Car battery Damaging Habits to Avoid on a Uganda Self Drive Safari

Have ever been in the middle of the jungle and then the rental car jams to move? We all know what can happen right from there, the first thing is to develop panic attacks due to the fact that you may not know how to move of out the jungle where there are no people to come to rescue. As a car rental experts we ascertained the problem being car battery failure. Car battery failure are normally caused by bad driving habits.

Here we try to bring the terrible habits to avoid that can kill the car battery;

Driving with a Loose Battery 

Sometimes car batteries get loose from their clamps and they cannot perform to the maximum potential and in the end weakening. So as a traveler always check on the battery to see whether it is in its right position.

In case your battery is loosely clamped or not properly secured in its place, the vibration, on driving becomes one of the major causes of car battery failure. It gets even worse if it is an uneven terrain you are driving on. It causes damage to the components inside it, resulting in the formation of cracks. The ultimate result is corrosion and failure down the line.

Leaving Lights and Cooling on while the Car is Stationary

This act is one of the most common cause of battery failure in the long term. Leaving radio, lights, air conditioner or electronics charging when the car is not at operation or being driven leads to the drain of the battery and thus killing it in the long run. So you have to ensure that all the systems that use the battery to run are turned off while the car is at station.

Lack of General Maintenance

It is important to check the battery every few months, especially at the time of service. Check whether the level of water is full. Water loss takes place because of the normal gassing caused by high temperatures. Simply go for a battery in which you can maintain the water level, and the battery can last much longer than usual.

Driving only Short Distances

If you did not know about this then it time you know. The car battery charges whenever the car is being driving. Therefore when you drive the car for a short period or distance, the battery does not completely charged. In most cases when the battery is not completely charged regularly and is used, it dies out.

So always make sure that you driving the car for a reasonable distance.

Turning the Headlights on before the EngineI

It is something that a lot of us do without realizing that it can be fatal for the car battery. When you put the headlights on before you turn the ignition on, it exerts extra load on the battery. Though it is incapable of causing battery failure in the short term, it surely shortens the life span of even the best batteries.

When you rent a car in Uganda for a self-drive safari make sure you avoid the above bad habits that may kill the car battery. And when the car battery is dead, there are problems of car breakdown that you are definitely going to face on your trip



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