best to avoid primitive, muddy and rocky roads and use the safer one though they might be longer.

Slowing Down of Car

While driving in road that are rough, ragged and have pothole try to slow down the speed. The speed should be around 40km/hr.  it commendable because any mistake as you hit the pothole or rock on the road while driving at a terrible speed, the car may get a damage or rollover sometimes.

Carry Emergency Equipment

When driving for long distance in Uganda, It is important to have certain tools in the kit so that the strain put on the vehicles while driving on rough roads if causes any problem then, the emergency supplies can be made use of.

Some of the tools in this regard that can be helpful are a shovel, spare tire, tire jack, jumper cables, cell phone, and first aid kit.

Drive in the Fast Lane

It is advisable to dudge driving the car in the right lane on a well streamlined highway since most of the heavy and loaded trucks always drive in that lane thus if there is any mistake on the road, one is more likely to crush or make an accident with these heavy vehicles.

It is best for you as a traveler to use the fast lane to avoid the fore mentioned problems.

Get The Right Vehicle

Ensure that you get the vehicle that can fight and tussle on the rugged roads of Uganda. it is high recommendable to use 4×4 vehicles while going to the remote areas of Uganda.

most of them are gravy roads  yet murram roads are muddy and raged most of the times. It is also required one to get a well modified 4×4 vehicle that can maneuver on the roads.





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