How to Stay Away of Road Dangers on a Uganda Self Drive Safari

Is driving your passion or just drive for the sake of reaching another destination? Besides that, do you think of the dangers of driving whenever you hit the road or not.

If not you are doing the right thing in a wrong place. Your life is at risk, for safety precautions it’s often advisable and paramount.

You may recognize yourself a good driver, but that doesn’t guarantee you powers of controlling the different dangerous incidents which may occur on the road. It’s something uncontrollable, therefore being careful is the first preventive action to take.

Planning a Self-drive in Uganda?. It’s our pleasure renting you a Car at affordable prices, drive safely by our tips below and enjoy your road trip in Uganda to your fullest.

Survival Tips for Uganda Driving Incidents

Do you prefer being involved in an accident or a fierce brawl on the road? Smilingly am sure the answer is no. But, this is sometimes inevitable. Nevertheless, these survival tips fit best for your own protection whether it’s a crash or a serious road rage.

Drive defensively to avoid unexpected accidents.

Notwithstanding the fact that a defensive driver can have a bad day, careful driving honestly reduces the risk of road crashes. Other precautions to take are: wear the seat-belt, use both hands on the steering wheel, park somewhere to answer a call and keep a distance from the car in front as well.

Don’t get involved in a Road Rage

Usually, it’s of less concern being part of someone else’s anger. Although violent raging incidents are rare in Uganda, managing your temper is the key to avoid something nasty such as an injury.

If the other party is furious, it’s advisable you handle the situation by posing a laid-back attitude. If it’s your fault or just an accident, defuse the situation with a mouthed apology.

Keep Your Distance

Don’t rush, take your time and keep a reasonable distance from a car upfront especially when you are waiting in traffic.

This doesn’t only limit you from unexpected Car scratches and heavy damages but also provides room for maneuvering a way to the roadside in case of an emergency car passing like an ambulance.

Don’t Lose Your Composure

This is probably the most important of survival tips for driving incidents in Uganda. Remaining calm will help to get out of a critical situation without much harm. Whether it’s road rage or accident, keeping your head cool sounds better.

If you hit something on the road or lose control of the vehicle, keeping up the control will allow you to apply the brakes, accelerate, or whatever necessary to recover the damage.

If you are caught in a brawl, apologize and leave the place as soon as possible. Even if the other party uses abusive words and gestures, please just neglect them.

Drive Away

Just drive away from the scene to somewhere you fill safer like a nearby police station in case of any threatening road rage.

Never open the door for a dispute most especially when it’s a crowd. You can be beaten to death or even setting the Car to fire.

Fundamental Steps for hiring a self drive rental car in Uganda

Fundamental Steps for hiring a self drive rental car in Uganda


Self drive tour in Uganda is one hell of an experience as you get to discover the unique flora and fauna   as you drive through the wonderful green scenery of Uganda.  A self drive tour is very amazing but hiring the right rental car is a very tricky scheme in that if you do not follow the right procedures of hiring the self drive rental car, you might get a nightmare experience.

Here we bring to you the fundamental steps for hiring a self drive rental car in Uganda

Make a research before booking

The first thing to do is make a research of car rental companies that can offer good services. You can do this through the internet as there are a bunch of them. Look through them and identify your best take.

Look at the customer reviews

When you choose a few of your best take, look at what the previous customers said about the car rental services. Remember these have experience the moment of truth and what is on the website is normally to entice clients. The customer reviews gives you the hint what the car rental company’s services are all about.

Identify the rental car for your travel

There are different kinds of vehicles that are offered by car rental companies from compact, mid size to large cars. It is best to know the kind of car you need for your travel. Choose a vehicle in order to the nature of travel you are taking up. For instance if you are going to visit the national parks in Uganda, it is best for to get a 4×4 rental car that can maneuver through the raged roads in the parks and also the remote areas.

Know the average price of the rental cars

By looking at the different vehicle rates of car rental companies, you get to know square price for renting the different vehicles. This puts you in position of not being over priced and thus saving some money on a self drive rental car.

Ask for the extra services being offered

In many cases when you are renting a car for self drive in Uganda, you need some supplementary facilities that can enhance your travel experience and the common facilities are the gps, camping gears, extra infant seat, travel maps and guide book. If you need any of the supplementary facilities, ask for them beforehand so that they can be provided to you.

Know the mode of payment for the rental car

It is very fundamental to know the mode of payment being used by the car rental companies. In Uganda most car rental companies use the cash mode and the electronic transfer mode.

The above fundamental steps of hiring a self drive rental car in Uganda cross cut through all car rental companies as you are never going to find any other better way to get a rental car.




Traits of a Good Uganda Self Drive Car Rental Services

Traits of a Good Uganda Self Drive Car Rental Services

In this new world of finding challenges to undertake, self drive safaris have become a norm in the travel world. Many people around the globe want to get out of their comfortable zone to take up with something new and very challenging g.

