Interesting Facts About Car Hire in Uganda

Car hire services in Uganda are the best traveling options though they are new in the country. This scheme is still at its infant stage but it is a lifesaving traveling options to various people of different reasons of travel.

People use car hire services in Uganda to visiting various tourism destinations, family and friends, for business transfers, social events like wedding ceremonies and also political occasions.

Many people would love to take up car hire services but do not know how to go about and here are some of the interesting facts about them that will enlighten the would-be customers of the services.

Most companies that offer car hire services in Uganda operate online. They do most of their operations internet and it is the place to book the services. There are a thousands of companies that provide car hire services on the internet and the competition is so stiff thereby the companies renting out rental cars at fair prices.

The payment for services is done by either cash or electronic transfer through bank, online channel payment like pesapal or credit card. Furthermore, most car rental companies ask for a security deposit fee upon booking the vehicle to ensure that the client is committed and willing to take up the reserved rental car.

The payment is normally made in us dollars, euro pound sterling, Uganda shilling and any other that can be easily be converted into Uganda shilling provided the tour operator can accept it.

While acquiring the rental car, the renter is supposed to be present his/her driving license and passport or national identification card to know whether he/she is eligible to drive the car and also verify whether is the real person renting the car respectively.

In additional, the client must endorse on the car rental agreement which consists terms and conditions of hiring the car from the operator.

Most of the rental cars that offered to travelers are four wheel drive cars. This is because of the raged roads of Uganda that need terminator cars to maneuver through. Also most of the rental cars given out are Toyota brand of cars due to the high demand of them through the country. They are also ease to maintain.

The biggest market for the rental cars are travelers visiting the various tourism destinations in Uganda. Nowadays, tourists hire vehicles and explore on their own without a safari driver guide.  These tours are called self-drive safaris.

How to Get the Best Car Rental Prices in Uganda

In this world of paying bills on everything you need in life, you have to ensure that everything you pay for you save some money to top up to pay another bill. It is the way to go if you want to survive in this world since money is a scarce resource.

Many people who travel to Uganda wish to rent cars to explore the different regions of the country on their own and many would love to get a rental car on a competitive or a price that would not restrain their financial muscle.

There are very many ways of getting the best car rental prices in Uganda and they are as follows;

Always use the internet when booking a rental car in Uganda.
There are very a mammoth of car rental companies in Uganda that do business online. Due to the numerous companies online the competition is so high in that these companies somehow low their car rental prices to attract customers to use their services.

Therefore take advantage of the competition on the internet and try to look for a car rental company with affordable prices that won’t constrain your budget.

Solicit for discounts.
When you contact the car rental company do not be hesitant to ask for a discount on your car rental deal. These companies are always willing to hire their cars at a reduced price for clients who try to negotiate as they know that it is one way of tying down a customer.

Reserve a rental car for a long term.
If you want to get a best car rental price in Uganda, you should always rent a car for a long period of time that is for a week or more.  Car rental companies in Uganda have a policy of giving clients who rent their cars for a long period of time at a reduced price.

Calculate your travel period.
Different prices are charged in different travel seasons. In Uganda there is a high travel season and a low travel. In the high travel season the car rental prices go high and in low season they go low so it is best for a person who wants to save on car rental deal to travel in the low season when the prices are low.

Book the rental car ahead.
When you book a car earlier, there is always room for you to strike the best price out of the 4×4 car rental Uganda. You have enough time to look around and inquire from the different car rental companies so that you can get the one with the best price. More to that, you have the time to negotiate for the deduction in the price of the car rental services.






Essential Information About Car Rental Uganda

Car rental services have become so popular in Uganda as most travelers cannot do away with them. These transportation services are lifesavers to many people especially those visiting the various tourism destinations in Uganda.

Car rental services are not all about hiring and driving a car wherever you want to go, there are some technical disciplines and principles that have to be put into consideration.

