Rent a Car to Make Your Uganda Safari Trip Convenient

Many people normally take trips to enjoy the ecstasy of peacefulness and stillness as this cannot be enjoyed when you are working. So everything that is attached to the person’s trip must be stress relieving and leisurely.

Some people yield the otherwise due to the choices they make when traveling as some choose to use public transport due to its cheapness forgetting it can ruin their trips as this means of transport is very hectic and annoying some times. One has to wait for the bus or taxi to take him/her to the preferred destination and one has to deal with other nagging passengers who may be doing some antics one may not like.

The only way to avoid that stress is by renting a car in Uganda to make your trip convenient for you and enjoyable. The following are the advantages of renting a car for your trip.

The car will be waiting to pick you up from Entebbe airport after your flight to take to the hotel or any other place you may wish if you rent a car. But for other cases you will have to wait for the taxi or at times you will have to look for the shuttle to take which can tend to be wastage of time and also very stressing.

You do not have to be worried of how you going to reach your destination in Uganda or area as you will be having a chauffeur who knows all the routes that can lead you to the destination without any hassle and also in case you are using Uganda self drive services, the car rental company uganda normally provides with a GPS navigator that can help you get the bearings of the area or destination you are traveling to.

You have no time restriction when you rent a car. You are able to drive or go to any trip/safari destination at any time you may wish for. There is no timetable to which you are supposed to start off your journey or to be in any place. You are your own guide and timer.

When you rent a car in Uganda, you can have a vehicle of your choice. You cannot be forced to travel in the vehicle you may not like, for example if you making a safari family trip, you are offered a vehicle that is spacious enough to accommodate the family members you are traveling with. If you are want to cruise in a luxury vehicle you can have it provided you have the resources that can pay for it.

with the convenience, you get with Uganda car rentals, you can have an unforgettable experience in the pearl of Africa as you travel to different destinations with ease, in time at the same time having fun and privacy.

Benefits of Car Hire on Your Next Vacation

Car hire business is one of the fastest growing service businesses in the world since the world became a global village so people travel around the world with lesser restrictions. On their stay in a foreign country, they have to use cars for the road transport when they have reached their destination and also when touring around a certain destination. Many people are taking advantage of these services and many have enjoyed these services first hand as they take vacation on the beach, country side, and wildlife safaris and on the business trip.

These are some of the benefits you can enjoy from car hire in Uganda on your next vacation

Car hire is so convenient and you appreciate when you encounter the service as there is no need of waiting for taxi. The car is always at your service and ready to take you in time.

A car hired is very comfortable as you are the only passenger in the car and they always have trucks where you put you luggage. In this car you are able to stretch your legs and be able to do what you want without any inconvenience.

When traveling in a group or on a group holiday you will some save money as you will have to pay for only one car to transport you all. There is no need to pay transport fare of each people on his own which may tend to be expensive other than hiring one car at ago.

Car hire is safe in Uganda as there are always private and is exclusive for the person who has hired the car. There is no worry of losing your belongings which might be the case with the public transport. In case you hire a chauffeur, he/she is always professional and he/she is so careful on the way while driving in Uganda.

In addition to the above you are always assured of road assistance that can help in case of any emergency like a car breakdown, you always helped and get back on your trip as soon as possible.

There is independence when you hire a car most especially if you are taking a self drive, there is no one to look at you, you are free to do whatever you want as long as you don’t breach the contract made between you and the car rental company.

Car hire in Kampala reduces wear and tear of your vehicle in case you are hiring a car within your country of residence. There always damage and depreciation of the car when you take long journeys so with car hire you won’t be driving your car. It will always be home safe and kept.

Car hire gives you an opportunity to ride on new model of car while on a self drive tour in Uganda. As the car rental companies have new models of car you might be dreaming to ride in and if you hire a car, there is a chance of driving your dream car which you cannot afford in your normal life.

With the above benefits hiring a car is the best transport option you can take to enjoy your next vacation.

Checklist on your Next Car Hire in Uganda

When you are hiring a car in Uganda, there are things that you need to have, to do and to acquire before enjoying the services of car hiring.
There are things you have to put on your checklist for car hire and these are as below.

Do not forget your credit card
It is mandatory for anyone intending to car hire in Uganda to walk with a credit card. This regarded as the backup in case of any damages caused by you while traveling that is not insured. The car agent holds some money on the credit card that can cover for the damages when they do occur. If everything goes well the money is not deducted from the credit card. In simple terms the credit card acts as the security deposit.

Carry your driving license.
Everywhere you go hiring a car to drive around any destination, they will always ask you a driving permit and this is the only proof that you can legally drive a car on your own. This driving license must be valid and in case it is in the language the car rental company does not understand you are requested for an international driving license or translated one may be needed.

Identification document is also needed
This must be in form of valid national identity card or a passport of your country. This is to reflect who you are and where you come from. This makes the car provider to know that his/her car is in safe hands since they can easily track you in case of theft.
The above are the items on the checklist of the car rental company you are supposed to deliver to them
For the client’s case you have to make sure these below are all checked

Insurance should be available.
The car you are hiring must be having comprehensive insurance and every detail of the insurance must be explained to you. This insurance is recommended to cover for the unforeseen problems that make occur when traveling like damages on the car.

Check the car thoroughly
Before taking it and even take pictures of it. It is advisable for the client to know the condition of the car he/she is taking for the travel so in case of any damage that occurs on the car he/she identify he/she is the one who caused and accounts for it.
Request for extra facilities

If need be, equipment like GPS and baby seats are provided to the clients by the car provider. So if you have are traveling with children ask for a baby seat and if you are traveling to a place you do not well then ask for the GPS that helps you in navigation as they are very many routes to take while driving in Uganda.
With the above you will have a good go for the car hire services.

Useful car rental tips in uganda

All travelers are always keen to minimize costs while on a vacation. Many people mainly look at cheap airlines and hotel rates as the way to incur less cost leaving out the transportation bit of it where the car rental lies.

Being conscious on how to rent car at a relatively cost can do one good on saving some money on his/her vacation since every place one goes to on his/her vacation needs ground transportation and one has to spent on it in each and every way.

In order to save some money on car renting here are some of the useful Uganda car rental tips one has to follow.

Avoid hiring a car from the airport or near it, try some where far away from it. Car renting at the airport is relatively expensive as there is high demand for cars to rent due to the fact that most travelers who come in the country use the airport and most of them need cars to transfer them to their destinations. So in case one needs to rent a car hit the internet and look for car rental agencies that are not near the airport that will hire one a car at affordable rates.

Take advantage of any prevailing promotion that is offered at a particular time. There are always car rental companies in Uganda who are promoting their business and these normally do it by doing business with their customers at discounted rates. Such opportunities should be grabbed first time as they make you save some money as the cars rented are given at reduced prices.

Register for membership programs with a car rental agency in Uganda. Loyal customers are always favored in any business as a way to keep them around and this also applies in car rental business. There are companies that have membership programs for their clients and are always free of charge to join them.

Book for car renting earlier than the due date and also make long reservation for the car use for self drive . When one books earlier than the time he/she is going to use the car, it is always cheaper since the competition of booking for the car to hire is less and the car rental agent has enough time to get one the exact car without any challenges. Furthermore when the client makes a car reservation for longer duration he/she is more likely to get a discount from the car agency.

Make research about the fuel costs in the Uganda before you set off for your  travel . Many people find this less important but in most cases the client is supposed to pay for his/her fuel while traveling so look at the fuel companies that provide fuel at relatively low prices.

If one follows the above useful tips on car rentals,  one is more likely to save money on his/her vacation in Uganda.



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