How to Stay Away of Road Dangers on a Uganda Self Drive Safari

Is driving your passion or just drive for the sake of reaching another destination? Besides that, do you think of the dangers of driving whenever you hit the road or not.

If not you are doing the right thing in a wrong place. Your life is at risk, for safety precautions it’s often advisable and paramount.

You may recognize yourself a good driver, but that doesn’t guarantee you powers of controlling the different dangerous incidents which may occur on the road. It’s something uncontrollable, therefore being careful is the first preventive action to take.

Planning a Self-drive in Uganda?. It’s our pleasure renting you a Car at affordable prices, drive safely by our tips below and enjoy your road trip in Uganda to your fullest.

Survival Tips for Uganda Driving Incidents

Do you prefer being involved in an accident or a fierce brawl on the road? Smilingly am sure the answer is no. But, this is sometimes inevitable. Nevertheless, these survival tips fit best for your own protection whether it’s a crash or a serious road rage.

Drive defensively to avoid unexpected accidents.

Notwithstanding the fact that a defensive driver can have a bad day, careful driving honestly reduces the risk of road crashes. Other precautions to take are: wear the seat-belt, use both hands on the steering wheel, park somewhere to answer a call and keep a distance from the car in front as well.

Don’t get involved in a Road Rage

Usually, it’s of less concern being part of someone else’s anger. Although violent raging incidents are rare in Uganda, managing your temper is the key to avoid something nasty such as an injury.

If the other party is furious, it’s advisable you handle the situation by posing a laid-back attitude. If it’s your fault or just an accident, defuse the situation with a mouthed apology.

Keep Your Distance

Don’t rush, take your time and keep a reasonable distance from a car upfront especially when you are waiting in traffic.

This doesn’t only limit you from unexpected Car scratches and heavy damages but also provides room for maneuvering a way to the roadside in case of an emergency car passing like an ambulance.

Don’t Lose Your Composure

This is probably the most important of survival tips for driving incidents in Uganda. Remaining calm will help to get out of a critical situation without much harm. Whether it’s road rage or accident, keeping your head cool sounds better.

If you hit something on the road or lose control of the vehicle, keeping up the control will allow you to apply the brakes, accelerate, or whatever necessary to recover the damage.

If you are caught in a brawl, apologize and leave the place as soon as possible. Even if the other party uses abusive words and gestures, please just neglect them.

Drive Away

Just drive away from the scene to somewhere you fill safer like a nearby police station in case of any threatening road rage.

Never open the door for a dispute most especially when it’s a crowd. You can be beaten to death or even setting the Car to fire.

Tips of Choosing a Lodge on Uganda self drive expedition

Nowadays travelers love exploring places or tourism destinations on their own. In Uganda, the former is what they call a self drive expedition.

It is an amazing experience as it yields privacy, independence and also there is room to explore a wide range of attractions.  Uganda is a very interesting tourism gem with lots of natural attractions from the wildlife to some epic natural physical features like waterfalls, lakes, islands and mountains.

These tourist attractions are found in the far or remote areas of Uganda as you have to drive long distance to reach them and also urbanization in the areas where these attractions are located is still meaning that tourism supplementary facilities like lodges are few.

Therefore if you wish to go for a 4×4 Uganda self drive expedition, there are some factors or tips you have to put into consideration while choosing a lodge.

Tips of choosing a lodge on a Uganda self drive expedition are as follow;

Read the review

When you get to the internet in search of the lodge you are spend a night on your Uganda self drive expedition, first read the comments or testimonials written on their websites or on travel forums like trip advisor or lonely planet. The comments made on the lodge by their former customers are really the true picture of what the lodge can offer to its client in terms of services. Therefore you should always go for a lodge with good reviews.

Check for noise pollution

Before booking a lodge for a Uganda self drive safari always look at the nearby environment whether there is any activity or establishment that can make unnecessary noise in the area. A lodge must be a place where serenity meets relaxation, comfort and hospitality. Always go for a lodge that is serene, silent and with a very natural environment that make you have a good rest after of maneuvering through the savannah jungles of Uganda.

