How to Save Fuel on a Uganda Self Drive Tour

It really sucks when the car fuel gauge starts warning while in the middle on the way yet you anticipated that the fuel pumped in was enough for the journey.

This normally happens to travelers driving long distances and there are few gas stations in the far areas of Uganda and most people who hire 4×4 cars in Uganda from rental companies visit tourist sites that are located at long distances faraway from urban cities.

Self drive travelers need to save fuel which can enable them reach their destinations without the hiccup of running out of fuel in the middle of the forest or highway.

Below are the things you should always do to save fuel on a self drive tour:

Drive at a moderate speed

The best method of sparing some fuel on a long distance journey is driving at the steady speed. It is commendable to drive at the speed of 50km/hr in areas with urban setting and on highway go for a moderate speed of 80km/hr.

Regulating the use of air conditioner

Most of the times it is always hot and it really feels so great to drive a car when the air conditioner is on but its problem that enhance high fuel consumption since it require some fuel to operate. It is best for one to regulate the use of it that is while on a tarmac highway, it is best to switch it off and use the natural fresh air through the windows

Ensure that the tyre pressure is at its best

Remember the lower the tyre pressure of the vehicle, the more power it needs to move on the road and hence leading to high fuel consumption. It is best to check the tyre pressure regularly while on the trip to save some fuel.

Do not over load the car

The more weight you apply on the car the more power the engine will use to operate its work of which it uses fuel to run. This implies that more fuel will be used. It is best for the traveler to carry the recommended weight for the car so that it does not consume the fuel at a fast rate.

Don’t drive during the traffic busy hours or rush hours

Not only does traffic jam frustrate but also come with a huge price since during traffic jam a traveler has to start and stop the car frequently. A car consumes some good amount of fuel while starting. It is best for one to avoid traveling during the rush hours. In Uganda, the rush hours are always in the morning form 7am to 10 am and in the evening from 4pm to 7pm

Ensure the rental car is serviced well

The operation of the engine impacts the fuel consumption of the car so if the engine is operating at its best , the fuel consumption is normal and if there is any fault on the engine, there is a possibility of high fuel consumption. Always hire a car that is well serviced and will fresh oil to avoid fuel irregularities.

Make full use of the car

When the car is kept dull or over parked the engine get cold and to ignite to full functioning it will require too much fuel. It is best to drive the car regularly other than keeping it thinking that you are saving fuel by not driving it.

By putting into use the above tips, the traveler is guarantee of saving some fuel while traveling and in the end avoiding getting struck in the middle of the journey because of running out of fuel.




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