  1. Firstly, when you want to get car rental services in Uganda the internet is the most ideal way to get cheap and genuine services without any difficulties and wastage of time. There are very many car rental companies that ply their trade online and with a few clicks you get services at very affordable car rental Uganda rates.
  2. When hiring a car in Uganda, the client has to issue out identification documents like passport or national identification card and also a driving license. A passport or a national id are presented to verify the person wishing to hire the car and the driving license acts as proof that one is eligible to drive a car.
  3. When hiring a car, the client has to indicate or disclose the destination he/she will be going to and also the duration time of using the car. The itinerary is disclosed to easily track the client in case he/she gets a problem while in use of the rental car.
  4. The rental car must also have comprehensive insurance that covers all the damages that may occur to the car while driving it. As a client, you have to ask for the car provider whether the vehicle has comprehensive insurance and if not it is not advisable to hire such a car since you are likely to meet all the expenses of the damages on the car.
  5. As the  Renter of the rental car in Uganda, you have to make sure that you inspect the car both physically and mechanically as safety on the road is paramount. Check the car if it has some faults on the body and in the interior and you should also check the operating system like the lighting, the brakes, oil and water levels.
  6. Every car rental company in Uganda has a car hire agreement which has terms and conditions that govern the use of the car when you hire it. It is best for the client to read each and every clause in the agreement to understand it and ask when it’s not clear to avoid any heated moments that may arise in case of violating term or condition of how to use the rental car.
  7. The payment of car rental services are made by either cash or electronic transfers and the rates charged for the services are normally in US dollars or Uganda shillings and at some occasions the pound sterling and euros are accepted. It is advisable for a client to carry us dollars when going to pay for the car rental services in Uganda to avoid inconvenience or if he/she is to use another currency for payment, he/she has to inform the car rental operator in advance.

Traits of a Good Uganda Self Drive Car Rental Services

Traits of a Good Uganda Self Drive Car Rental Services

In this new world of finding challenges to undertake, self drive safaris have become a norm in the travel world. Many people around the globe want to get out of their comfortable zone to take up with something new and very challenging g.

Here in Uganda, we have self drive safaris where by a traveler hires a car from a rental company and he/she explores a certain destination on his/her own.  With the high demand of self drive car rental services, Rental Company are mushrooming like it is no one’s business so a traveler has to be so critical to get good services that can enable him/her have a very successful rental experience in Uganda.

Therefore while you wish to book for Uganda self drive car rental services, you have to look at these traits as explained below:

User friendly services

When booking for self drive rental services, there has to be a system that appeals to each and every person to make it convenient for one to access the services. There should be less paper work to acquire the rental services. It should be user friendly and this system should be with up-to-date technology. So one has to book with a rental company that has a booking system which can be accessed through on the internet on gadgets like phones, tablets and computers that always make people’s lives so easy to accomplish a task.

Reliable services

Reliable services one of the most essential traits travelers look at from the car rental services. Travelers love it when the transportation means so punctual and always available to traverse them anywhere they feel like. Remember most of the people that use car rental services have no time frame of traveling as they can travel at any time of the day and this requires services that are always in position to meet their demands and needs.

The quality of the rental car

When you go for car rental services, you expect some sort of executive treat as opposed to the public transport. The rental car must be in good shape and so clean so that you can feel the value for your money and creates a very good impression from the onlookers while riding in the vehicle. A good rental car also guarantees you safety on the road as it is less likely to get a mechanical breakdown while on your expedition.

Competent personnel

This is one of the most sensitive traits of a good Uganda self drive car rental services as no client or customer would love to deal with attendants or stuff that is no good. The personnel from the reservation team to the delivery boy should have good customer care, vast knowledge about travel and car rental services and should also be very honest and trustworthy. This gives the client a peace of mind and trust to the rental company as he/she knows at the back of his/her mind that in case of anything the company will be able to sort it out.

When you find the above traits in a rental company, go for their services as they will guarantee your reliance, convenience and safety of which the latter attributes are what every traveler looks at in self drive car rental services.





Hiring A rental car in Uganda? Considerations To Make

There are very many situations that one would need to hire a rental car. It could be that one is looking to tour around Uganda, Entebbe airport transfer, city tour, business trip, school tour or may be the private car has got a problem.

Good enough there are very many car rental companies always for waiting for travelers to rent a car from them. Not all car rental services are that effective so one has to put some factors into consideration to have comfortable and convenient car rental services.

Below are the factors one has to put into consideration while hiring a rental car in Uganda.

The vehicle size

While renting a car in Uganda, the size of the vehicle always matters due to the fact that different sizes of cars come with different price tags and significance car rental companies have a fleet of cars from small, medium to large cars that serve different purposes to travelers. It is therefore advice to know the best size of car for the traveler’s experience and its price tag should always be in check. For instance a family vacation demands for a large rental car like a safari van or super custom whereas a couple calls for small car like a Toyota RAV4.

Chauffeur added services

Ensure that the car hire company has an option of hiring a driver. At times, a traveler may wish to do a self drive in a particular country but end up the changing his/her mind opting to go for a chauffeur to traverse him/her around the country. It is best for one to put this factor into consideration.

Rental periods

Try to know the length of rental periods as per the price. Most car rental companies in Uganda give away discounts to customers who normally hire for a long period that is a week and more. It is best to take advantage of the situation and rent a car for a long time and enjoy the rental experience at a reduced price.

