How to Stay Away of Road Dangers on a Uganda Self Drive Safari

Is driving your passion or just drive for the sake of reaching another destination? Besides that, do you think of the dangers of driving whenever you hit the road or not.

If not you are doing the right thing in a wrong place. Your life is at risk, for safety precautions it’s often advisable and paramount.

You may recognize yourself a good driver, but that doesn’t guarantee you powers of controlling the different dangerous incidents which may occur on the road. It’s something uncontrollable, therefore being careful is the first preventive action to take.

Planning a Self-drive in Uganda?. It’s our pleasure renting you a Car at affordable prices, drive safely by our tips below and enjoy your road trip in Uganda to your fullest.

Survival Tips for Uganda Driving Incidents

Do you prefer being involved in an accident or a fierce brawl on the road? Smilingly am sure the answer is no. But, this is sometimes inevitable. Nevertheless, these survival tips fit best for your own protection whether it’s a crash or a serious road rage.

Drive defensively to avoid unexpected accidents.

Notwithstanding the fact that a defensive driver can have a bad day, careful driving honestly reduces the risk of road crashes. Other precautions to take are: wear the seat-belt, use both hands on the steering wheel, park somewhere to answer a call and keep a distance from the car in front as well.

Don’t get involved in a Road Rage

Usually, it’s of less concern being part of someone else’s anger. Although violent raging incidents are rare in Uganda, managing your temper is the key to avoid something nasty such as an injury.

If the other party is furious, it’s advisable you handle the situation by posing a laid-back attitude. If it’s your fault or just an accident, defuse the situation with a mouthed apology.

Keep Your Distance

Don’t rush, take your time and keep a reasonable distance from a car upfront especially when you are waiting in traffic.

This doesn’t only limit you from unexpected Car scratches and heavy damages but also provides room for maneuvering a way to the roadside in case of an emergency car passing like an ambulance.

Don’t Lose Your Composure

This is probably the most important of survival tips for driving incidents in Uganda. Remaining calm will help to get out of a critical situation without much harm. Whether it’s road rage or accident, keeping your head cool sounds better.

If you hit something on the road or lose control of the vehicle, keeping up the control will allow you to apply the brakes, accelerate, or whatever necessary to recover the damage.

If you are caught in a brawl, apologize and leave the place as soon as possible. Even if the other party uses abusive words and gestures, please just neglect them.

Drive Away

Just drive away from the scene to somewhere you fill safer like a nearby police station in case of any threatening road rage.

Never open the door for a dispute most especially when it’s a crowd. You can be beaten to death or even setting the Car to fire.

What to Do For Car Break Down on Uganda Self Drive Expedition

Self drive expedition are some exciting experiences for an adventurous traveler. Uganda self drive expeditions can lead you to different tourist attractions in an exploratory manner. However, these can be stressing when a problem happens to you for instance a car break down.

The car breakdowns on highways and freeways can be particularly stressful and potentially so dangerous. In case you find yourself in a breakdown situation, don’t panic. Please keep calm and kindly follow these steps below.

Pull over; in case you can find a safe place to pull over off the road or in the emergency breakdown lane. Try to keep off the central median strip. Park far left as possible to maximize the space between your car and traffic.

Turn on your hazard lights; the parking lights are also a good idea in case it’s dark or there is poor visibility. Look for the hazard lights and they will help you so much.

Get out of your car; in case it’s safe, exit your car from the side away from the traffic. Always check for traffic first and close the car door behind you. If it’s not safe to exit your car, stay inside with your seatbelt on.

Stand clear of all traffic; always stand clear of the road and be aware of your surroundings. Avoid crossing the road at all times. Always stand behind the safety barrier in case there is one. Wait under some shade in case it’s a hot day.

Aim to call for help; call a roadside assistance provider or town company on your mobile. In case you don’t have a mobile, use a roadside emergency phone in case there is one nearby. In case you are outside the vehicle, try to face the traffic when you make the call, just in case you need to move to avoid an oncoming vehicle.

Remember to stay calm; As long as you are safe, that is all that matters, help may take longer to arrive in case you are on a country road.

Always wait it out; wait in your safe place for help to arrive and then follow their instructions.

5 Best Things on Self Drive Safaris Uganda

Uganda is one of the top tourism destination in Africa and lots of people nowadays are resorting to exploring this pearl of Africa on their own. These expeditions are popularly known as self-drive safaris. Self-drive safaris in Uganda are the next big thing in the travel world since those who have engaged in them have had a memorable experience.

What travelers do in these expeditions is hire a car from a reputable company and traverse to the different national parks and other tourist places in Uganda.  The other travel and tour components are handled by themselves.

Due to the advancement in technology, most of the travel information can be found on travel journals that help travelers to get the relevant content they need while traveling on their own thus making self-drive safaris much easier for them.

While on a self-drive safari Uganda, there are several interesting things you can encounter and also do. We bring to you the 5 best things on self-drive safaris Uganda;

One of the best thing to enjoy on a self-drive safari in Uganda is privacy and independence of travel. During self-drive safari, a traveler gets that freedom and private time to do things he/she would have thought of doing when alone.

There is no need of putting up with a guide that can deprive of your freedom to enjoy yourself to the fullest as you are scared that he might take you for being something like crazy.

Self-drive safaris in Uganda come with great comfort of travelling. The 4×4 rental cars being offered for self-drive safaris have all the technological advancement that a traveler needs while traveling.