Display of photos and facilities

Pictorial view of something intrigues interest in having the real thing so if the lodge proper lists its photos and amenities on their website, there is a possibility of clients booking to the lodge. You can never go for a lodge that is not attractive.

Distance from public transport

Accessibility of the premises is paramount when choosing a lodge for a self drive expedition. This is makes you to easily traverse to different tourism destinations and other places that you may need to go to. So as a traveler, you must put the distance a lodge from public transport in check.

Proper internet connection

Nowadays internet is a basic need to people as most of their day today stuffs are done online like business and family communications. It is best for you to look at the internet connection in the lodge as you book with it.


Traits of a Good Uganda Self Drive Car Rental Services

Traits of a Good Uganda Self Drive Car Rental Services

In this new world of finding challenges to undertake, self drive safaris have become a norm in the travel world. Many people around the globe want to get out of their comfortable zone to take up with something new and very challenging g.

Here in Uganda, we have self drive safaris where by a traveler hires a car from a rental company and he/she explores a certain destination on his/her own.  With the high demand of self drive car rental services, Rental Company are mushrooming like it is no one’s business so a traveler has to be so critical to get good services that can enable him/her have a very successful rental experience in Uganda.

Therefore while you wish to book for Uganda self drive car rental services, you have to look at these traits as explained below:

User friendly services

When booking for self drive rental services, there has to be a system that appeals to each and every person to make it convenient for one to access the services. There should be less paper work to acquire the rental services. It should be user friendly and this system should be with up-to-date technology. So one has to book with a rental company that has a booking system which can be accessed through on the internet on gadgets like phones, tablets and computers that always make people’s lives so easy to accomplish a task.

Reliable services

Reliable services one of the most essential traits travelers look at from the car rental services. Travelers love it when the transportation means so punctual and always available to traverse them anywhere they feel like. Remember most of the people that use car rental services have no time frame of traveling as they can travel at any time of the day and this requires services that are always in position to meet their demands and needs.

The quality of the rental car

When you go for car rental services, you expect some sort of executive treat as opposed to the public transport. The rental car must be in good shape and so clean so that you can feel the value for your money and creates a very good impression from the onlookers while riding in the vehicle. A good rental car also guarantees you safety on the road as it is less likely to get a mechanical breakdown while on your expedition.

Competent personnel

This is one of the most sensitive traits of a good Uganda self drive car rental services as no client or customer would love to deal with attendants or stuff that is no good. The personnel from the reservation team to the delivery boy should have good customer care, vast knowledge about travel and car rental services and should also be very honest and trustworthy. This gives the client a peace of mind and trust to the rental company as he/she knows at the back of his/her mind that in case of anything the company will be able to sort it out.

When you find the above traits in a rental company, go for their services as they will guarantee your reliance, convenience and safety of which the latter attributes are what every traveler looks at in self drive car rental services.





Know the merits of Booking Uganda car rental Services

Cars have become part of our everyday life for reasons of movement of us, families and also commodities for trade. if you donot have one, you will have to rent a car. the merits of booking Uganda car rental services are infinite. Transportation is one of the  essential tool in life as a person can never be in one place for his/her entire life, he/she has to move from one place to another.

There are motives that make one move from one place to another. The main motives are business, visiting family and friends, permanent migration and also exploring other places that you may have not been to before.

People in Uganda use different means of transport to travel to different places but many who have used the car rental services have stuck to them and they never want to use any other means as the car rental services have very many advantages and rewards they give to the traveler.

So in case you may want to use Uganda car rental services for your next travel, we make you know the merits of booking them and they are as follow:

Always Available

Car rental services are always available at anytime you need them. They d not have a scheduled timetable to operate. Once you book for the rentals, you will travel at any given time of the day with no restrictions and no extra charge.

Reasonable Fares

The prices to hire a car in Uganda are standard as once you agree on the price with the car rental company; it will always be the same price regardless of where you are going. Car rental services normally charge fare per day and you are able to travel anywhere you feel like and this makes it even cheaper than the public transport that charges per the distance you take.

Are Flexible

When you book with car rental services, you have the room to change your travel schedule at any given time since the services are exclusively reserved for you. You can choose where to go and also the time. You are also able to change the vehicle to another one where need be.

