Why Rent 4×4 Jeep For Uganda Self Drive Safari?

Self drive safaris in Uganda have become a travel norm. Nowadays, these travel expeditions are put on every adventure oriented person’s bucket list.  There are very many vehicles that can do self drive safaris but the 4×4 jeeps do the job best. To many travelers, the 4×4 jeep is the ultimate safari vehicle and it is the most popular rental car used by self drive safari customers.

Here are the reasons as to why a traveler should rent a 4×4 jeep for a self drive safari in Uganda;


Normally what is referred to as the 4×4 jeep is the Toyota land cruiser prado, the land cruiser prado is one of the cheapest rental car available amongst the car rental companies in Uganda. The Toyota prado normally goes around $ 75- $ 60 depending on the company and the period of time. Many traveler would love to save some money on their travel budget and hiring a 4×4 jeep can really be a life saver.

Robust and Combative

One of the most defining trait of the 4×4 jeep is being very strong and a terminator on the road. In a developing country like Uganda where roads are substandard and raged, the 4×4 jeep is the best suit due to its resilience and ability to maneuver in very harsh road conditions. The 4×4 jeep is well elevated and a four wheel drive car thus being able to swiftly pass through hilly and sloppy roads. The 4×4 jeep is also a relatively fast car. It is some vehicle that can make a traveler traverse so fast through Uganda.

Comfortable and Spacious

Every traveler would wish to travel with ease and comfort and a 4×4 jeep is the answer for traveler who wish to engage in a self drive safari. The Toyota land cruiser is a very comfortable car since it is well elevated and has strong shock absorbers that withstand the jiggering that happens on the raged and pothole roads.  In the interior, the seats are spongy, big enough and also have drink handlers. The trunk is also big enough to fit in luggage for four people.

Fuel Frugal

4×4 jeep/ Toyota land cruiser prado tx has a fuel consumption of 2693cc henceforth being a lower consumer of fuel compared to other vehicles that follow suit. For example, a full tank of 90 litres can drive a traveler for over 700kms which is surefire deal for self drive person.

Great Appearance

Each and every person be it a budget traveler would love to be attached to something looking very nice. A 4×4 jeep is a very nice looking vehicle that would wow the onlookers while driving it. It also commands respect and a good impression when you meet people on your safari.

4×4 jeep is a very good rental car for travelers who take up self drive safaris in Uganda since it has each and every attribute a traveler would wish to have while driving. So those interested in renting a car for a self drive in Uganda look no further, a 4×4 jeep is the ideal vehicle for you.






Ideal Points For Pick up and Drop Off of Uganda car rental

Below are the vital points on picking and dropping of a vehicle;

Always get the best car option; it’s said that when you book a rental car in Uganda, because the make and model you get is down to what the company has available, it’s always important asking what your options are. You may be able to choose what you drive. It’s vital to ask for different varieties and then make a decision.

Don’t be afraid to bargain; you might be offered a better car for more money. But don’t forget what you have already paid, to work out the true cost. In case you are interested, bargain on price. You could also get a great deal. Decide what’s important for you, a bigger car might need a bigger deposit or excess and more fuel.

Always sort fuel and Mileage; Many of the car hire companies in Uganda have got a full to full fuel policy. However the tanks can be half full or less, so compare the gauge with the paper work. Ask if your car takes petrol or diesel. Check if there is a mileage limit. Some unlucky drivers get charged extra because they drove over a limit they didn’t know about.

Always get secured with insurance; Basic cover is included with the car but it’s not comprehensive. The staff will also encourage you to buy their extra cover. You might find a cheaper insurance online. Always be clear and comfortable with what you are covered for and what you are not, just in case anything goes wrong.

Always be clear on charges; sometimes you will pay extra charges when you arrive, these include local taxes or the additional driver fees. Check what you are being charged for so you don’t pay twice for extras.

Always read the Uganda car rental agreement; don’t feel rushed; take your time to read the rental agreement, so you are happy with what you are signing up for.

Sort out your return trip; remember to check where to drop the car to avoid stress at the end of your safari. Ask for directions to the nearest petrol station, so you can fill up before you drop the car off.

You are set to go, give it a once over, take some photos, check the fuel gauge and switch the sat Nav to English in case you have one. Then you’re ready to start your holiday. Have a great trip!

Always check your route and traffic before you go; looking up your route the night before you go will give you a chance to plan your journey. The online maps will tell you what the traffic is usually like when you will be driving, so you can leave in good time.  Car hire companies do charge penalty fees if you drop off the car late, so it’s definitely worth getting organized before you set off.

