Interesting Facts About Car Hire in Uganda

Car hire services in Uganda are the best traveling options though they are new in the country. This scheme is still at its infant stage but it is a lifesaving traveling options to various people of different reasons of travel.

People use car hire services in Uganda to visiting various tourism destinations, family and friends, for business transfers, social events like wedding ceremonies and also political occasions.

Many people would love to take up car hire services but do not know how to go about and here are some of the interesting facts about them that will enlighten the would-be customers of the services.

Most companies that offer car hire services in Uganda operate online. They do most of their operations internet and it is the place to book the services. There are a thousands of companies that provide car hire services on the internet and the competition is so stiff thereby the companies renting out rental cars at fair prices.

The payment for services is done by either cash or electronic transfer through bank, online channel payment like pesapal or credit card. Furthermore, most car rental companies ask for a security deposit fee upon booking the vehicle to ensure that the client is committed and willing to take up the reserved rental car.

The payment is normally made in us dollars, euro pound sterling, Uganda shilling and any other that can be easily be converted into Uganda shilling provided the tour operator can accept it.

While acquiring the rental car, the renter is supposed to be present his/her driving license and passport or national identification card to know whether he/she is eligible to drive the car and also verify whether is the real person renting the car respectively.

In additional, the client must endorse on the car rental agreement which consists terms and conditions of hiring the car from the operator.

Most of the rental cars that offered to travelers are four wheel drive cars. This is because of the raged roads of Uganda that need terminator cars to maneuver through. Also most of the rental cars given out are Toyota brand of cars due to the high demand of them through the country. They are also ease to maintain.

The biggest market for the rental cars are travelers visiting the various tourism destinations in Uganda. Nowadays, tourists hire vehicles and explore on their own without a safari driver guide.  These tours are called self-drive safaris.

Tips For Choosing 4×4 Uganda car hire Services

4×4 Uganda car hire services have grown phenomenally around the country in the last few years. Many travelers turn to the services for different travel purposes for instance airport transfers, wildlife safari tours, business tour and other transport oriented activities.

Car hire services are fast, convenient and comfort to use while traveling in Uganda. Though car hire services are very yielding when you use them, you have to follow some tips while choosing the rental company to offer you the services.

Reputation of the rental company

Before making business with the company make sure you first keep track of their past records that are by either looking at their customer reviews and the duration of time they have been in the car rental business.

What the previous customers say about the rental company is what the company gives in terms of services.  So with the customer reviews put into check it gives you certainty that car operators are experienced and have vast skills that can give you good service delivery and also can bail you out in case of any problem while on the road

Safety precautions

Always check the safety measures put in place while choosing a 4×4 Uganda car hire service. The rental car should always have comprehensive insurance that caters for the damages that may occur to the car while on the road. There should also be immediate road assistance in case of a car breakdown.

The emergency numbers of the social amenities like police and health centers should also be given to the clients as you may need to call for help from these social authorities in case of any problem like robbery, body damages.

Overall car rental service quality

Every person loves to be associated with something of good quality because it gives a peace of mind and also creates a good impression. While choosing 4×4 Uganda car hire services, you should look for a rental company with very exquisite vehicles that are well maintained.

The company should also have complementary services like gps, extra baby seats, camping gears and travel maps or guide books to make you trip an enjoyable and classy one. The reservation personnel and ground operators should also be well qualified and high experienced so that they can help you when you need them.

Therefore do not just choose car hire services in Uganda by the prices you have to look for the above attributes to hit the right spot of services that are going to make your road trip a memorable one.

Simple Ways to Save on Car Hire Uganda

Every person is a rational consumer whether rich or not. People are always looking for services at affordable prices because money is a scarce resource everyone would like to save money at any one time.  People hiring cars in Uganda for vacation, business, long distance tours, and city tours would love to spare some money for Uganda car hire in order to use it on other expenses on the trip.

Let’s look at the simple ways that can make you save some money on car hires

Look for discounts

This is the greatest way of saving money as you are given car hire services Uganda at reduced price. There are always car rental companies in Uganda giving out discounts to their loyal customers and also clients that hire cars for long period of time. There are also those who give out promotion discounts. So always rent cars from those companies with discounts.

Stay away from big car hire companies

These normally set high standard and at times do not haggle the rates for the car hire services. They are always fixed and do not appeal to everyone. Look for small car hire companies in Uganda, these understand the customer’s needs and situation and they are always willing to offer customers car hire services at affordable rates.

 Stick with relatively small cars

Smaller cars are obviously cheaper than big cars. Sometimes there is no need of traveling by a big car when you are two people or one. A small car can serve you the same purpose and at a cheaper price. At times you may book for a small and you find they are unavailable; a good company may make you an upgrade to a big car but at a small fee.

Go for travel packages

When hire a car in uganda for vacation or city always do it with a tour and travel company as these travel companies work hand in hand with car hire companies in order to simplify some work for the traveler. By using a tour and travel agent you will have around your tour items all booked at once that is accommodation, car hire, attraction fee and food and these always come with a discount. Furthermore you are saved from the work of booking each item separately and in most cases you are more likely to spend more money when you book them separately.

Consider long term rates

Always consider to rent a car for a long period of time like a week or more. Long term car hire tend to be cheaper than short term as some car hire agencies give discounts to customers who hire cars for a long period of time.




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