Professionalism is conducted

The car rental services have very skilled and experienced personnel that give you the best customer care services you may want in the world thus making you feel at home. They also give out travel information that you may need for your expedition. There are also problem solvers as they know what to do in case of any problem that may happen while traveling without bring tension that may pound stress on you.

Saves Time

Using car rental services Uganda also saves time and effort. The rental car is always delivered at your convenient place that is the airport, home, hotel or any other place that is convenient for you. Further ore, car rental services do not have stopovers to wait for other passengers to board or disembark. They are customized to only one client of whom they lead to his/her destination straight up.

Hassle Free Booking

The booking of the car rental services is fast and easy as you just have to do a few clicks on your computer in the sitting room or bedroom and then you are good to go or make a phone call which is not the case with the public means where you have to the ticket terminal and make a queue to book for it.

Car rental services are advantageous to people in Uganda in that they bring comfort, urgency, convenience and reliance to people’s travel experiences.


Car Rental Safety During a Uganda Self Drive Expedition

Car Rental Safety During a Uganda Self Drive Expedition

Of lately in Uganda very many tourists who come to visit the various tourism destinations have embarked on self guided tours where they just rent a car and then travel own their own without a safari guide. These are commonly known as Uganda self drive expedition and many people have enjoyed them since they offer independence, adventure and privacy.  Though these kinds of expeditions are so amazing to take, there has to be safety precautions or measure put in place to have a successful one.

   The car rental safety measures taken before setting off for your Uganda self drive expedition

Although, you might be in a rush to get to your trip, try to get sometime and get familiar with the rental car by asking the delivery personnel where the essential tools are and also go for a road test.

Check the rental car if it does have some damages

Find out if the lighting, wipers, mirrors, indicators, and the car controls are in good condition so that you do not get any system breakdown problem while driving.

Set the mirror and the seat in your comfortable position before setting off.

You should also ask for the most convenient route on your travel itinerary and in addition get to know how to use the gps or travel maps that are given to you by the rental company.

The most important safety precaution while renting a car is the insurance. Normally in Uganda all rental cars given out for self drive expedition have comprehensive insurance which covers for the damages that may happen on the car while driving it. The insurance makes the client less liable of the costs of the damages that may have happened on the rental car during the expedition.

You should also solicit for road assistance that can rescue you in case of a car breakdown while on a Uganda self drive. You never what might happen on the road, the car can stop operating and you need to have immediate help from the rental company so that you can get back to the road right away in order to complete your trip. Road assistance can be getting you an emergency car in case the other has broken down or getting a mechanic on board to amend the problem as soon as possible.

It is best for you to also but personal travel insurance as the car rental insurance does not cater for the damages that might happen to you and belongings while driving in Uganda. So before you leave your home get yourself personal travel insurance.

Car rental safety while on a Uganda self drive expedition

Try as much as possible not to drive at night especially in strange place. Most of the people who take up self drive expeditions in Uganda are foreign to the country so at night it becomes so difficult for one who is not well conversant with the roads to drive without making errors.

Always follow the road signs as per put on the road side. These will always help you to drive safely without causing any offense or accident on the road.

Try to lock up all the doors while leaving the rental car and keep all your belongings in a safe and out of sight from the public while on an expedition.

Always park the rental in a public place or in place where you can easily keep sight of it.

It may sound mean but it is for your own safety. Do not give out lifts to strangers you meet by the road side.

Therefore if you take up the above car rental safety tip while on a Uganda self drive expedition, you are likely to have a very sound trip with no security problems.


Things to Check Before You Rent a 4×4 Car in Uganda

Renting a 4×4 car in Uganda can save traveler lots of problems while traveling. That is to say delays due to stopovers on the ways and inconvenience of the means of transport in that some means are timetable and also have specific points to stop.

Renting a car in Uganda beats all the latter problems as it is exclusively hired to one person and has no schedule and a traveler can go anywhere he/she wants in context it provides convenience and reliance while traveling.

However, there are certain few things you have to check before you rent a 4×4 car in Uganda.

