Self Drive in Entebbe

Self drive in Entebbe is one of the most ideal city tours, a traveler can ever take while in Uganda. Entebbe has a lot of attractions to offer to a wanderer for example, sun and resort beach, flora and fauna around the different natural protected areas and also its nightlife is something to rave about.

Entebbe is a small town located on the shores of Lake Victoria in Uganda. It is a peninsula and very important town in Uganda for it hosts the only international airport for the country.

This means all the flights in and out of Uganda are through Entebbe. It is located about 40 kilometers from Kampala the capital city of Uganda.

Right from the airport is the old terminal building where the raid on Entebbe took place during Amin’s regime, look out for this building on the left on your way from the airport. This is now used by the United Nations for their flight.

As you head out from the toll gate on the right is a variety of beaches which are often flocked on the weekend by weekenders from all over the country.

Protea Hotel is strategically located on the shores of Lake Victoria and it is the first hotel that any one from the airport would first set eyes on. Further ahead, there is Faze 3 restaurant which offers different cousins and a nice spot to have either breakfast or lunch while coming from the airport as its view while having a meal is worthy!

Depending on your interests while on your self drive in Entebbe, there are different attractions to explore which include;

Ngamba Islands

This is home to orphaned chimps and can only be accessed by boat.


Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) offers exhibits for all the wildlife found in Uganda’s protected areas with others not found in protected areas to include the rhinos and tigers.

Mabamba Swamp

This is majorly for the shoebill and can be accessed by either boat or by car, the botanical gardens that are home to a variety of tree species as well as birds can be accessed by car, one of the state houses is located in Entebbe.

Entebbe Gold Course

For golfers, there is a golf course in Entebbe. There are local markets that can be explored, an opportunity for one to see how transactions are conducted in Uganda.

Entebbe being closer to the airport and Kampala, the GPS network is really strong and google maps work properly and easily in guiding you to the different areas you would wish to visit. There is a wide range of accommodation places to choose from depending on your budget.

This is one of the places where you are only spoilt for choice. Note that Entebbe is one of the places where you can enjoy a sunset cruise on the lake so be sure to plan for this as you enjoy a cold Nile on the boat.



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