Online customer reviews- smart way to select the best car rental company

When planning to take a road trip or self drive tour, you must ensure that you rent the best car to fulfill the needs because all you need on this trip is to have fun and a comfortable experience on the road. There are many car rental companies in Uganda offering such services but you have to take it slow to select a company for car hire in Uganda. First look at the reputation of the company and this can only be done by finding out what other customers say about the company you are trying to hire a car from. These customer reviews are found online on travel portals of the company and also from universal travel forums and one can also ask from colleagues who have traveled to the place he/she intends to go to.

Online Customer Reviews give you an insight of what the car rental companies can offer to its customers are they normally talk about the experience they get while using the company’s services.

  1. How to search best car Rental Company in Uganda based on the online customer reviews
  2. Read the careful what the customers say about the services that are offered to them by the company
  3.  Scrutinize the companies that have are talked about providing good customer services
  4.  Compare and contrast the tariff/price plans at which the companies offer their car rental services
  5.  In most cases, competent companies offer quality services at competitive rates.

Besides the customer reviews there is also some important information you have to put into account when select the best car rental company.

Look at how safety is observed by the car rental companies

When one is taking a self drive in Uganda, there are always challenges that he/she might face that can lead to accidents and the damages of the car and on top of that while driving for long distances sometimes cars breakdown.

So you have to look through companies that give the best cover for their clients in case of any unforeseeable problem. This can always keep you safe on the road.

How to select a self drive car in Uganda

  • First of all look at how many people are you going to travel with then select a car. Car rental companies in Uganda have a wide range of cars that is compact car for few people, SUVs for moderate number of people and normally for safari tours, vans for the family and coasters for the large number of people. So choose a car according to the number of people.
  • Look at the area you are traveling to and also the purpose of the travel. Different cars serve different purposes like a safari and some SUVs are meant for wildlife safari, compact cars are meant for city tours and the vans are meant for family vacations.
  • Look at the rates at which the various vehicles are being offered and also the fuel consumption. Smaller vehicles normally come with smaller charges and have a low fuel consumption rate. So it is better to select a car that fits in your budget.

Online customer review normally portrays what kind of services the car rental companies offer to their customer so you put them so much into consideration when look for car hire services.

Checklist for Your Next Car Hire in Uganda

When you are hiring a car in Uganda, there are things that you need to have, to do and to acquire before enjoying the services of car hiring
There are things you have to put on your checklist for car hire and these are as below.

Do not forget your credit card
It is mandatory for anyone intending to car hire in uganda to walk with a credit card. This regarded as the backup in case of any damages caused by you while traveling that is not insured. The car agent holds some money on the credit card that can cover for the damages when they do occur. If everything goes well the money is not deducted from the credit card. In simple terms the credit card acts as the security deposit.

Carry your driving license.
Everywhere you go hiring a car to drive around any destination, they will always ask you a driving permit and this is the only proof that you can legally drive a car on your own. This driving license must be valid and in case it is in the language the car rental company does not understand you are requested for an international driving license or translated one may be needed.

Identification document is also needed
This must be in form of valid national identity card or a passport of your country. This is to reflect who you are and where you come from. This makes the car provider to know that his/her car is in safe hands since they can easily track you in case of theft.
The above are the items on the checklist of the car rental company you are supposed to deliver to them
For the client’s case you have to make sure these below are all checked

Insurance should be available. The car you are hiring must be having comprehensive insurance and every detail of the insurance must be explained to you. This insurance is recommended to cover for the unforeseen problems that make occur when traveling like damages on the car.

Check the car thoroughly before taking it and even take pictures of it. It is advisable for the client to know the condition of the car he/she is taking for the travel so in case of any damage that occurs on the car he/she identify he/she is the one who caused and accounts for it.
Request for extra facilities if need be. Equipment like GPS and baby seats are provided to the clients by the car provider. So if you have are traveling with children ask for a baby seat and if you are traveling to a place you do not well then ask for the GPS that helps you in navigation as they are very many routes to take while driving in Uganda.
With the above you will have a good go for the car hire services.