The first thing to check out while renting a car in Uganda is whether the vehicle suits the purpose of your travel. Do not get a car that will become a nightmare while in the field.  For Uganda self drive safari, it is best to hire a four wheel drive car like a Toyota rav4 or Toyota land cruiser.

The second thing to check when renting a  4×4 car in Uganda is the items of the rental package that is  to say the rental insurance, road assistance, unlimited mileage, baby seats, and GPS. Every standard car rental package given to a client always describes the latter listed items and should be given at around price with the actual vehicle with no hidden costs.

Once the car rental company has guaranteed you the above mentioned car rental items make sure that they are indicated in the car rental contract you will to sign on.  This gives verification that the items that you asked for were given to you by the car rental company.

You should also check what the requirements needed while are renting a car in Uganda. The main requirements of acquiring a rental car in Uganda are having an identification card, driving license and the tool for payment of the rental services.

You should also check out how the 4×4 rental car is going to be delivered to you. You should ask the car rental company where you are going to pick up the car whether at their premises, airport or hotel. They should also give you the name of the person that is going to attend to you when picking up the car.

In addition you should get to know the arrangement of drop off the rental car that is where you will drop off the car after your expedition and also if you are to pay a certain fee in case you are dropping it off at your place of convenience that is not easily accessible for the car rental company.

The next thing to check when renting a car in Uganda is the driving laws, rules and regulation. Get to know about the road signage and also the driving lanes. In Uganda we should the right hand lane for driving. Every country has different driving laws so try to get familiar with the driving rules governing motorist on the roads and also to know the nature of the road users or driving culture in Uganda.  This will make get an insight of what to expect on the roads of Uganda.

In order to have a wonderful car rental expedition in Uganda, you have to follow the above check list.

How to Save Fuel on a Uganda Self Drive Tour

It really sucks when the car fuel gauge starts warning while in the middle on the way yet you anticipated that the fuel pumped in was enough for the journey.

This normally happens to travelers driving long distances and there are few gas stations in the far areas of Uganda and most people who hire 4×4 cars in Uganda from rental companies visit tourist sites that are located at long distances faraway from urban cities.

Self drive travelers need to save fuel which can enable them reach their destinations without the hiccup of running out of fuel in the middle of the forest or highway.

Below are the things you should always do to save fuel on a self drive tour:

Drive at a moderate speed

The best method of sparing some fuel on a long distance journey is driving at the steady speed. It is commendable to drive at the speed of 50km/hr in areas with urban setting and on highway go for a moderate speed of 80km/hr.

Regulating the use of air conditioner

Most of the times it is always hot and it really feels so great to drive a car when the air conditioner is on but its problem that enhance high fuel consumption since it require some fuel to operate. It is best for one to regulate the use of it that is while on a tarmac highway, it is best to switch it off and use the natural fresh air through the windows

Ensure that the tyre pressure is at its best

Remember the lower the tyre pressure of the vehicle, the more power it needs to move on the road and hence leading to high fuel consumption. It is best to check the tyre pressure regularly while on the trip to save some fuel.

Do not over load the car

The more weight you apply on the car the more power the engine will use to operate its work of which it uses fuel to run. This implies that more fuel will be used. It is best for the traveler to carry the recommended weight for the car so that it does not consume the fuel at a fast rate.

Don’t drive during the traffic busy hours or rush hours

Not only does traffic jam frustrate but also come with a huge price since during traffic jam a traveler has to start and stop the car frequently. A car consumes some good amount of fuel while starting. It is best for one to avoid traveling during the rush hours. In Uganda, the rush hours are always in the morning form 7am to 10 am and in the evening from 4pm to 7pm

Ensure the rental car is serviced well

The operation of the engine impacts the fuel consumption of the car so if the engine is operating at its best , the fuel consumption is normal and if there is any fault on the engine, there is a possibility of high fuel consumption. Always hire a car that is well serviced and will fresh oil to avoid fuel irregularities.

Make full use of the car

When the car is kept dull or over parked the engine get cold and to ignite to full functioning it will require too much fuel. It is best to drive the car regularly other than keeping it thinking that you are saving fuel by not driving it.

By putting into use the above tips, the traveler is guarantee of saving some fuel while traveling and in the end avoiding getting struck in the middle of the journey because of running out of fuel.