Rental restrictions

There are very many policies and rules encompassed around the car rental business. There are always terms and condition under which the traveler has to follow and undergo while hiring a car in Uganda due to the fact that there are very many risks involved in the venture like accidents and theft. There are driving and usage rules and insurance policies of the rental stipulated to the customer to follow. Any rational customer would want to lesser restrictions for a rental car.

Rental car features

The traveler should always try to know the type of the car and its feature he/she is wish to hire. It is best for the car provider to even get the photos to the client. Look at whether it has 4 wheel drive, air conditioning system, spacious, music player and radio and also look at the external features of the car to make sure that best suits the expedition one is willing to partake.

Car rental in Uganda comes with very flexible rates depending on the vehicle for the client’s travel. Choose a Uganda car rental company whose terms and conditions are convenient and put the travelers requirements into check.

when you rent a car in uganda, you have a glorious opportunity of enjoying safari trip at own pace in Uganda. Trips like gorilla tours safari can be very adventurous and exciting if you decide to be your guide.


Advantages of Manual Transmission Rental Cars

 Automation may have taken over manual machines even in the car world but for Uganda car hire manual cars is more meritorious that an automatic transmission. 4×4 manual vehicles may look to be old fashion but they are very user friendly on a self drive car hire expedition.

Here are the advantages a 4×4 manual transmission vehicle has to offer to a traveler wishing to hire a car in Uganda:

  1. Staying in Control

Manual transmission gives the traveler the opportunity to be in full control of the car that is selecting the best gear for the speed and situation. There is no anticipation or prediction of what to do while driving a manual as the person is in control of the gears and the cars so the driver is able to come up with a solution of his/her own during accident bound situations.

  1. Available for Cheaper Prices

For travelers who are budget sensitive manual cars are the ideal cars as these are cheaper than the automatic cars to hire. There is no doubt about this as the models of automatic cars are newer than the manual cars yet car operators price tag their rental cars in accordance to the model and the size of the car. The traveler is likely to get a big bargain of a cheaper price when hires a manual car other than the automatic one.

  1. Low Maintenance

4×4 Uganda rental cars which are manual transmission are cheaper and are of low maintenance since they have simple machinery compared to the automatic cars that have sophisticated machinery. The machinery found in manual cars is always easy to maintain and their spare parts are readily available in most spare workshops in Uganda.

  1. Better Gas Mileage

Due to the less technology in manual cars, the engines consume less gas to run the system while driving the car and this puts manual cars in a good position to consume less gas than their automatic counterpart that have hi-tech of which it has to use lot of gas to run the driving system.

  1. Advantage of Skill

Manual transmission involves lots of technical know-how as the driver must be well conversant with the wheels. It involves comprehensive manual driving where by the driver has to control the gears and the speed of the car on his\her own which is not the case with automatic cars where by a driver has to only be in position to control the sterling, the accelerator and the brakes and he/she is good to go. With the automatic one becomes very dull and lazy as no skill or brain matter is used to drive the car.

It is best for the traveler to use manual cars for self drive car rental experiences in Uganda since most of the times it involves driving long distances of which manual cars have the best qualities  to martial up the ragged roads  of most of safari Uganda destinations.

Hiring a car for Airport Transfer – Tips to Make It Great

After a long haul flight, it is everybody’s dream to get a reliable and convenient means of ground transportation to lead him/her to his/her hotel or any other destination. It may not look as simple as it seems that all the traveler needs to do is to book the car rental, there are some criteria that have to be undertaken in order to meet the traveler’s expectation of reliance and convenience.

Remember today the world is liberal as everyone can start up his/her own car rental company and unfortunately enough not all these car rental companies are competent enough to give the traveler the services he/she may want.

So here are the tips to make an airport transfer car rental a smooth experience:

Look at the fleet of cars

Before the traveler books a rental car for an airport transfer, it is very commendable to check the fleet of cars the car rental company is offering to their customers on the websites. This gives the renter the room to choose the best rental car possible for his/her airport transfer.

Normally car rental companies have different kinds of cars for hire that appeal to all sorts of people be it high end, middle class or the economy class of people. The rental cars are categorized by size here in Uganda that is the compact cars, sedans, SUVS and the crossovers. In most cases the big cars (SUVS) come with a big price but with greater services and the compact cars are cheap and with also good services so it is upon the client to know which car best suits his/her budget and then make a choice.

Stick to the same car rental services

When the traveler often travels to Uganda, it is better for him/her to use the same car rental services unless the traveler gets a bad experience by the first time he/she sued them. For that case, the traveler may opt to change. Staying with the same services creates loyalty between the traveler and the car rental company of which comes with great merits.