About the drop off of the car rental;

Always identify the best filling station; in case your car has a full to full fuel policy, you will need to bring back the car to the counter with a full tank of fuel. It’s also good idea to spot where to fill up the tank before dropping off the car.

Look out for signs; when you get close to where you are to drop the car, look out for the signs showing you where to go. In case you don’t see any signs, head towards the place where you picked the car from and drop the car there, some time the counter staff give instructions when you are picking up the car.

Take some photos; once you have packed up; take a photo of the fuel indicator and the mileage. Then step outside to photograph the car’s front, rear and the sides. These will come handy in handy when you are given un expected charges for any additional damage, mileage or missing fuel.

Always gather all your things; as well as the boot, check the glove box, door buckets, underneath the seats, and back seat pockets. Apart from your own belongings, it’s also a good idea to keep your rental agreement and any other paper work the counter staff gave you. These documents can be very handy if anything comes up after your rental has finished.

In case there is any agent in the car park; if there is a representative from the car hire company in the car park, wave at them to come over when you are ready. These will check the car with you, give you the end of rental paper work and take the car keys from you. Once they are sure everything is fine, they will also give the order so your security deposit is unblocked or refunded.

In case you can’t see any agent at the car park; look out for a drop box for car keys, this will have the company name and logo on it. This is useful for when there aren’t any staffs available and when the office is closed.

4 Useful Tips to Book 4×4 Uganda Self Drive Car Hire Service

A comfortable and convenient Uganda self-drive trip can take a lot of intensive planning and preparation. The planning and preparation requires booking the right accommodation, reserving  a reliable 4×4 self-drive rental and also designing the right itinerary in order to make full most of your travel experience in Uganda. All the tour items as mentioned previously are paramount but the transport means is precedes others. It is important for the traveler to book the right 4×4 self-drive car hire services as they are the means that lead him/her to the tourism destinations he or she may wish to visit.

Here are the tips to book a reliable 4×4 Uganda self-drive car hire services

Compare price quotations

As you get replies from the different car rental companies take note of their rates as you get to make a comparison.  With the comparison made, you will be in position to choose the best rate possible. Go for that price that best suits your travel budget so that you can spare some money to spend on other tour item. However, it should be noted do not just go by the lowest price available for you because at times behind the low prices there are hidden costs that may make you incur hefty costs at the end of the day. it is best to go for that competitive price quotation with no hidden cost, every expense must be included in the final quotation.

Book online

The internet is the number one source of reliable car rental services in Uganda. There are very many genuine and competent car rental companies online. For a traveler look for car rental services just get to the internet and book with one. The companies are so many and you can never run out of choice and to added advantage, these have the best prices compared to ground companies.

Furthermore in this day and age generation most of the things are easily done online and why not try out online Uganda car rental services.

Engage with the car rental operator

While booking Uganda car rental services, ensure that you take through the car rental operator your travel plans. By engaging the car provider, he/she can help you by advising you the best 4×4 rental car to book. Remember there are a fleet of cars to hire and most of the times travelers do not exactly know the best car for their travel so when you engage with the car provider he/she will suggest for you the best car.

Plan for delivery and drop off points

It is best for the traveler to plan for where he/she will be picking the rental car from the car provider to set off for his/her trip and also the drop off point after the trip. Putting the drop off and delivery points into account, it minimizes delays which are one of the main inconveniences on a self-drive trip in Uganda. In Uganda, the delivery and drop off points are normally the hotels or airport.

Uganda has so many reliable car rental services but one has to take a keen eye in order to make the right choice of services that will make him/her have a very successful travel experience Uganda.

Low Cost Car Rental for a Stress-Free Uganda Vacation

Are you still looking for the car rental options that are available for your next vacation in Uganda? If yes then try to make the best planning and preparations. The best preparations can make you get the best travel services at a cheaper price. In Uganda, there are very many car companies with low cost car rental for a stress free vacation as you would have save some money from the car rental expenses. To help you out on this assignment, we have some crucial tips about Uganda car rental services to use to get the low car rental for a stress free Uganda vacation.

Book beforehand

Inquiring earlier about the car rental services from the company makes one have enough time to pull up the best car rental deal through negotiation. With the negotiations probably the car rental company will reduce the price of the rental car and you will save some money and in the end you will have a stress free Uganda vacation since you will not be restrained that much financially.