These vehicles have enough space and soft seats to travel in a comfort way without any problem of back pain and paralyzed legs. These cars also have air conditioners to regulate temperatures while in the car and also food and drink handlers to enjoy your meals without any difficult.

Self-drive safaris makes travelers cover a wide range of attractions in Uganda. While self-driving the traveler has no strict itinerary to follow so he/she is able to discover lots of things in Uganda.

Uganda is dubbed as the pearl of Africa this is a country with endless natural wonders to encounter. Uganda has half world’s total number of mountain gorillas that are found in Bwindi impenetrable national park. It also has the big five animals that is lions, rhinos, buffaloes, leopards and elephants which are one of the most sought after big mammals in the wild.

It also has the source of the Nile arguably the longest river in the world. With all those aforementioned attraction, one can encounter them when one takes up a self-drive safari Uganda.

Self-drive safaris Uganda are one of the expeditions that give travelers a lifetime experience. It is more than adventures as it also bring fun and privacy to your safari expedition.



Why Go to Murchison Falls National Park on Self Drive?

Murchison Falls National Park is located in the north of Uganda and it is the largest biodiversity conservation in Uganda. This wonderful game park has become the power house in Uganda’s tourism industry as it receives hundreds of thousands of tourists to enjoy its attractions.

Of lately tourists love exploring different tourism destinations on their own and this is commonly termed as self-drive expedition. These kind of expeditions are tremendously exciting as the tourists enjoy and explore a wide range of biodiversity without any restrictions.

A Uganda self-drive expedition to Murchison falls national park is very amazing and many travelers who have undertaken have had a lifetime experience and here are the reasons as to why you should go to Murchison falls national park on a Uganda self-drive expedition

Murchison falls national park has one of the most powerful and scenic waterfall in Africa. These powerful falls are a beauty to watch and encounter. As you hike to the top of the falls, you witness the Nile forcing its way out of a narrow path to a loud sound as it settles down at the bottom. Top of the falls is a good place for photography.

At Murchison falls national park, you have the opportunity to see the big five animals except the rhino that are only found at Zziwa rhino sanctuary which can also be visited on your way to the park. So it is best for you to have a stopover at a sanctuary to sum me it all as a big five time.

On the game drive around the park you see these amazing animals grazing, running around while others resting getting rid of satisfaction. There are also some other incredible animals to see on the game drive such as giraffes, elands, warthogs, antelopes and hyenas.

You can also have launch cruise at the Victoria Nile where you are able to see interesting and special aquatic lives. While on the afternoon boat ride feeling the sea breeze, you are able to see hippos, crocodiles, variety of bird species and also land animals mostly elephants and buffaloes at the banks of the river.

Murchison falls national park is one of the kind biodiversity, it is so unique with very special species of animals and plants and also interesting physical features that cannot be found anywhere in the world. It would be a very memorable experience if you would take up a Uganda Self drive Murchison falls national park.





Hiring A rental car in Uganda? Considerations To Make

There are very many situations that one would need to hire a rental car. It could be that one is looking to tour around Uganda, Entebbe airport transfer, city tour, business trip, school tour or may be the private car has got a problem.

Good enough there are very many car rental companies always for waiting for travelers to rent a car from them. Not all car rental services are that effective so one has to put some factors into consideration to have comfortable and convenient car rental services.

Below are the factors one has to put into consideration while hiring a rental car in Uganda.

The vehicle size

While renting a car in Uganda, the size of the vehicle always matters due to the fact that different sizes of cars come with different price tags and significance car rental companies have a fleet of cars from small, medium to large cars that serve different purposes to travelers. It is therefore advice to know the best size of car for the traveler’s experience and its price tag should always be in check. For instance a family vacation demands for a large rental car like a safari van or super custom whereas a couple calls for small car like a Toyota RAV4.

Chauffeur added services

Ensure that the car hire company has an option of hiring a driver. At times, a traveler may wish to do a self drive in a particular country but end up the changing his/her mind opting to go for a chauffeur to traverse him/her around the country. It is best for one to put this factor into consideration.

Rental periods

Try to know the length of rental periods as per the price. Most car rental companies in Uganda give away discounts to customers who normally hire for a long period that is a week and more. It is best to take advantage of the situation and rent a car for a long time and enjoy the rental experience at a reduced price.

Rental restrictions

There are very many policies and rules encompassed around the car rental business. There are always terms and condition under which the traveler has to follow and undergo while hiring a car in Uganda due to the fact that there are very many risks involved in the venture like accidents and theft. There are driving and usage rules and insurance policies of the rental stipulated to the customer to follow. Any rational customer would want to lesser restrictions for a rental car.

Rental car features

The traveler should always try to know the type of the car and its feature he/she is wish to hire. It is best for the car provider to even get the photos to the client. Look at whether it has 4 wheel drive, air conditioning system, spacious, music player and radio and also look at the external features of the car to make sure that best suits the expedition one is willing to partake.

Car rental in Uganda comes with very flexible rates depending on the vehicle for the client’s travel. Choose a Uganda car rental company whose terms and conditions are convenient and put the travelers requirements into check.

when you rent a car in uganda, you have a glorious opportunity of enjoying safari trip at own pace in Uganda. Trips like gorilla tours safari can be very adventurous and exciting if you decide to be your guide.




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