4×4 Car Hire Uganda

4×4 Car Hire in Uganda

Self Drive in Uganda offers the best and most affordable 4×4 car hire services. Our rentals are well maintained, insured, come with extra services like a driver. Car Rental in Uganda is a mushrooming business. We offer the best car deals available to make your rental a memorable one. Whether you are coming from outside the country or within the country, we are sure to extend our services to you the best way possible.

We have wide range of vehicles to choose from for your trip within the country. Be sure to let us know where you would be traveling to and we advise accordingly based on our fleet availability.

For instance there are places where we would only recommend you to have a 4 wheel drive vehicle because of the accessibility and our previous experience with vehicles going to that particular area.

Car Rental in Uganda to Kidepo Valley National park versus Jinja, Entebbe, Mukono and Kampala. You would definitely need a 4×4 to go to Kidepo because of the nature of the roads there as opposed to when you are anywhere in Kampala, Jinja, Mukono or Entebbe.

Note that 4×4 cars are more luxurious and appear to have a better grip on the road in the sense that even when you are in the town settings, it still feels wonderful driving these kinds of vehicles. Some places in the city centers are also not very well accessed with 2 wheel drives, we always recommend the 4×4 vehicle while renting a car in Uganda.

You only have to let us know your journey plan and we let you know the best way to go about it. Do not look at the price of the car for your decision making because a car is very important in making your trip memorable. Just because a salon car attracts a lower price for hire does not mean that it would be the one to suit your journey across the country.

It does not work like that plus when found on the road while stuck, someone would actually wonder why you opted for that. In case you plan to visit any of the national parks, we definitely recommend that you go for a 4×4 vehicle on your Car Rental in Uganda.

Uganda being a developing country, most of the roads in the country are not well paved. We do have a very good network of roads connecting the different town however, most of the touristic routes do not have well developed road networks hence, we recommend that you get the best vehicle that best suits the roads.

For Car Rentals in Uganda, we often specialize in Self Drive and people wanting to drive themselves around the country, however, we have got a new trend of clients wanting to hire a car with the driver. This has become more popular and we have had really interesting reviews for our drivers introduce the guests to the different people and sites around.

They are so much hands on and they know the roads better. You also save yourself from signing the lengthy paperwork required to hire a car on self-drive. So why not sit back, relax and enjoy your holiday in the comfort of the passenger seat while taken around the country.

The most common questions asked while renting a car in Uganda include;

How much is the cheapest car to hire in Uganda?

This question should go hand in hand with where you want to go and the purpose of your rental. We have cheap cars starting from $30 per day for a salon car (Corona Premio) to as much as $300 per day. It is only right to say that cheapness is relative and varies from individual to individual depending on your income.

What is the cheapest way to get a car rental in Uganda?

With the trend of the world, prior-booking is the best way to guarantee your car rental reservation however, little tip on getting a cheap car would be upon arrival. You command a higher bargaining power in case you make a direct call to a car rental agency and inquire about the price then ask for a discount. You need to have an idea of the price range after shopping around from different operators. The only problem with this method is you might not have a well serviced vehicle because of the last minute booking.

When is the best season to hire a car in Uganda?

Car Rental in Uganda can be done all year round however, the high season months of January, February, June, July, August, September, and December are often sought after. You are highly encouraged to make a prior booking for your rental to be well readied.

Is it cheaper to rent a car per week?

It is indeed cheaper to rent a car per week or per month as opposed to a per day rental. We do have long term rental discounts that are applied for taking the car on a long term basis, be sure to exploit these offers.

Is it better to rent a car with a driver in Uganda?

Renting a car with a driver in Uganda is the best thing to do especially if you have not been here before. The driver will be responsible for your eyes on the road while you enjoy the scenery and beauty of the country. This will also save you from the data that you would otherwise use on your google maps. Note that some places in the country have limited telephone network activity hence, the driver would be well versed with the routes around the country.



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