Shop around

Do not go by the first car rental company you find. It is best to inquire from many of them. These will give you different prices where you will choose the best price that will not comprise your travel budget. There are very many companies on the internet and sending an inquiry to them is as quick as a flash in no minute you are done. Laboring to inquire from many companies will always make you get low cost car rental services.

Look for car rental services from the internet

The internet is the best place to get car rental services with low cost since there is stiff competition. The car rental companies are very many and each is trying to beat its competition and one of the main strategy to do the latter is offering low prices. So why don’t you take advantage of the situation at internet and book the car rental services with low cost.

Long term rental

Long term reservation of the car comes with a low price. This is a very common trick from most car rental services in Uganda. The companies are always in position to give to their esteemed customers rental cars at a cheaper who reserve them for weekly, fortnight or monthly compared to those who rent for a few days. So as a traveler ensure that you reserve or book the car for more than a week so that you can get at a low cost to save some money.

Keeping your travel budget with your means will always give you a stress free vacation in Uganda and car rental services are one of the main expenses while traveling. So getting a low cost car rental services should be your top priority to save some money to cater for other travel expenses.

5 Best Things on Self Drive Safaris Uganda

Uganda is one of the top tourism destination in Africa and lots of people nowadays are resorting to exploring this pearl of Africa on their own. These expeditions are popularly known as self-drive safaris. Self-drive safaris in Uganda are the next big thing in the travel world since those who have engaged in them have had a memorable experience.

What travelers do in these expeditions is hire a car from a reputable company and traverse to the different national parks and other tourist places in Uganda.  The other travel and tour components are handled by themselves.

Due to the advancement in technology, most of the travel information can be found on travel journals that help travelers to get the relevant content they need while traveling on their own thus making self-drive safaris much easier for them.

While on a self-drive safari Uganda, there are several interesting things you can encounter and also do. We bring to you the 5 best things on self-drive safaris Uganda;

One of the best thing to enjoy on a self-drive safari in Uganda is privacy and independence of travel. During self-drive safari, a traveler gets that freedom and private time to do things he/she would have thought of doing when alone.

There is no need of putting up with a guide that can deprive of your freedom to enjoy yourself to the fullest as you are scared that he might take you for being something like crazy.

Self-drive safaris in Uganda come with great comfort of travelling. The 4×4 rental cars being offered for self-drive safaris have all the technological advancement that a traveler needs while traveling.

These vehicles have enough space and soft seats to travel in a comfort way without any problem of back pain and paralyzed legs. These cars also have air conditioners to regulate temperatures while in the car and also food and drink handlers to enjoy your meals without any difficult.

Self-drive safaris makes travelers cover a wide range of attractions in Uganda. While self-driving the traveler has no strict itinerary to follow so he/she is able to discover lots of things in Uganda.

Uganda is dubbed as the pearl of Africa this is a country with endless natural wonders to encounter. Uganda has half world’s total number of mountain gorillas that are found in Bwindi impenetrable national park. It also has the big five animals that is lions, rhinos, buffaloes, leopards and elephants which are one of the most sought after big mammals in the wild.

It also has the source of the Nile arguably the longest river in the world. With all those aforementioned attraction, one can encounter them when one takes up a self-drive safari Uganda.

Self-drive safaris Uganda are one of the expeditions that give travelers a lifetime experience. It is more than adventures as it also bring fun and privacy to your safari expedition.



Car Rental Uganda Tips to Handle Disgruntled Customers

Car renting business is a service delivery business where by one has to be at his/her best to attend and satisfy his/her clients. When you are dealing in car rental Uganda, you meet customers from different walks of life and the way you handle them matters.

Some customers are easy goers while others are hard beings as they want everything in perfect shape yet in the service delivery business at times mistakes are made. The customers that are hard to handle when there is a problem when offering them the car rental services are normally caused disgruntled customers.

Handling a disgruntled customer is really a fragile and stressing situation for the operators as the operator has to find ways of making this customer come back to his/her cool before the worse gets to the worst.

So here are the tips to deal with disgruntled customers in car rental business Uganda

Keep calm.

When the customers horses are high as his/her attendant try to keep your cool. The burning fire can never be cooled down by fire but water. Try to remain in your normal state as you explain to the customer and eventually he/she will calm down to and progress with business.

Do not get personal

If the customer is mad at you about the rental car or any other inconvenience try not to get back at him/her. Try to hide your personal feelings or try to attack him/her verbally. Stay focused and explain to him/her of what went wrong.

