Tips of Starting A Car In Cold Weather

In a lesser developed country like Uganda, driving is a very challenging task to do especially in a cold weather. Other than the muddy and narrow roads, the car can also get physical and mechanical problems. It is best to be alert of any arising hiccup when driving in cold weather.

One of the commonest problems that occur to a car in the cold weather is failure of the car to start.  it is really frustrating to wake up in the morning, trying to start off your journey and then the engine fails to start. The worst bit of it is when the driver literally green about the mechanical operation of the car. This brings so much panic and frustration henceforth ruining your mood of the entire day.

Uganda is regarded as relatively a hot country and the aforementioned problem is very minimal. Though the problem of the car not starting in the cold weather in Uganda is marginal, this is more likely to happen in some parts of Uganda especially in the western and southern part of the country where the temperatures are very low in the wet season.

And also there are cold streaks in the morning in almost each and every part of the country.  The western and southern part of Uganda that get the cold weather are one of the most visited parts of the country by tourists since they have lots of tourist attractions like the wildlife parks.

The tourists usually take up 4×4 car hire Uganda to drive on their own to the different national parks. Thereby this guide on starting a car in cold weather would help them when they experience any difficulties and also other drivers who may face the problem.

Turn Off The Car Completely.

When you realize that you are likely to park the car in cold weather for some good time, ensure that you completely turn off everything in the car.

Every single electric device that uses the battery should be turned off from the lighting system, radio to the heater. Electric devices drain the battery and in cold weather it’s normally at its weakest level of operation.

More to the above, when starting the car in the cold weather ensure that you let the engine run first alone so that the battery gets energized and then turn on the other systems.

Look Out For The Battery Leads

Before getting to the car to start off your journey, get to the car hood and check on the battery area. Normally in the cold weather the battery cable get some salty white substance that weakens the current flow to get to the systems that use electricity.

In case you find the substance clean it up and put back the battery cables and then start off the engine. You should also tighten the battery clippers.

For A manual Car Dip The Clutch While Turning On The Car Engine

This is one of the commonest tip used by drivers of manual cars when it fails to start. Dipping the clutch while starting the engine reduces the work the battery is supposed to do in starting the car.

You should know most of the car start failure are brought up by issues connected to the battery. So if the work of the battery is minimized at the start of the car then the car will ignite easily.




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