Wildlife Self Drive Safari Uganda

Uganda is known as the pearl of life due to its ever green vegetation and variety of other biodiversity. Scores of tourists come to Uganda to experience the serenity of this ever present natural biodiversity.

Taking a safari trip to Queen Elizabeth is one way of experiencing Uganda’s wildlife magic since it is the most popular national park due to its possession very many of different wildlife.

One can engage in a lot of wildlife activities while at queen Elizabeth and many people who have been at Queen Elizabeth national park have come back with a smile on their faces and stories to tell.

But there is one thing that can make your expedition to Queen Elizabeth national park more adventurous and discovering and this is taking a self drive to Queen Elizabeth national park.

Self drive tour in Uganda to Queen Elizabeth can lead you to discover and explore lots of interesting things in Uganda. A wildlife self drive safari can make you enjoy Queen Elizabeth national park to the fullest as you can be you own guide and you can engage in all the activities of your choice.

Here are the wildlife activities you can engage in while taking a wildlife self drive safari to Queen Elizabeth national park.

Game drive and this is the most taken tourism activities by the tourists at Queen Elizabeth. This can lead you to seeing lots of exotic animals like elephants, antelopes, oribis, Rothschild giraffes, tree climbing lions, leopard, warthog, and baboons. You are able to see these wonderful as you drive through kasenyi, the north Kazinga plains and the Ishasha sector. This can take almost a half a day.

You can also opt to take nature walks as this is the most explorative way of watching the natural beauty of this game park. Areas where you can take trek are Maramagambo forest, at the banks of Ishasha River where you may see a variety of savannah species and also have a glorious chance of getting up close with the hippos. There is also Mweya peninsular with its scenic sights the most tourism active area in Queen Elizabeth.

While at your self drive you also get engaged in chimps tracking at Kyambura gorge. Chimpanzees are wonderful primates that many tourists have taken keen interests. These animals are interesting to look at as they have almost same behavioral ways like we human beings. Chimpanzees have a 98% DNA similar to man.

Launch cruise at the Kazinga channel is worth a take. This makes you see the enormous hippos in just a meter away, look at lots of bird species at the shores and you also feel the sea breeze as you take a tour on the waters of Kazinga channel.

The other activities you can opt to take while on a self drive at queen Elizabeth national park is birding as this park holds the 600 bird species and it is the greatest bird site in Eastafrica and here are some of the bird you may encounter the shoebill, the grey crane, weavers, spawns, king fisher to mention but a few. You can also go for bat caving at Maramagambo forests. This incredible forest has caves which possess bats so if you are interested in mystical place here is you take.



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