Listen to the customer

When the customer complains about your  Uganda car rental services, always listen to him/her digest what he/she is saying as you are making an eye contact and also making responses to show that you are clearly listen and trying to understand his/her complaint.

Empathize with the customer

As the customer explains his/her problem show that you understand where he/she is coming from to complain about your car rental service. Try to show that you are at fault and sympathize with him or her.

Solicit for an apology

When you try to show the customer that you understand the problem and where he/she comes from try to be apologetic. A statement of “I am sorry” should be made. The sorry statement is one of the way of trying to calm a person down.

Find a solution to the problem

Once you get to know things have gotten wrong about the car rental services, you should find a way to rectify the problem as soon as possible. The above tips will mean nothing if you do not find a solution to what caused the customer to get disgruntled.

Take time off

When the problem is solved, try to dispense yourself from the environment where the disgruntlement has occurred so that you can get to your normal state to move on.

Many people’s car rental businesses in Uganda have got bad reviews from customers due to the way they handled them when they were displeased with their services. So the above tips of how to handle a disgruntled customers can help them to get back on track.




Tips For Booking 4×4 Uganda Car Hire Services

Most of the vehicles hired out in Uganda are 4×4 in context four wheel drive cars due to the raged roads of the country. It is somehow challenging to drive in Uganda on the raged roads so thereby calling for combative vehicles like 4×4 vehicles that can waiver all sorts of challenges on the road.

Most travelers who hire 4×4 vehicles for reasons of visiting various tourism destinations in Uganda, family and friends, for business transfers, social occasions like wedding ceremonies and also for political conferences.

Booking 4×4 Uganda car hire services is no-brainer since there are plenty of car rental companies operating the business and their booking systems are very user friendly. However like any other business that involves very many entities, there are always black spots that one has to be critical of so that he/she can overcome them to get the exact service.

So while booking 4×4 Uganda car hire services, there are various tips/criteria one has to adhere to get a very genuine and affordable services so that one can have a very wonderful traveling and driving experience in Uganda.

Here are tips for booking 4×4 Uganda car hire services;

Book online

There are very many car hire companies that are found on the internet. The internet is the best place to book 4×4 Uganda car hire services. It is more convenient to book car hire services on the internet as you can do it anywhere you can be using your tablet, smart phone or computer.

More to that the services that are booked on the internet are tend to be cheap due to the high competition and also you can get all the necessary travel information about Uganda on these car rental websites.

Shop around

You should not commit to the first car rental company you land on online. Make inquiries to different car rental companies and compare and contrast their services and prices.

Out of the very many companies you inquire to, you are likely to get very good car hire services that will make your traveling experience in Uganda.

Book in Advance

This is one trick of getting affordable and proper car rental services. Car hire services in Uganda are on a very high demand thus leading to scarcity of cars to rental in some periods of time or at times prices soaring up.

It is best for you to hire a car in Uganda at an early date so that the car provide has enough time to reserve for you the exact car and also give it to at a normal price.

Book direct

You should always do car rental booking by yourself direct to the car rental provider to cut the costs. When you use the middleman, you incur more cost as he/she has to include his/her commission in the price quotation.

Interesting Facts About Car Hire in Uganda

Car hire services in Uganda are the best traveling options though they are new in the country. This scheme is still at its infant stage but it is a lifesaving traveling options to various people of different reasons of travel.

People use car hire services in Uganda to visiting various tourism destinations, family and friends, for business transfers, social events like wedding ceremonies and also political occasions.

Many people would love to take up car hire services but do not know how to go about and here are some of the interesting facts about them that will enlighten the would-be customers of the services.

Most companies that offer car hire services in Uganda operate online. They do most of their operations internet and it is the place to book the services. There are a thousands of companies that provide car hire services on the internet and the competition is so stiff thereby the companies renting out rental cars at fair prices.

The payment for services is done by either cash or electronic transfer through bank, online channel payment like pesapal or credit card. Furthermore, most car rental companies ask for a security deposit fee upon booking the vehicle to ensure that the client is committed and willing to take up the reserved rental car.

The payment is normally made in us dollars, euro pound sterling, Uganda shilling and any other that can be easily be converted into Uganda shilling provided the tour operator can accept it.

While acquiring the rental car, the renter is supposed to be present his/her driving license and passport or national identification card to know whether he/she is eligible to drive the car and also verify whether is the real person renting the car respectively.

