Tips for hassle-free holiday car hire Uganda

Uganda is one of those safari destinations a traveler can experience behind the wheels on his own. It is such a small country and has a very simple Road network that leads to the several major tourist destinations one may wish to tour. This is why very many travel companies have take up that opportunity by offering self drive safari to their clients.

All one has to do is hire a car in Uganda and traverse to his/her preferred tourism destination without the help of a driver guide. Accommodation and tourist entrance booking also can be done by the travel company on behalf of the traveler or a traveler can also do that by himself. Holiday car hire Uganda makes a traveler explore the pearl of Africa on his own and with maximum independence and comfort.

Nevertheless car hire Uganda is tremendously good for a traveler; he/she has to put some tips in check to get car hire services that will give him/her the best experience in Uganda.

Below are the tips for hassle free car hiring Uganda:

Make sure that you get both car rental and personal travel insurance

Any person traveling overseas needs personal travel insurance to safe guard himself from all unforeseen problems that might happen while on the journey like theft of luggage and self physical injuries. This is supposed to be gotten from the home country.

In addition to personal travel insurance make sure that the rental car has comprehensive insurance that makes the traveler less liable of any unforeseen damages that might happen on the car while driving it. This gives the traveler a peace of mind knowing that he/she has shield in case of any problem on the voyage.

Take some time to read the car rental agreement

The car rental agreement is always a written document given to a person wishing to rent car from a company consisting of the terms and condition under which he/she is hiring the car. It is best for a traveler to read each and every clause of the agreement and in case he/she does not understand one ask the company for clarity. Remember if you violate any clause in the agreement, you are likely to pay a fine and thus incurring more costs on the car rental services.

Make sure you’re aware of the road rules in Uganda

Different countries have different road rules so as a traveler one has to know the speed limits, turning rules, overtaking etiquette and also the nature of other drivers on the roads.

This makes the traveler to get full aware of the driving rules and policies in Uganda so that he/she does not fall short of being an offender due to ignorance. Offensive driving in Uganda comes with a premium fine or jail time so knowing the road rules is important for anyone wish to hire a car in Uganda.

Check the rental thoroughly before driving off

This is very important tip to all traveler hiring rentals overseas, it is best to inspect the vehicle you are wish to hire before hitting the road. Endeavor to check for the dents, scratches and also the mechanical condition of the car and take an extra mile to take photos of the rental car. This helps to avoid any misunderstandings between the company and the client over damages after using the car.

Having a valid and recognized driving permit

It is best to have an international driving permit which can be acquired from the driving authorities from your home country or if not make sure that your driving permit is translated in English a language used in Uganda. No traveler is allowed to hire a car without a clear driving license.

Pay any fines or tolls promptly

In case, you get a fine for any driving irregularity, please ensure you pay for it immediately to the authority concerned. The vehicles are always monitored in the traffic system in Uganda and if it defaults to pay a fine it will be confiscated and that will mean another fine in addition to the initial one. It is best to clear the fines at hand to avoid tangling with traffic authorities.



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