What to Look at When Renting a Car in Uganda?

Renting a car in Uganda is quite tricky especially when it is your first time. There are genuine rental companies that are helpful to their customers to rent a car that meet their actual needs of traveling.

There are those rental companies that are after money in that they can get you a car that is not up to your needs.  Therefore, it is best for a client to have some clue of how to rent a car in Uganda by knowing the things he/she needs to take care of.

The price of the rental car

This is an important thing to take care when renting a car in Uganda. You should always get a vehicle with a price tag that fits your billing.

Do not go for a car that may turn to be a nightmare to your pockets. Car rental companies have vehicles that suit all people from different financial background that is economy vehicles, mid range cars and luxury cars. It is best to know whether your status and get the vehicle that gives you a peace of mind in terms of finances.

The size of the car

Different travel needs call for different types of cars. Car rental companies have compact cars, mid size car and large cars.

When renting car in Uganda always look at the number of people you are traveling with and consider the size of the car. For instance if you are traveling with a family, you should know that a large car (safari van) is the ideal one.

The features of the rental car

Your road trip should always be an experience to remember. The features of the rental car are one of the things that can give an amazing road trip experience. A car with food and drink handlers, spacious and comfortable seats, radio and mp3 player and air conditioner is the ideal car to rent.


When renting a car in Uganda, you should know how safe that rental car. it should be having comprehensive insurance that makes less liable of the damages that may happen on the car in case of an accident. There should also be immediate road assistance if the vehicle breaks down. You should also look at its mechanical conditions as this gives you certainty on the road.

Extra facilities offered

You should also take care of the extra travel facilities that are complemented to the rental car. the facilities that are normally given out are the travel maps, guide books, GPS and extra baby seats. If you need one of them then you need to ask from the rental company.





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