In additional, the client must endorse on the car rental agreement which consists terms and conditions of hiring the car from the operator.

Most of the rental cars that offered to travelers are four wheel drive cars. This is because of the raged roads of Uganda that need terminator cars to maneuver through. Also most of the rental cars given out are Toyota brand of cars due to the high demand of them through the country. They are also ease to maintain.

The biggest market for the rental cars are travelers visiting the various tourism destinations in Uganda. Nowadays, tourists hire vehicles and explore on their own without a safari driver guide.  These tours are called self-drive safaris.

How to Get the Best Car Rental Prices in Uganda

In this world of paying bills on everything you need in life, you have to ensure that everything you pay for you save some money to top up to pay another bill. It is the way to go if you want to survive in this world since money is a scarce resource.

Many people who travel to Uganda wish to rent cars to explore the different regions of the country on their own and many would love to get a rental car on a competitive or a price that would not restrain their financial muscle.

There are very many ways of getting the best car rental prices in Uganda and they are as follows;

Always use the internet when booking a rental car in Uganda.
There are very a mammoth of car rental companies in Uganda that do business online. Due to the numerous companies online the competition is so high in that these companies somehow low their car rental prices to attract customers to use their services.

Therefore take advantage of the competition on the internet and try to look for a car rental company with affordable prices that won’t constrain your budget.

Solicit for discounts.
When you contact the car rental company do not be hesitant to ask for a discount on your car rental deal. These companies are always willing to hire their cars at a reduced price for clients who try to negotiate as they know that it is one way of tying down a customer.

Reserve a rental car for a long term.
If you want to get a best car rental price in Uganda, you should always rent a car for a long period of time that is for a week or more.  Car rental companies in Uganda have a policy of giving clients who rent their cars for a long period of time at a reduced price.

Calculate your travel period.
Different prices are charged in different travel seasons. In Uganda there is a high travel season and a low travel. In the high travel season the car rental prices go high and in low season they go low so it is best for a person who wants to save on car rental deal to travel in the low season when the prices are low.

Book the rental car ahead.
When you book a car earlier, there is always room for you to strike the best price out of the 4×4 car rental Uganda. You have enough time to look around and inquire from the different car rental companies so that you can get the one with the best price. More to that, you have the time to negotiate for the deduction in the price of the car rental services.






Essential Information About Car Rental Uganda

Car rental services have become so popular in Uganda as most travelers cannot do away with them. These transportation services are lifesavers to many people especially those visiting the various tourism destinations in Uganda.

Car rental services are not all about hiring and driving a car wherever you want to go, there are some technical disciplines and principles that have to be put into consideration.

  1. Firstly, when you want to get car rental services in Uganda the internet is the most ideal way to get cheap and genuine services without any difficulties and wastage of time. There are very many car rental companies that ply their trade online and with a few clicks you get services at very affordable car rental Uganda rates.
  2. When hiring a car in Uganda, the client has to issue out identification documents like passport or national identification card and also a driving license. A passport or a national id are presented to verify the person wishing to hire the car and the driving license acts as proof that one is eligible to drive a car.
  3. When hiring a car, the client has to indicate or disclose the destination he/she will be going to and also the duration time of using the car. The itinerary is disclosed to easily track the client in case he/she gets a problem while in use of the rental car.
  4. The rental car must also have comprehensive insurance that covers all the damages that may occur to the car while driving it. As a client, you have to ask for the car provider whether the vehicle has comprehensive insurance and if not it is not advisable to hire such a car since you are likely to meet all the expenses of the damages on the car.
  5. As the  Renter of the rental car in Uganda, you have to make sure that you inspect the car both physically and mechanically as safety on the road is paramount. Check the car if it has some faults on the body and in the interior and you should also check the operating system like the lighting, the brakes, oil and water levels.
  6. Every car rental company in Uganda has a car hire agreement which has terms and conditions that govern the use of the car when you hire it. It is best for the client to read each and every clause in the agreement to understand it and ask when it’s not clear to avoid any heated moments that may arise in case of violating term or condition of how to use the rental car.
  7. The payment of car rental services are made by either cash or electronic transfers and the rates charged for the services are normally in US dollars or Uganda shillings and at some occasions the pound sterling and euros are accepted. It is advisable for a client to carry us dollars when going to pay for the car rental services in Uganda to avoid inconvenience or if he/she is to use another currency for payment, he/she has to inform the car rental operator in advance.


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