The Five Destinations to Visit on A Road Trip Uganda

Uganda has numerous tourist places and this makes it  the right destination for you to enjoy a road trip. Below are some of the few destinations to visit while on a road safari to Uganda.

Jinja is the first destination when thinking about having a road trip in Uganda. The town is famous as the historic source of the Nile River, and this town is the adrenaline capital of East Africa. you will get a fix of the white water rafting, Kayaking, Quad biking, mountain biking as well as riding in the natural setting with the colonial architecture.

You will find the Bujagali hydroelectric project that has reduced some rapids on the river. The activities that can be carried out in Jinja include; White water rafting on the Nile and it’s so famous to the travelers since they get to adventure into the great rapids on the source of the Nile.

There is kayaking which is also an alternative to rafting and here you can go solo and kayak through the raging river or take a more leisurely paddle on the flat waters. You can enjoy boating that can be enjoyed on the source of the Nile as you visit the islands along the way.

The other destination for a road trip is the Eastern Uganda; not only the great scenery, eastern Uganda is a must visit destination especially for a road trip safari in Uganda.

Here the mighty Nile begins its epic journey north. You will enjoy mountain Elgon which is famous for mountain hiking as well as the viewing of the Sipi falls. This region also offers a charming and friendly base on the shores of Lake Victoria where the travelers can spend a few days or more as they enjoy the chilled atmosphere.

The main attractions in this region that you will enjoy on your road trip include;  Ngamba Island common for the chimpanzees, Source of the Nile, Mpanga forest reserve, Mountain Elgon national park, Nyero rock painting as well as Makanaga wetland.

The road trip to Uganda won’t be complete without visiting the Northern part of Uganda. This is mainly a journey to the Karamong people who live in Kidepo National Park. This is a two to three day journey that takes you through some of the most stunning scenery in the country

. You get to enjoy the plains filled with tall jagged peaks and fields ablaze with the sun flowers. You will enjoy the karamonjong people. This is the main highlight of the journey for most of the pastoral herders that are known for their traditional dress.

As you drive from Kampala or Kidepo, the best spot to have an overnight is in Moroto which is the biggest and most prosperous of Karrramoja towns, with leafy streets and many NGOs. There are many activity options here like pastoral villages or traditional herder’s camps, the outdoor adventures as well as the great cultural immersion with the Karamajong through the great programs.

You can as well enjoy the guided hiking. Further on is Kotido, a gritty, downtrodden town with a large NGO presence. You can stay at the Kotido Resort, with clean rooms in a secure compound, but it’s best to time it so you can push on. Just outside Kidepo, the village of Kaabong can be an interesting stop to take in the bustling roadside market and perhaps to purchase a plaid blanket to steel you against the chilly evenings of the north.

The western part of Uganda is so great for a road trip, you will get chance to drive to Bwindi impenetrable national park famous for mountain gorilla trekking. The park has got half the world’s surviving park which is one of East Africa’s most famous national parks.

The park also contains famous primates and over 120 species of mammals. you get chance to see the forest elephants, 11 species of primates, duikers, bush bucks, the African golden cats as well as the rare giant forest hog, as well as the many bird species and insect species.

You can as well have a road trip to Queen Elizabeth national park; this national park is always included on the Ugandan itinerary. You are guaranteed to see very many wildlife species including; the giraffes, lions, zebras, hippos, crocodiles, elephants as well as the buffaloes.

The famous tree-climbing lions in the remote Ishasha sector of the park are a fascinating highlight, but many people also come specifically to see some of the amazing 611 bird species that can be found here. Again in the west, you can enjoy Kibale National Park which is famous for chimpanzee trekking, Ssemuliki national park for birding, Rwenzori Mountains for mountain climbing, as well as Lake Mburo National Park.






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