Car Rental Uganda Tips to Handle Disgruntled Customers

Car renting business is a service delivery business where by one has to be at his/her best to attend and satisfy his/her clients. When you are dealing in car rental Uganda, you meet customers from different walks of life and the way you handle them matters.

Some customers are easy goers while others are hard beings as they want everything in perfect shape yet in the service delivery business at times mistakes are made. The customers that are hard to handle when there is a problem when offering them the car rental services are normally caused disgruntled customers.

Handling a disgruntled customer is really a fragile and stressing situation for the operators as the operator has to find ways of making this customer come back to his/her cool before the worse gets to the worst.

So here are the tips to deal with disgruntled customers in car rental business Uganda

Keep calm.

When the customers horses are high as his/her attendant try to keep your cool. The burning fire can never be cooled down by fire but water. Try to remain in your normal state as you explain to the customer and eventually he/she will calm down to and progress with business.

Do not get personal

If the customer is mad at you about the rental car or any other inconvenience try not to get back at him/her. Try to hide your personal feelings or try to attack him/her verbally. Stay focused and explain to him/her of what went wrong.

Listen to the customer

When the customer complains about your  Uganda car rental services, always listen to him/her digest what he/she is saying as you are making an eye contact and also making responses to show that you are clearly listen and trying to understand his/her complaint.

Empathize with the customer

As the customer explains his/her problem show that you understand where he/she is coming from to complain about your car rental service. Try to show that you are at fault and sympathize with him or her.

Solicit for an apology

When you try to show the customer that you understand the problem and where he/she comes from try to be apologetic. A statement of “I am sorry” should be made. The sorry statement is one of the way of trying to calm a person down.

Find a solution to the problem

Once you get to know things have gotten wrong about the car rental services, you should find a way to rectify the problem as soon as possible. The above tips will mean nothing if you do not find a solution to what caused the customer to get disgruntled.

Take time off

When the problem is solved, try to dispense yourself from the environment where the disgruntlement has occurred so that you can get to your normal state to move on.

Many people’s car rental businesses in Uganda have got bad reviews from customers due to the way they handled them when they were displeased with their services. So the above tips of how to handle a disgruntled customers can help them to get back on track.






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