Tips of Choosing a Lodge on Uganda self drive expedition

Nowadays travelers love exploring places or tourism destinations on their own. In Uganda, the former is what they call a self drive expedition.

It is an amazing experience as it yields privacy, independence and also there is room to explore a wide range of attractions.  Uganda is a very interesting tourism gem with lots of natural attractions from the wildlife to some epic natural physical features like waterfalls, lakes, islands and mountains.

These tourist attractions are found in the far or remote areas of Uganda as you have to drive long distance to reach them and also urbanization in the areas where these attractions are located is still meaning that tourism supplementary facilities like lodges are few.

Therefore if you wish to go for a 4×4 Uganda self drive expedition, there are some factors or tips you have to put into consideration while choosing a lodge.

Tips of choosing a lodge on a Uganda self drive expedition are as follow;

Read the review

When you get to the internet in search of the lodge you are spend a night on your Uganda self drive expedition, first read the comments or testimonials written on their websites or on travel forums like trip advisor or lonely planet. The comments made on the lodge by their former customers are really the true picture of what the lodge can offer to its client in terms of services. Therefore you should always go for a lodge with good reviews.

Check for noise pollution

Before booking a lodge for a Uganda self drive safari always look at the nearby environment whether there is any activity or establishment that can make unnecessary noise in the area. A lodge must be a place where serenity meets relaxation, comfort and hospitality. Always go for a lodge that is serene, silent and with a very natural environment that make you have a good rest after of maneuvering through the savannah jungles of Uganda.

Display of photos and facilities

Pictorial view of something intrigues interest in having the real thing so if the lodge proper lists its photos and amenities on their website, there is a possibility of clients booking to the lodge. You can never go for a lodge that is not attractive.

Distance from public transport

Accessibility of the premises is paramount when choosing a lodge for a self drive expedition. This is makes you to easily traverse to different tourism destinations and other places that you may need to go to. So as a traveler, you must put the distance a lodge from public transport in check.

Proper internet connection

Nowadays internet is a basic need to people as most of their day today stuffs are done online like business and family communications. It is best for you to look at the internet connection in the lodge as you book with it.


Car Rental Safety During a Uganda Self Drive Expedition

Car Rental Safety During a Uganda Self Drive Expedition

Of lately in Uganda very many tourists who come to visit the various tourism destinations have embarked on self guided tours where they just rent a car and then travel own their own without a safari guide. These are commonly known as Uganda self drive expedition and many people have enjoyed them since they offer independence, adventure and privacy.  Though these kinds of expeditions are so amazing to take, there has to be safety precautions or measure put in place to have a successful one.

   The car rental safety measures taken before setting off for your Uganda self drive expedition

Although, you might be in a rush to get to your trip, try to get sometime and get familiar with the rental car by asking the delivery personnel where the essential tools are and also go for a road test.

Check the rental car if it does have some damages

Find out if the lighting, wipers, mirrors, indicators, and the car controls are in good condition so that you do not get any system breakdown problem while driving.

Set the mirror and the seat in your comfortable position before setting off.

You should also ask for the most convenient route on your travel itinerary and in addition get to know how to use the gps or travel maps that are given to you by the rental company.

The most important safety precaution while renting a car is the insurance. Normally in Uganda all rental cars given out for self drive expedition have comprehensive insurance which covers for the damages that may happen on the car while driving it. The insurance makes the client less liable of the costs of the damages that may have happened on the rental car during the expedition.

You should also solicit for road assistance that can rescue you in case of a car breakdown while on a Uganda self drive. You never what might happen on the road, the car can stop operating and you need to have immediate help from the rental company so that you can get back to the road right away in order to complete your trip. Road assistance can be getting you an emergency car in case the other has broken down or getting a mechanic on board to amend the problem as soon as possible.

It is best for you to also but personal travel insurance as the car rental insurance does not cater for the damages that might happen to you and belongings while driving in Uganda. So before you leave your home get yourself personal travel insurance.

Car rental safety while on a Uganda self drive expedition

Try as much as possible not to drive at night especially in strange place. Most of the people who take up self drive expeditions in Uganda are foreign to the country so at night it becomes so difficult for one who is not well conversant with the roads to drive without making errors.

Always follow the road signs as per put on the road side. These will always help you to drive safely without causing any offense or accident on the road.

Try to lock up all the doors while leaving the rental car and keep all your belongings in a safe and out of sight from the public while on an expedition.

Always park the rental in a public place or in place where you can easily keep sight of it.

It may sound mean but it is for your own safety. Do not give out lifts to strangers you meet by the road side.

Therefore if you take up the above car rental safety tip while on a Uganda self drive expedition, you are likely to have a very sound trip with no security problems.




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