Advantages of Manual Transmission Rental Cars

 Automation may have taken over manual machines even in the car world but for Uganda car hire manual cars is more meritorious that an automatic transmission. 4×4 manual vehicles may look to be old fashion but they are very user friendly on a self drive car hire expedition.

Here are the advantages a 4×4 manual transmission vehicle has to offer to a traveler wishing to hire a car in Uganda:

  1. Staying in Control

Manual transmission gives the traveler the opportunity to be in full control of the car that is selecting the best gear for the speed and situation. There is no anticipation or prediction of what to do while driving a manual as the person is in control of the gears and the cars so the driver is able to come up with a solution of his/her own during accident bound situations.

  1. Available for Cheaper Prices

For travelers who are budget sensitive manual cars are the ideal cars as these are cheaper than the automatic cars to hire. There is no doubt about this as the models of automatic cars are newer than the manual cars yet car operators price tag their rental cars in accordance to the model and the size of the car. The traveler is likely to get a big bargain of a cheaper price when hires a manual car other than the automatic one.

  1. Low Maintenance

4×4 Uganda rental cars which are manual transmission are cheaper and are of low maintenance since they have simple machinery compared to the automatic cars that have sophisticated machinery. The machinery found in manual cars is always easy to maintain and their spare parts are readily available in most spare workshops in Uganda.

  1. Better Gas Mileage

Due to the less technology in manual cars, the engines consume less gas to run the system while driving the car and this puts manual cars in a good position to consume less gas than their automatic counterpart that have hi-tech of which it has to use lot of gas to run the driving system.

  1. Advantage of Skill

Manual transmission involves lots of technical know-how as the driver must be well conversant with the wheels. It involves comprehensive manual driving where by the driver has to control the gears and the speed of the car on his\her own which is not the case with automatic cars where by a driver has to only be in position to control the sterling, the accelerator and the brakes and he/she is good to go. With the automatic one becomes very dull and lazy as no skill or brain matter is used to drive the car.

It is best for the traveler to use manual cars for self drive car rental experiences in Uganda since most of the times it involves driving long distances of which manual cars have the best qualities  to martial up the ragged roads  of most of safari Uganda destinations.

Budget Travel – Car Rentals Uganda

The peak season of Uganda travel is here, the season that used to be for family vacations and Uganda wildlife safaris and travel. Sadly, many are not able to take up the trips and the vacations due to the current situation of the economy, rising prices of fuel and money getting scarce as time goes by.

However, they are very many ways of saving some money on your vacation or having a vacation on a budget bill. In this article I will take a leaf from saving money on a car rentals Uganda.

One of the greatest ways of saving money on a car rentals Uganda is by searching online for a car rental company. There are very many well established cheap car rental companies on the internet. These have very affordable rates of renting a car for self drive.

They start from as low as 40 us dollars for an SUV car like a Toyota RAV4 per day. Some of these car rentals websites allow you to enter the maximum amount of money you are willing to hire a car.

Another means of saving money on your car rental Uganda is by checking the car before you set off for your expedition. You should also take some pictures of the car that can act as evidence of the condition you found the car before using it.

The checking is done to find out if there are some damages on the car like dents, scratches, non operating tool in the car as sometimes the car rental company can apportion the blame on you for damaging the car and you may have to pay some money for amendments and sometimes it might not be you who damaged the car.

When you rent a car in Uganda, ask for unlimited mileage driving of the car. Car rentals that come with limited mileages come expensively as when you get off the limit of the mileage or the distance you are supposed to cover, you are likely to pay a premium fee for violating an agreement which mounts the expenses of the car rental services. So make sure that an agreement is made on an unlimited mileage system whereby you travel anywhere in Uganda without incurring additional costs.

Read the agreement given to you by the car rental agency before signing it. There always clauses in car rental agreement if violated can lead you paying a fine. Some of these clauses are fuel refill, early return and pick up place. So read them careful and put them in practice so that you do not violate them.

Before making a reservation of car rental Uganda, call your bank or any association you are attached like sometimes military or a non government organization to know if you have car rental insurance coverage. This helps dodge paying insurance for the vehicle thus saving some money on your budget travel.

When the above tips are put in practice, you are likely to save some money on car rental Uganda of which it is one of the items that takes the biggest share of your budget.



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