For example, there are no prediction and surprises and the traveler has the experience of using the car rental services. There is likely to be a reduction in the prices of the car rental at which the traveler hires the vehicles as it is done to keep the customer around for such a longtime. The traveler can also get the car rental services on credit and later pays since they have a mutual understanding with the company. The loyal customer can get a rental car at anytime he/she wants be it at the last minute.

Booking in advance

Anything concerning travel must be done before hand as they are very many people wanting to take up the services. If the traveler is going to a certain destination, he/she must contact the car rental agent and reserve the rental before the date of traveling to his/her destination.

This should be at a month to two weeks before the travel dates. This gives the traveler room to get a rental car of his/her choice without any panic. Furthermore, sometimes the car rental company gives a discount to their customers who book in advance.

Car rental is always the best means of transport for airport transfer services.


Saving Money With Simple Tips When Renting a Car in Uganda

Are you traveling or planning to travel to Uganda for a vacation, city tour or business meeting. There are many always of saving some money on your trip. Remember car rental brings comfort, convenience and safety while traveling in Uganda . It is inevitable to hire a car in Uganda to take you around the various uganda safari destinations for whatever purpose due to that fact that you are unfamiliar with the city routes, places and the traffic system and this work can only be made easier for you by hiring a car.

Hiring a car Uganda  comes with great benefits that can make you have a very comfortable, convenient and enjoyable drive around the city. With car hire, a chauffeur is well placed to lead you around the city and in case of a self drive you are given a GPS navigator with all the routes and location of the places you wish to visit. however, Car hire Uganda  tends to be costly but one can save money from it if you put some factors into consideration.

Here are some of the simple tips to make you save some money on renting a car in Uganda

Read the terms and conditions of the car rental agreement

You may find reading every detail of the agreement very boring and some details might be skip but you might be putting yourself onto the sword since some companies can make some terms and conditions that may not favour the customer and in the end making the car rental service very costly. You you have to read the agreement very careful and understand each and every detail and ask questions where possible. Here are some of the common terms that can make car hiring costly so take note of them

  • Details about whether you are supposed to return the car with a full tank
  • If there are additional fees for the GPS
  • Extra seats for the baby
  • The limits on the miles you can drive during the rental period
  • The insurance policy attached to the car

Select your car wisely

You have to know what type of car can suit my city drive. If you are only two people it’s better to use a compact car and if you are many people you can go for a van. It is meaningless for you to go for a big car when you are taking a city drive alone or two people. You should also pick a car that suits your billing do not go for an expensive car yet you have limited financial resources.

Last check the vehicle condition before you start the drive

You make a check up of the car’s condition and even take photos of the car before you take a drive so that you have a clear conscious of any damage that occurs to the car when using it.

Checklist on your Next Car Hire in Uganda

When you are hiring a car in Uganda, there are things that you need to have, to do and to acquire before enjoying the services of car hiring.
There are things you have to put on your checklist for car hire and these are as below.

Do not forget your credit card
It is mandatory for anyone intending to car hire in Uganda to walk with a credit card. This regarded as the backup in case of any damages caused by you while traveling that is not insured. The car agent holds some money on the credit card that can cover for the damages when they do occur. If everything goes well the money is not deducted from the credit card. In simple terms the credit card acts as the security deposit.

Carry your driving license.
Everywhere you go hiring a car to drive around any destination, they will always ask you a driving permit and this is the only proof that you can legally drive a car on your own. This driving license must be valid and in case it is in the language the car rental company does not understand you are requested for an international driving license or translated one may be needed.

Identification document is also needed
This must be in form of valid national identity card or a passport of your country. This is to reflect who you are and where you come from. This makes the car provider to know that his/her car is in safe hands since they can easily track you in case of theft.
The above are the items on the checklist of the car rental company you are supposed to deliver to them
For the client’s case you have to make sure these below are all checked

Insurance should be available.
The car you are hiring must be having comprehensive insurance and every detail of the insurance must be explained to you. This insurance is recommended to cover for the unforeseen problems that make occur when traveling like damages on the car.

Check the car thoroughly
Before taking it and even take pictures of it. It is advisable for the client to know the condition of the car he/she is taking for the travel so in case of any damage that occurs on the car he/she identify he/she is the one who caused and accounts for it.
Request for extra facilities

If need be, equipment like GPS and baby seats are provided to the clients by the car provider. So if you have are traveling with children ask for a baby seat and if you are traveling to a place you do not well then ask for the GPS that helps you in navigation as they are very many routes to take while driving in Uganda.
With the above you will have a good go for the car hire services.



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