A Guide to Self Drive in Uganda

Going for a self drive trip in Uganda? Either you are traveling with your family or alone to a certain tourism destinations like a national park or a serene place for a picnic, you have to put some driving tips in your mind in order to avoid accidents, traffic and make the journey a very comfortable one and they are as follow:

When going to for a long distance drive, the traveler has to make sure that he/she gets enough sleep so that the body gets enough rest to get ready for tomorrow’s long expedition without accumulating serious fatigue.

The fatigue sometimes leads to getting stressed which may ruin your mood for the trip or at times leads the driver to making careless mistakes that can lead to accidents. In addition, the traveler has to eat enough food while going for a trip as this the food gives him/her enough energy to stay long on the sterling.

Make stopovers for refreshment and stretching your body as it is not good for the body to be in one posture for some hours as it might get paralyzed while driving and this may lead to causing an accident as the body may not have enough control over the car. Always pullover and get some fresh air and snacks to refresh the mind and also the body at large. Furthermore when making a stopover, the traveler has to park the car in a trading center or town where there is enough security and this should not be at the shoulder of the road.

In Uganda, the speed limit is commonly 80kms/hr on highways and on town roads, it is 50kms/hr and you have to follow the rules of speed as over speeding cause accidents. The speed limits are most of the times indicated on sign posts on the roadside always look at them to know the speed you are supposed to drive on a specific road.

The driver should always fasten the seat belt while driving and this is so useful in case of collision with another car and also it is a driving rule in Uganda if you break it, you are considered an offender.

Take into account the laws concerning a mobile phone while driving. In Uganda, it is condemned to use a mobile phone while driving. The phone should always be away while driving and if you want to use it pullover and then knock yourself out. If pulling over is going to inconvenience you then it is better you carry a Bluetooth device with you to help you communicate while driving.

It is always good when driving a car rental alone to turn on the radio or get your music carried on a flash disk as most rental cars Uganda have mp3 players. This keeps the driver at bay not to get bored while on the way. It is also advisable to regularly open the windows while driving as the fresh air will keep up long on the road without tiring out. When traveling in a group, it is commendable to share the sterling as everyone gets time to rest.

Every tom dick and harry knows this driving rule that never be under drug influence that is alcohol, cocaine, marijuana among the common one while driving a car. These drugs impair your brain of which one loses his/her normal judgment and driving needs when one is very conscious. Thousands of people die of road accident in the world due to driving under the influence of drugs.

Always carry some self driving enhancements like a tourist map, GPS and also get smart phone apps such as Waze or Google maps as these help the driver in getting the bearings/locations and route of the destinations he/she going to. Apps like Google maps or waze help the driver in knowing the traffic situation on certain roads.

When taking up a rental car for selfdrive, always first get familiar with it and all its apparatus like the brakes, horn, fuel opener, music and radio player and the hazard lights. In case you do not something about the vehicle seek help from the car rental agent.

Keep your belongings in the safest place in the car possible and in that case it is the trunk. When getting out of the car for refreshment make sure the car is properly locked.

Learn about the Uganda traffic laws as different countries have different laws of driving so do think that the laws are universal. Tell your car provider to brief the driving conditions and also the traffic laws in Uganda. You can as well find them on the internet.

Before starting an expedition, make sure that the rental car is a good condition that is the fuel tank is full, the all the fluids are full levels and the tires have tidings and are well pumped. By checking the condition of the car makes the traveler minimize the inconveniences of the car breakdown while driving. in addition, the traveler has to make sure that he/she gets to know the nearby petrol stations and the mechanic shop for fuel refilling and car repair respectively.

Make sure that the rental car has comprehensive insurance as this makes the car renter less liable of any damages that make happen to the car while driving it. If the car renter has car rental insurance he/she can as well use.

Always carry enough water in you’re the rental car for both drinking and car usage. Uganda lies in the tropics so the temperatures can rise up to 38⁰C of which you are required to drink a lot of water to avoid concussion or dehydrating and for the case of the car, the water cools it down as it can explode due to the high temperatures. In addition to the former make sure, you park the car under some shade in order to heat up.

