Cheap Long Term Car Rental in Uganda

Cheap Long Term Car Rental in Uganda

We are your answer in case you are looking for a cheaper long term self-drive car rental in Uganda. We consider anything from 14 days and above to be long term rental period. Be sure to ask for a long term rental discount in case you are booking a vehicle for over this period of time. We are the answer to any cheap long term car rental in Uganda. For these bookings, it is important to identify the below aspects before making your booking;

Length of stay: As mentioned earlier, anything from 14 days and above guarantees a long term car rental discount. As a hirer, be sure that the more the number of days, the less you are charged per day. Having a picture of the number of days boosts your bargaining power with us. The length of your stay will also determine the activities you are meant to do in Uganda. For instance in case you are interested in hiking Mount Rwenzori to the Peak, you would require a minimum of 7 days if you are an experienced and physically fit hiker so, you have to budget for not less than 9 days which would include the day of going, and the day of coming back to your entry/exit point.

Purpose of the stay: when you come in Uganda, what are you going to be involved in that is; are you here for a conference, event, seminar, visiting friends and relatives, visiting the national parks, or relaxing at the beach or hotel in the towns? The purpose of your stay will also determine the price you are charged for instance, people staying in the towns of Kampala, Entebbe, Jinja, Mukono and Wakiso tend to be charged less than if you are visiting upcountry towns of Gulu, Kotido, Arua, Kasese to mention but a few. Also the purpose of your stay will most definitely determine the type of vehicle you will require to use for your rental period, and different vehicles attract different rates.

Type of vehicle: we do have different vehicles in our fleet and each vehicle is charged differently. These vehicles have different seat capacities as well as functionalities. Once you know your length of stay and have identified the purpose of your stay, then you are able to identify properly the type of vehicle that would best suit you. For instance if you intend to visit the national parks, we would not at one point let you hire a Toyota Corona Premio because it is a 2 wheel drive and all national parks in Uganda require a 4 wheel drive because of the nature of the roads there.

We guarantee that we shall offer you cheap long term car rental in Uganda once we know the above and we able and willing to work with you in regards to meeting your budget as well as identifying the right type of car to best suit your travel because we know the cars better. Engage us by providing us with the right information and we equally work with that to offer you the best available option of the car for your travel in Uganda.



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