4 Ways to Get In and Out of Entebbe Airport Uganda

Entebbe airport is the international air gateway of Uganda. This is the only international airport in Uganda and it receives more than a million of traveler using it as air transport terminal. Since Entebbe airport is detached from the capital city and other social structures, a traveler has to use a means of transport to travel to his/her designated destination.

Here are the 7 ways to get in and out of Entebbe airport;

Take an airport taxi

Entebbe airport taxi is one of the main options of transporting travelling in and out of Uganda’s main gateway. There is a reservation desk of the taxi when you get out of the terminal, you can easily get to the desk then request for the services. These are quite expensive due to the high demand from the very many travelers at the airport since they can be easily accessed by anyone at the airport. The taxis have a yellow strip on their body and also an airport taxi sign at the top of the car.

Taking a charter plane

Charter planes are normally used by luxury travelers who wish to visit the different tourism destinations in Uganda. These charter planes are managed by a company called Aerolink. They fly to most of the major airstrips in Uganda namely Kisoro, Kihihi, Gulu,Pakuba, Soroti and Mbarara. With the charter plane, you book it in advance once you get off the main international air carrier at Entebbe, you get to the charter plane commonly known as Aerolink.

Residents Take Their Own Cars

Those who reside in Uganda can take their own cars to and from the Entebbe Airport. After all, there are several parking options, which include long stay parking at Uganda and short term parking. However, there is always a fee to pay when you park your car at the airport. In most cases, residents who use the airport use their own cars as it is cheaper than any other means that can get you in and out of it.

Travel with car rental services

This is becoming the most popular means of transport of getting in and out of Entebbe airport. There are very many car hire companies in Uganda and offer airport transfer services at an affordable rate of USD 50$ if your destination is within Kampala or Entebbe. All the traveler has to do is to get on the internet and look for your ideal car rental company to book with and he/she is good to go. The car rental operator normally awaits for the traveler at the arrival point of the airport.


Hiring A rental car in Uganda? Considerations To Make

There are very many situations that one would need to hire a rental car. It could be that one is looking to tour around Uganda, Entebbe airport transfer, city tour, business trip, school tour or may be the private car has got a problem. Good enough there are very many car rental companies always for waiting for travelers to rent a car from them. Not all car rental services are that effective so one has to put some factors into consideration to have comfortable and convenient car rental services.

Below are the factors one has to put into consideration while hiring a rental car in Uganda.

The vehicle size

While renting a car in Uganda, the size of the vehicle always matters due to the fact that different sizes of cars come with different price tags and significance car rental companies have a fleet of cars from small, medium to large cars that serve different purposes to travelers. It is therefore advice to know the best size of car for the traveler’s experience and its price tag should always be in check. For instance a family vacation demands for a large rental car like a safari van or super custom whereas a couple calls for small car like a Toyota RAV4.

Chauffeur added services

Ensure that the car hire company has an option of hiring a driver. At times, a traveler may wish to do a self drive in a particular country but end up the changing his/her mind opting to go for a chauffeur to traverse him/her around the country. It is best for one to put this factor into consideration.

Rental periods

Try to know the length of rental periods as per the price. Most car rental companies in Uganda give away discounts to customers who normally hire for a long period that is a week and more. It is best to take advantage of the situation and rent a car for a long time and enjoy the rental experience at a reduced price.

Rental restrictions

There are very many policies and rules encompassed around the car rental business. There are always terms and condition under which the traveler has to follow and undergo while hiring a car in Uganda due to the fact that there are very many risks involved in the venture like accidents and theft. There are driving and usage rules and insurance policies of the rental stipulated to the customer to follow. Any rational customer would want to lesser restrictions for a rental car.

Rental car features

The traveler should always try to know the type of the car and its feature he/she is wish to hire. It is best for the car provider to even get the photos to the client. Look at whether it has 4 wheel drive, air conditioning system, spacious, music player and radio and also look at the external features of the car to make sure that best suits the expedition one is willing to partake.

Car rental in Uganda comes with very flexible rates depending on the vehicle for the client’s travel. Choose a Uganda car rental company whose terms and conditions are convenient and put the travelers requirements into check.

when you rent a car in uganda, you have a glorious opportunity of enjoying safari trip at own pace in Uganda. Trips like gorilla tours safari can be very adventurous and exciting if you decide to be your guide.