Here in Uganda, we have self drive safaris where by a traveler hires a car from a rental company and he/she explores a certain destination on his/her own.  With the high demand of self drive car rental services, Rental Company are mushrooming like it is no one’s business so a traveler has to be so critical to get good services that can enable him/her have a very successful rental experience in Uganda.

Therefore while you wish to book for Uganda self drive car rental services, you have to look at these traits as explained below:

User friendly services

When booking for self drive rental services, there has to be a system that appeals to each and every person to make it convenient for one to access the services. There should be less paper work to acquire the rental services. It should be user friendly and this system should be with up-to-date technology. So one has to book with a rental company that has a booking system which can be accessed through on the internet on gadgets like phones, tablets and computers that always make people’s lives so easy to accomplish a task.

Reliable services

Reliable services one of the most essential traits travelers look at from the car rental services. Travelers love it when the transportation means so punctual and always available to traverse them anywhere they feel like. Remember most of the people that use car rental services have no time frame of traveling as they can travel at any time of the day and this requires services that are always in position to meet their demands and needs.

The quality of the rental car

When you go for car rental services, you expect some sort of executive treat as opposed to the public transport. The rental car must be in good shape and so clean so that you can feel the value for your money and creates a very good impression from the onlookers while riding in the vehicle. A good rental car also guarantees you safety on the road as it is less likely to get a mechanical breakdown while on your expedition.

Competent personnel

This is one of the most sensitive traits of a good Uganda self drive car rental services as no client or customer would love to deal with attendants or stuff that is no good. The personnel from the reservation team to the delivery boy should have good customer care, vast knowledge about travel and car rental services and should also be very honest and trustworthy. This gives the client a peace of mind and trust to the rental company as he/she knows at the back of his/her mind that in case of anything the company will be able to sort it out.

When you find the above traits in a rental company, go for their services as they will guarantee your reliance, convenience and safety of which the latter attributes are what every traveler looks at in self drive car rental services.





Tips for hassle-free holiday car hire Uganda

Uganda is one of those safari destinations a traveler can experience behind the wheels on his own. It is such a small country and has a very simple Road network that leads to the several major tourist destinations one may wish to tour. This is why very many travel companies have take up that opportunity by offering self drive safari to their clients.

All one has to do is hire a car in Uganda and traverse to his/her preferred tourism destination without the help of a driver guide. Accommodation and tourist entrance booking also can be done by the travel company on behalf of the traveler or a traveler can also do that by himself. Holiday car hire Uganda makes a traveler explore the pearl of Africa on his own and with maximum independence and comfort.

Nevertheless car hire Uganda is tremendously good for a traveler; he/she has to put some tips in check to get car hire services that will give him/her the best experience in Uganda.

Below are the tips for hassle free car hiring Uganda:

Make sure that you get both car rental and personal travel insurance

Any person traveling overseas needs personal travel insurance to safe guard himself from all unforeseen problems that might happen while on the journey like theft of luggage and self physical injuries. This is supposed to be gotten from the home country.

In addition to personal travel insurance make sure that the rental car has comprehensive insurance that makes the traveler less liable of any unforeseen damages that might happen on the car while driving it. This gives the traveler a peace of mind knowing that he/she has shield in case of any problem on the voyage.

Take some time to read the car rental agreement

The car rental agreement is always a written document given to a person wishing to rent car from a company consisting of the terms and condition under which he/she is hiring the car. It is best for a traveler to read each and every clause of the agreement and in case he/she does not understand one ask the company for clarity. Remember if you violate any clause in the agreement, you are likely to pay a fine and thus incurring more costs on the car rental services.

Make sure you’re aware of the road rules in Uganda

Different countries have different road rules so as a traveler one has to know the speed limits, turning rules, overtaking etiquette and also the nature of other drivers on the roads.

This makes the traveler to get full aware of the driving rules and policies in Uganda so that he/she does not fall short of being an offender due to ignorance. Offensive driving in Uganda comes with a premium fine or jail time so knowing the road rules is important for anyone wish to hire a car in Uganda.

Check the rental thoroughly before driving off

This is very important tip to all traveler hiring rentals overseas, it is best to inspect the vehicle you are wish to hire before hitting the road. Endeavor to check for the dents, scratches and also the mechanical condition of the car and take an extra mile to take photos of the rental car. This helps to avoid any misunderstandings between the company and the client over damages after using the car.

Having a valid and recognized driving permit

It is best to have an international driving permit which can be acquired from the driving authorities from your home country or if not make sure that your driving permit is translated in English a language used in Uganda. No traveler is allowed to hire a car without a clear driving license.

Pay any fines or tolls promptly

In case, you get a fine for any driving irregularity, please ensure you pay for it immediately to the authority concerned. The vehicles are always monitored in the traffic system in Uganda and if it defaults to pay a fine it will be confiscated and that will mean another fine in addition to the initial one. It is best to clear the fines at hand to avoid tangling with traffic authorities.



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