4 Factors When Booking Entebbe Airport Car Rental Transfer

Entebbe airport is the only international gateway in Uganda and this receives millions of travelers moving in or out of the country throughout the year.  Entebbe airport is kind of detached from the capital city Kampala airport transfer services are inevitable and every traveler needs them.

Some people are transferred by their relatives or colleagues who live in Uganda, others use airport taxis of which these have so many disadvantages and others use car rental transfer services which are the best transport option to take.

Car rental transfer services might be the best transport options at Entebbe airport but there are some vital factors that have to be put into consideration to make your transportation experience a remarkable one

Organized planning

In any activity that is to be taken, planning is very important. It is best for one to plan for his/her schedule in advance. It is important to for the traveler to know the kind of vehicle to use for his/her airport transfer, the location of the destination point, also the time taken to reach the destination point and also the time he/she will be getting out of the airport tunnel to embark on the rental car.  the mentioned viable should also be told to the car rental company  the traveler is wishing to do business with.

Fare and the additional facilities

This is a very vital factor while booking an airport transfer as every human being is price sensitive. It is wise to go around different car rental companies and know the standard price of an airport transfer in Uganda. Go for that company with a competitive price. The traveler must also look at the complementary facilities given to the client for example guide books, travel maps, gps and baby seat.


The stake of the company the traveler is renting a car from is also very important. Always good for a rental company with a good reputation this gives the traveler certainty of a remarkable airport transfer since it has the experience of handling its customers well. The traveler can know the reputation of the rental company by looking at the reviews the previous clients post about the company.

Luggage space

Since of the travelers who use the airport carry large luggage, it is best to look at the space of the trunk of the rental car where the luggage is kept. Always go for the rental car with enough space to carry the valuables without getting destroyed.

Car rental airport transfers are the best transport option but it is best to consider the above factor in order to have an amazing transfer experience from Entebbe airport in Uganda.






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