Long Term Rental Discount for a Saloon Car

The Saloon Car is basically a 2 Wheel vehicle that is predominantly used for town to town service. Book yourself a saloon car on a long term basis and we offer you an unbelievable discount that is hard to beat. We do have a Toyota Corona Premio which has proven more reliable especially in the town setting and if you do not have a bigger family.

The fuel consumption is the best while running errands in the town and if you are in Uganda for work and do not need to travel longer distances. In our plan, we shall offer you a 4 x 4 vehicle in case you have booked long term for the saloon car and need to travel outside the city to visit the national parks. We do have the land cruiser prado for you particularly for this purpose and we can only ask you to top up a small fee to acquire the vehicle.

The long term rental discount on the saloon car applies for bookings that run for not less than 20 days. We are only a call away for your very affordable saloon car booking.


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