Uganda car rental helps you in every kind of trip

People always turn to car renting as the best option of traveling when they are making business and a vacation trip in Uganda. Car renting Uganda is less risky. As the car rentals have insurances and road assistance which can help the traveler in case of any damages or breakdown, the problem is solved immediately.

Uganda car rental makes you less worried. By driving your car makes you get worried about the raged roads that you may encounter on the safari trips and these always cause the wear and tear of the car but when you are travelling in a motor rental you are simply relaxed as you have a professional chauffer on the wheels.

You are able to do anything you may feel like, for example read magazines or listen to music, Check out updated online information, discussing business through your cell phone, indulging in funny games and watching a movie on your smart phone.

Car rentals Uganda can help you in airport transfers. Before taking a flight one need ground transport that is fast and convenient to take hi/her to the airport and motor rental best services that need of going to the airport or coming out. As one does not need to wait for the car for some time to take him/her to the airport or out of it, which is the case with the public transport. For motor rentals are always available on time by the time you need for the airport transfer it is always on time.

Uganda car rentals are there to help you and your family to take a vacation at ago when you do not have a family car like a van or minibus. Uganda car rentals have a wide range of cars including the vans and minibuses that are meant for group travelling like a family. These have extra facilities for the family like the baby seats where you can make your kids comfortable while on the trip.

In case one is in need of a self drive tour uganda; Uganda car rentals are the best travelling options. When one rent a car is more likely to get advice from the car rental company on which car he/she is supposed to use on his/her self drive tour to a tourism destination in Uganda and they offer to him/her equipments like gps navigator to help him/her trace the places he/she wants to visit easily.

Car rental helps you on your business trip to be effective and also make an impression. Normally the car rental services make your journey so fast and quick to meet your clients of which you are able to manage time and finalize the business dealings so fast and also motor rental services also offer you very nice cars by the first look of you from your clients, they perceive that you are very responsible and a person of integrity. With your responsibility and integrity, they are more likely to trust you and do business with you

Importance of Car Hire Uganda Online Customer Reviews

When planning to take a road trip or self drive tour, you must ensure that you rent the best car to fulfill the needs because all you need on this trip is to have fun and a comfortable experience on the road. There are many car rental companies in Uganda offering such services but you have to take it slow to select a company for car hire in Uganda. First look at the reputation of the company and this can only be done by finding out what other customers say about the company you are trying to hire a car from. These customer reviews are found online on travel portals of the company and also from universal travel forums and one can also ask from colleagues who have traveled to the place he/she intends to go to.

Customer reviews give you an insight of what the car rental companies can offer to its customers are they normally talk about the experience they get while using the company’s services.

How to search best car Rental Company in Uganda based on the online customer reviews

Read the careful what the customers say about the services that are offered to them by the company

Scrutinize the companies that have are talked about providing good customer services

Compare and contrast the tariff/price plans at which the companies offer their car rental services

In most cases, competent companies offer quality services at competitive rates.

Besides the customer reviews there is also some important information you have to put into account when select the best car rental company.

Look at how safety is observed by the car rental companies

When one is taking a self drive in Uganda, there are always challenges that he/she might face that can lead to accidents and the damages of the car and on top of that while driving for long distances sometimes cars breakdown.

So you have to look through companies that give the best cover for their clients in case of any unforeseeable problem. This can always keep you safe on the road.

How to select a self drive car in Uganda

First of all look at how many people are you going to travel with then select a car. Car rental companies in Uganda have a wide range of cars that is compact car for few people, SUVs for moderate number of people and normally for safari tours, vans for the family and coasters for the large number of people. So choose a car according to the number of people.

Look at the area you are traveling to and also the purpose of the travel. Different cars serve different purposes like a safari and some SUVs are meant for wildlife safari, compact cars are meant for city tours and the vans are meant for family vacations.

Look at the rates at which the various vehicles are being offered and also the fuel consumption. Smaller vehicles normally come with smaller charges and have a low fuel consumption rate. So it is better to select a car that fits in your budget.

Online customer review normally portrays what kind of services the car rental companies offer to their customer so you put them so much into consideration when look for car hire services.