Safe Self Drive in Uganda

How to Keep Safe on a self Drive in Uganda

Travel companies have come up with a new venture of renting a car to tourists/client to drive themselves through the different tourism destination in Uganda and this popularly known as self driving in Uganda. This comes with very may advantages as the travelers gets the independence, privacy and also the luxury to travel at his/her pace without any intervention from the driver. However, renting a car for self drive does not mean, you have taken full ownership of the car and more so touring around Uganda on your own, does not mean you do not have to follow the road guidelines. The vehicles that are self driven cost lots of money so if damages there are a lot of costs incurred to repair it and on to another serious matter are the road accidents traveler gets if he/she is not so carefully on the road.

Note that if a traveler causes an accident while driving a rental car, he/she is liable to the damages caused i.e. the damages on the cars and the other third party property damaged along the road. In additional accidents kill and also are criminal offenses in Uganda if found guilty. To avoid/minimize all the common plight of road accidents, we bring tips of self driving in Uganda.

It is very important to observe the speed limit while driving in Uganda as over speeding is the number one cause of road accidents in Uganda and once caught doing the act you are likely to go to prison or pay a premium fine. The speed limit in Uganda is 80km/hr along the highways, areas with settlements or with an urban setting drive at speed of 50km/hr and the national parks or other protected areas it is usually 40km/hr. the latter are the most common speed limits there are some special cases where by you have to drive in accordance the speed indicated on the road sign posts.

Do not drive on the shoulders of the roads, most Ugandan roads are narrow and there are always cars parking at the ending and also pedestrians moving along the ways so when driving on the shoulders you are likely to bump into one and thus causing an accident.

Please observe all the radars and the road sign posts while driving in Uganda. These are the best guidelines to lead you safe on the road since they are put with the purpose of avoiding unforeseen problems like accidents. Uganda has universal road signs and all of them written in the English language so in case you are not well conversant with a few road signs ask your car rental company to help out.

Drive at the length of 5 meters away from another car as this is so important you never know what your counterpart is going to do as some of them fail to put up indicators that they are stopping or making a turn and end up running into another car. Driving so close to another car is one of the main causes of accidents most especially in the urban towns of Uganda during the traffic jam situations. It is also very commendable to low the car lights when passing by or come near to another vehicle.

It is commendable to drive in Uganda between 6am to 7am as this is the safest time to drive a car. Uganda roads are narrow and some have potholes so when it is dark, it is very easy to hit a pothole or get off the road since one loses some of his/her sight in the dark. Do not also pullover or park in strange places at night, not all people are friendly and good so anything can happen in those places like robbery and killings.

Do not drive a car under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Remember these impair the brain and one loses his/her judgment as one can never know the right speed to drive and also the other road users around him. Drinking driving is one of the major causes of road accidents in the world. It is also a crime to drink and drive in Uganda. Do not also speak on your cell phone while driving as you can get carried away by the person on phone and lose your focus on driving and end up running into another car or property along the way.

Despite of facing some unforeseen problems on the roads of which they are not so common, Uganda is one of the safest country in Africa to enjoy a self drive tour as the road network is not complicated and the road signs are universal and ease to read that lead to the various tourism destinations. Self drive tours in Uganda are also adventurous, interesting and exciting as the traveler is able to encounter wildlife in their natural setting.