Make sure that you get to carry some medicine while taking a self drive in Uganda and this should be done under the doctor’s prescription. Also get to know the local healthy centers of the various tourism destination, you are traversing to by getting their address and contact.

Saving Money With Simple Tips When Renting a Car in Uganda

Are you traveling or planning to travel to Uganda for a vacation, city tour or business meeting. There are many always of saving some money on your trip. Remember car rental brings comfort, convenience and safety while traveling in Uganda . It is inevitable to hire a car in Uganda to take you around the various uganda safari destinations for whatever purpose due to that fact that you are unfamiliar with the city routes, places and the traffic system and this work can only be made easier for you by hiring a car.

Hiring a car Uganda  comes with great benefits that can make you have a very comfortable, convenient and enjoyable drive around the city. With car hire, a chauffeur is well placed to lead you around the city and in case of a self drive you are given a GPS navigator with all the routes and location of the places you wish to visit. however, Car hire Uganda  tends to be costly but one can save money from it if you put some factors into consideration.

Here are some of the simple tips to make you save some money on renting a car in Uganda

Read the terms and conditions of the car rental agreement

You may find reading every detail of the agreement very boring and some details might be skip but you might be putting yourself onto the sword since some companies can make some terms and conditions that may not favour the customer and in the end making the car rental service very costly. You you have to read the agreement very careful and understand each and every detail and ask questions where possible. Here are some of the common terms that can make car hiring costly so take note of them

  • Details about whether you are supposed to return the car with a full tank
  • If there are additional fees for the GPS
  • Extra seats for the baby
  • The limits on the miles you can drive during the rental period
  • The insurance policy attached to the car

Select your car wisely

You have to know what type of car can suit my city drive. If you are only two people it’s better to use a compact car and if you are many people you can go for a van. It is meaningless for you to go for a big car when you are taking a city drive alone or two people. You should also pick a car that suits your billing do not go for an expensive car yet you have limited financial resources.

Last check the vehicle condition before you start the drive

You make a check up of the car’s condition and even take photos of the car before you take a drive so that you have a clear conscious of any damage that occurs to the car when using it.

How to Keep Your Costs Down When Renting a Car in Uganda

Many people have turn to car renting as their best option while traveling in Uganda. This is because they find the services more convenient and reliable although one has to pay for these services at relatively higher rates than public transportation.

There are always means of minimizing the costs of every product however costly it might be and it is the same case with car renting in Uganda. Many people have tried to consider some factors and they achieved the end result of saving some money and keeping the costs of renting a car Uganda down.

This is how one may keep the costs of renting a car in Uganda down

Put into consideration the size of the vehicle that best suits your needs. Bigger vehicles always come with greater prices. So if you are traveling one or as a couple always try to hire smaller car that is less expensive because it will serve the same purpose as the big one but at a relatively lower price.

Look at the fuel consumption of each and every vehicle offered to you. You should know that most of the times you have to pay for the fuel of the vehicle when you rent it and normally the expenses of the fuel are not quoted in the pricing of the car hire package. You should ensure you hire a car in Uganda with a low fuel consumption rate.

Furthermore while one gets the car he/she should know the amount of fuel that is in the car given to hi/her and also the amount of fuel that is supposed to leave in the car when he/she returns. Some Uganda car rental companies give rent cars out with a full tank or half tank to kick start your journey but one has to be keen on the exact amount of fuel in the car since the company might trick you that it gave you a full tank vehicle yet it was the other way.

You should always look at the terms and conditions under which the car is rented to you. There are companies that rent car with a limited mileage system if you exceed their limit you are more likely to pay more money. So the advice is you should look for car rental services with unlimited mileages.

You should also check if the car rental company Uganda offer drop-offs and collection services as this can save some money. If the company offers the latter services, you never going to incur the costs of picking up the car from the office as you will not spend money on transport to take you to the office to pick the car or drop it.

You should also check if the insurance is included in the price quotation. This can save you money as you will not pay any additional money for insurance.

you should always try to minimize the cost of your car rentals expense while on a Uganda vacation so that you can spare some money that can be used on other items on your safari tour in Uganda.



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