5 Tips of Uganda Self Drive Safaris to Sole Travelers

The concept of solo traveling has become so popular among tourists who come to Uganda. The benefits of solo traveling are crystal clear since it gives the tourist the freedom to do whatever he/she wants. In addition solo travelers have an opportunity to cover a wide range of tourist places and also to interact with the locals and also make new friends on your travel. Most of these solo travelers engage in self-drive safaris since they do not want to put up with anyone while traveling even though it is a driver guide. They always want to travel on their own without any guidance or tutelage of anyone. They always say they want to enjoy the ultimate adventure in an adventurous country like Uganda.

Though it is fun to go for a Uganda self-drive safari for sole travelers there are some challenges that one might face along the way which in the end might make the trip one hell of an experience. There has to be some guidelines to follow in order to make your Uganda self-drive safari easy.

We bring to you tips of Uganda self-drive safaris to sole travelers;

Pack all the necessary safari equipment

While traveling to the national parks of Uganda, there are specific travel items one has to carry for instance the safari boots, insect repellents, sun jelly, sun glasses, hat or cap, travel map and also pain killers and antibiotics. The aforementioned items are very essential while traveling in Uganda as they will help one to have a very convenient travel procession in Uganda. So as a sole traveler going on a Uganda self-drive safari ensure that you pack these equipment.

Get a 4×4 vehicle

Uganda is a country with a very challenging terrain to drive on and furthermore most of the roads are marram and raged. Therefore a traveler is advised to get a four wheel driver which is made to maneuver through such roads like the ones in Uganda. So when you inquire from a car operator make sure you request for a 4×4 vehicle. For a sole traveler a Toyota rav4 would be condonable since it is economical both the rental price and fuel consumption.

Use highways while driving

When traveling in Uganda always use the main roads and fortunately enough all the national parks in Uganda have main roads that lead to them.  When a sole traveler uses the main roads he/she is likely to get to the destinations without losing his/her bearing. The main roads are also safer as there is enough security for the travelers. More to that in case of a car breakdown while using the main road it is easy to rescue the traveler.

Do not drive at night

Driving in the dark in unfamiliar places is very dangerous. Some roads of Uganda have potholes and also death spots if you are not familiar with them, you can easily land into trouble especially at night. It is best for a sole traveler to drive during day where he/she can visibly see whatever is on the road.

Be friendly

When traveling alone in Uganda, it is be friendly to the local people. This can be done by greeting them whoever you come across. Ugandans are very welcoming people especially when you greet them.  It is best for the traveler to be friendly in that if he/she gets a problem the locals always try to help out.



Why Go to Murchison Falls National Park on Self Drive?

Murchison Falls National Park is located in the north of Uganda and it is the largest biodiversity conservation in Uganda. This wonderful game park has become the power house in Uganda’s tourism industry as it receives hundreds of thousands of tourists to enjoy its attractions.

Of lately tourists love exploring different tourism destinations on their own and this is commonly termed as self-drive expedition. These kind of expeditions are tremendously exciting as the tourists enjoy and explore a wide range of biodiversity without any restrictions.

A Uganda self-drive expedition to Murchison falls national park is very amazing and many travelers who have undertaken have had a lifetime experience and here are the reasons as to why you should go to Murchison falls national park on a Uganda self-drive expedition

Murchison falls national park has one of the most powerful and scenic waterfall in Africa. These powerful falls are a beauty to watch and encounter. As you hike to the top of the falls, you witness the Nile forcing its way out of a narrow path to a loud sound as it settles down at the bottom. Top of the falls is a good place for photography.

At Murchison falls national park, you have the opportunity to see the big five animals except the rhino that are only found at Zziwa rhino sanctuary which can also be visited on your way to the park. So it is best for you to have a stopover at a sanctuary to sum me it all as a big five time.

On the game drive around the park you see these amazing animals grazing, running around while others resting getting rid of satisfaction. There are also some other incredible animals to see on the game drive such as giraffes, elands, warthogs, antelopes and hyenas.

You can also have launch cruise at the Victoria Nile where you are able to see interesting and special aquatic lives. While on the afternoon boat ride feeling the sea breeze, you are able to see hippos, crocodiles, variety of bird species and also land animals mostly elephants and buffaloes at the banks of the river.

Murchison falls national park is one of the kind biodiversity, it is so unique with very special species of animals and plants and also interesting physical features that cannot be found anywhere in the world. It would be a very memorable experience if you would take up a Uganda Self drive Murchison falls national park.







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